α9 Reborn: Firmware V5.0 | Sports photographer Mine Kasapoğlu

Hi! My name is Mine Kasapoğlu
and I am a sports photographer. I travel around the world
and I take photos of elite athletes. I have been using the Sony α9
for two years now. It’s a revolutionary camera, it’s the best camera out there
for sports by far. Its technology and innovation
at its best. The α9 firmware update version 5 just makes the camera
a whole brand-new experience, it’s almost like having a new camera. The firmware has over 20 features but the one that really spoke to me
was the real time AF tracking. It recognises subjects
with artificial intelligence using distance, shapes, colour and it won’t lose the subject
no matter what. It’s really something
I’ve never seen before One thing that’s really cool is
when I’m shooting below or above and I’m using the screen, I can actually activate
the real time tracking just with touching the screen
and selecting the focus points. In sports photography our number one concern
is to get something in focus. It realises, it identifies a person,
and even if they turn around, they know it’s still a person
and then they wait for her to turn back and you still get the eye autofocus. So, it pretty much decides itself
what’s the best auto focus, and this is really amazing for me because I don’t want to think about
focusing when I’m shooting. I just want to focus on the shot
and the composition and the feeling and I just want to go around
and do my images. This is just amazing
because as a sports photographer we are photographing people
and usually you want the eye in focus, so to have this feature
really changes the game. It knows if you’re shooting a person,
it goes to the eye automatically. You don’t have to push an extra button
so it’s always in there built in and of course, you can turn it off if you want. On top of this you have an option
to pick between left or right eye or auto, and auto will pick the closer eye to you,
to the camera and this is also really nice that
you have so much control over this feature. So, she’s running towards me,
the camera captures the eye, recognises the subject
and is not letting go. Oh, this is amazing There’s not a single image out of focus. I mean, if you showed this to me a few years ago,
I wouldn’t believe this. Us sports photographers, we use FTP to send our images super-fast
all around the world. Usually we need to always do this
from our laptop, we need to download or images,
select and then send them by FTP. Now with this new firmware update,
we can actually send magazine quality images without opening up our laptop. This gives us a lot of extra time
to shoot more. With the imaging edge transfer
and tagging add on, you can really transfer your photos
directly to your smartphone you can tag and transfer. So, you can actually
put in your tags and captions, you can resize, you can crop
and you can send via FTP from your phone to your client
and you’re done. You don’t have to open a laptop;
you don’t have to lose any time and you can keep on shooting. This will change the sports photography world I feel like α9 was holding the world record by far for being the best sports camera
out there right now, and with this new firmware
they just beat their own world record. And that to me is really, really inspiring. This firmware update is such a good surprise, because you don’t usually find something
that’s the best on the market try to get that much better. This is one of the reasons why I am just so happy
to be a part of the Sony family. They value our work and our passion,
and they feed us with the best technology. I love this tagline that says
‘when dreams meet technology’ I have a dream that I want to
capture moments of athletes, I want to capture emotions;
I want to capture their hard work. I want to capture their most important moments
and show the world.

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  2. Love you Sony! I love PlayStation, Alpha and Xperia!!! You're the best Sony! Keep improving yourself and never give up. Be moved!

  3. Обновление микропрограммы для фотокамеры SLT-A57, версия 1.04(Windows).
    Большая просьба обновить до версии 1.05 (Windows) 2019 год, – беспрерывная видеосъёмка пока не закончится место на карте памяти.
    Фотографии получаются хорошие, а вот видео очень плохого качества, я считаю что и другие модели с полупрозрачным зеркалом в видеосъёмке проигрывают современным моделям, но мы их купили и что сейчас выбрасывать их? Вот и остаётся смотреть на Sony Cyber-shot RX100 VII – "Product Feature!". Пойди и купи.
    До SLT-A57 у меня был Sony Cyber-shot WX 5. Дешёвая, но отличная камера! Этот мини-компакт вообрал в себя всё лучшее от Minolta. Гениальная камера с эффектом присутствия. Sony Cyber-shot WX 5 бьёт SLT-A57 по всем параметрам. Я десять SLT-A57 обменял бы на Cyber-shot WX 5! Если бы сделали Sony Cyber-shot WX 5 M 2, то это был бы Хит с хорошей батарейкой.
    При видеосъёмке на SLT-A57 вообще снимаю полупрозрачное зеркало, ставлю M – настройки и снимаю на этот истинно японский китовый объектив, в итоге видео получается Made in Japan/ "Высокое японское качество".
    Я хочу подарить SLT-A57 в Музей самурая Акиры Курасавы. Пускай этим фотоаппаратом гордятся японцы и снимут на него предстоящую Олимпиаду 2020 года в Токио, особенно свои национальные виды спорта: каратэ и дзюдо, а затем мы и сумо в Программу внедрим. С истинным уважением к Японским Атлетам. Шивит Куулар

  4. I'm waiting and hoping the next a9 will be like the new A7R IV as far as bigger and better ergonomics so I can switch from Nikon. I have tried the current a9 and it's just too small, has bad ergonomics and terrible menu's. I shoot with Nikon D4s bodies and have been shooting pro-sized Nikon's since the D1 in 1999 so it's really difficult for me to get used to holding a Sony, even with the battery grip attached. The new A7R though is tolerable and if the menu's keep better and the next a9 is bigger than I will be another Sony convert lol.

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