Видеокамера Panasonic HC-V770EE-K – мой заработок с ePN.

Greetings to the viewers of my channel! With you, Alexander. And today is another unpacking of goods. As a result of my already one-year collaboration with the ePN platform, we go to its page, which allows webmasters to earn money by attracting customers through referral links to products on the aliexpress.com online trading platform, as well as to earn money by returning the cashback, that is, part of commodity amount, has become today’s pleasant acquisition of the Panasonic HC-V770EE-K camcorder. By the way, I’ll post links to connect to this partner platform in the description below this video. I bought a camcorder in Minsk for $ 430 in the online store fotoplaneta.by. I’ll post a link to the site in the description. Therefore, I hasten to share my joy and tell about this device precisely from the user’s side: its advantages, disadvantages, some convenient functions in daily use, and what may not suit me or may even be annoying. Of course, this acquisition could not be realized without an epayments club card, which allows funds earned on the Internet with the ePN platform to be withdrawn for a symbolic 2.6% in Belarus. I’ll also place a link to familiarize myself with the terms of this card under the video in the description. Mastercard system card. Well, let’s unpack. The camera comes in a small retail cardboard box, which shows: the brand of the manufacturer “Panasonic”, model “HC-V770EE-K”, black color, its distinctive characteristics, or, one might say, advantages. The camera is equipped with a wi-fi module, which allows you to control it through a smartphone through a special application, as well as combine images from the camera’s optics on the camera’s display screen, as well as from the camera’s optics of the paired smartphone. In this way. Well, one of the faces illustrates accessories purchased separately. You can find them on the official website of the company “Panasonic”. I’ll also leave a link in the description below this video. I open it. The camera is equipped with: a USB-microUSB cable for synchronization with a computer, an HDMI-microHDMI cable for transferring images to a TV or projector, another cable is a charging cable, here is USB, there is a special power plug like this. USB is available to charge the camera’s battery from powerbank. Here is such a shoe – an adapter for connecting an external microphone or an external lighting lamp. The Panasonic battery is so standard, 3.6 V, 1940 mAh=7Wh. And of course the Panasonic USB charger with Euro plug, model “VSK0815K”, 5 V, 1.8 A. From the fotoplaneta.by store, such glass is provided on the camera display for free as a gift, sales receipt, business card, warranty coupon and passport – an instruction manual, as we see, in Russian. The camera itself is presented in this form. Well, I’ll show it again in the kit: 3 cables, a charger, a boot, a battery, a camera, and as a gift, a film on the display. The instruction manual is presented immediately for two types of cameras – this is an HD video camera like my V770 and a 4K video camera, model V970. The camcorder is as follows. In terms of size, it is slightly larger than its younger brothers of the Panasonic line and, probably, competing firms. The lens is automatically covered from below by two plastic shutters when you turn off the camcorder. Who cares. here is his data. The thread applied inside allows you to connect filters for various purposes. When choosing them, you need to focus on a diameter of 49 mm. The front also has an LED backlight that can be manually turned on / off through the menu or select the automatic on mode – this backlight is constantly on in low light. I consider this a merit of this household camera. This camera allows you to shoot video files with mts or mpg4. In the first version, the soundtrack is recorded on the 5.1 system. This allows you to implement a block of microphones located above the lens. The camera is equipped with image stabilization during recording. The optics of the camera is in a suspended state inside the case. By the way, the stabilization mechanism during operation emits a small noise, which is recorded by the built-in highly sensitive microphones and is clearly audible if you use headphones. Headphones are connected to a special 3.5 mm minijack jack, which is hidden in front under such a hatch. The microphones are so sensitive that, in principle, they record a quiet rumbling of your stomach. To control the camera, both mechanical buttons and a touch screen, which are standardly located on the left side of the operator, are used. When you open it, the camera enters the operating mode. You can flip the display 180 ° for easy shooting selfies. At the bottom of the display is a microphone recording level indicator. On the right side of the camera is a fairly cheap Velcro strap, that is, you can adjust it. It is made of some oilcloth on which the brand name is applied. Above, under the lid that is moved inside the case, is the connector for the power adapter. This way. On the back side, a small battery with a capacity of 1940 mAh is fixed, well, of course, it was made in China, which really does not charge from scratch to a capacity of 1856 mAh with an original adapter with an initial charging current of 1.17 A for 2.5 hours. It is stated that the capacity of this battery is enough for recording on average for 2 hours. To the right of the battery there is a silver button that stands out against the background of the entire black plastic case of the camera to start and stop video recording. At the top there is a slot for a “shoe”, on which an external microphone or backlight can be installed. This is a cold «shoe». There are no contacts on it. On the bottom of the camera, under the battery, it’s convenient for you to hold your thumb, if you hold it that way, there is a slot for a full-format SD card, which is covered by such a lid. The camera is equipped with two LED indicators. Above the battery is a red LED. At the moment of its flicker, the battery charge mode is indicated. With a constant red glow – the camera’s operating mode. If it lights up in green, then a wifi connection is established. When accessing the memory card, the red LED on the bottom edge is on. Here, the front edge also has a position for mounting the camera on a tripod. On top of the camera is an image of the smartphone in the hand – this position is for connecting the camera to the smartphone via NFC. I note that Panasonic has a good supply of information with links for installing the corresponding application on a smartphone. There is also a download link for a very voluminous electronic instruction in pdf format. There is a rocker for zooming in the recording mode, which in the video playback mode allows you to adjust the volume level of the sound or change the display mode of the files on the display screen. Another silver button is the shutter button when taking pictures. I note that photographing is also possible in the process of filming. On the left side under the display there are 2 levers for extraction: the upper one is the extraction of the cold “shoe”, the second is for removing the battery. Well, hereinafter, buttons are located from bottom to top: the Power button for supplying power to the camera, then connecting the built-in wifi module, the button for activating the horizontal level control mode, while the corresponding icon is displayed, by its tilt we can orient the camera in a horizontal plane. Fell up here, overwhelmed here or set exactly this way. And the last button to switch from the recording mode to the playback mode of the footage and view it on the display. There is also a very small and very quiet speaker behind such a grill. So quiet that you can not hear it in a noisy place, and you will need to use headphones. At the bottom there are connectors for connecting microusb cables for synchronization with a computer, microHDMI for outputting images to a TV, minijack for connecting an AV cable. Let me remind you that this cable is not included in the kit. And minijack to connect an external microphone. By the way, the second advantage, why I just chose this camera. For quick access to manual settings such as focusing, white balance, shutter speed, aperture, the multifunction dial is located in front. He is spinning. And when choosing the appropriate item, we click on it. The main menu is simple and has 3 sections for setting: video recording, photography, and such an item general settings, such as setting the time and date … I note that the camera can be recorded in AVCHD and mp4 format. In the first case, files are written with the mts extension and sound recording is possible using the 5.1 system. In mp4 mode, sound is recorded only in 2.0 format, that is, stereo. Well, at the end of this video I will attach video and photo files saved in a different format, with the display of their properties. Good luck to everyone! Have a nice summer vacation! Till.

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