ОБРАБОТКА ФОТО в стиле фэнтези в Фотошопе / Процесс создания (eng subs)

Hello everyone, I’m Max Asabin Recently, I took part in an interesting project I and several great digital artists have made photomanipulations on various given topics. Thanks to the ExileShow channel for inviting me. It was very impressive! Today I want to show you the process of creating this art as well as tell you a little something interesting about this work. And if you want me to publish the full video without speed-up like this video and if it gets 2000 likes, I will publish the full version. By the way, a full video with the process of working in Photoshop takes 7 hours. So if I need to upload it, I’ll have to bother with editing cut out the unsuccessful and unimportant parts of the video I hope I can reduce the duration of the full video to at least 5 hours. Before starting the process of manipulation, I drew a sketch of my idea This is the very first stage of work. After drawing the sketch, I searched and chose the necessary stock photos for a long time After that I created a draft version of the photomanipulation It is needed to check how perspective and lighting of the selected materials fit my work Because if I checked this while recording a video, the video would last 9 hours instead of 7. As you can see, I thought in advance how I change the appearance of the person But to change clothes, it was not enough for me to redraw parts of it And I decided to create models of armor elements in 3D I will show you a small part of this process But in this area I’m new, and my work in 3D definitely cannot be perceived as educational material. All this preproduction that I described took place before the main part of the work that I show you in this video Although the predproduction took about the same time Creating drafts and searching for stock photos took 5 hours, and work in 3D took 2-3 hours. Speaking of clothes, judging by the reaction of Exile from the video he probably thought that I would completely dress hi m in some completely different costume But I am not a supporter of such dramatic changes I didn’t want to lose the quality and accuracy of the original photo Therefore, in addition to 3D elements, I only neatly manually redrawn some details, such as sleeves, pants and a collar. I thought up the shape of the rocks for a very long time I collected a lot of stock photos with stones and rocks but I couldn’t decide what form I want to give them And to be honest, the final result still does not seem ideal to me. By the way, as you can see, I mirrored the original photo But I must say that mirroring people is not very good because our faces are asymmetrical and a person’s appearance can be perceived quite differently in a mirror form But specifically in this photo, I decided that it was not very noticeable For me it was much more important to direct the dynamics of the picture to the right. Although I could not find the perfect form of sharp rocks for me I definitely like the view of the landscape behind them Even at this stage, when I’ve done only the moon and its light breaking through the clouds among the mountains. By the way, I took a model Japanese-style temple from free sources rendered it in the conditions I needed, with the right angle. I didn’t want the foreground to look like empty wild rocks and I decided to add these pillars This is not something very complicated, I also decided to create them in 3D Initially, I also wanted to bring them to the forefront in defocus (to make the perspective deeper) but in the end I decided to take this corner with defocused stones. I also drew small copies of the pillars in the distance by hand like all these details, such as eagle cliffs, a bonfire with smoke and lighting in the castle, that making the atmosphere and setting of the work more elaborate. By this moment, the background was almost completely ready and for its completion it remained only to add reflections and highlights from the moon Only closer to the end came the turn of drawing my favorite rimlight and magic I saved the best for last Although Exile provided me with incredibly good source photos and part of the light I needed was already in the photo. However, I had difficulties with warm light from the cave If the entrance to the cave was more or less easy for me (just look at those cool fangs) then the light coming from the inside didn’t fit very well on the part of the rock on the right I set up curves for a long time and in the end I almost achieved what I wanted, although again, not perfect. Of course, as always, I added my favorite fog everywhere And ravens How many works have I already done with ravens before? Probably 2, or 3, or 4… I needed 9 stock images of ravens for this picture By this time, it was already morning and to be honest it was pretty hard for me to work with so many ravens But the detail of the work was worth it. Initially, I planned to focus on my main thing – painted magic But by the end of the work so many small details had accumulated that I decided not to place a very large emphasis on the magical glow In addition, the project was already very slow at this moment Oh yes, I did this work in 8k resolution I don’t very often work with such sizes, and I certainly never made work of such sizes so detailed But it was clearly a rewarding experience for me. hope you enjoy this work too Thanks to everyone who watched this video to the end Like it if you want me to upload the 5 or 6 hour version for you Well, bye everyone!

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  1. Taking the time to 3D model components of the composition truly is a testament to the detail executed throughout all of your images! (Also thanks for the subtitles and incredible work as always :))

  2. Проект весом ~6гб, для сравнения, мой самый крупный проект занял 700+ мб……, есть куда расти:) Видос пушка, как грится, ждём фулл:)))

  3. Можешь скинуть ссылку или название фотостоков, которые ты часто используешь?

  4. Fantastic Work my friend!! I really love the way you give the fantastic effects of light on the sword!! And the way you do the light and shadow is fantastic!! It's really Awesome to see you working!!

  5. Ты офигеть сделал! По моему ты должен занять 1 место!

    Я начинаю с фотошопом и есле бы был такой профессионал как ты и просто комментировал ошибки(тебе не сложно написать, а мне было бы легче их определять) хоть я и надеюсь на чудо. Но вдруг…

  6. Маэстро фотошопа снова устроил что-то по истине эпохальное, словно Архангел Гавриил лично спустился в мастерскую к Максу Асабину и принял фотопиширование на себя, браво!

  7. Очень жду полную версию!!! И огромная просьба, было бы очень круто сделать отдельный ролик как ты создаешь магию в своих работах. На просторах YouTube подобных роликов вообще нет. Так что, возможно и просмотры будут хорошие.

  8. Ojala alguien pueda hacer la traducción al español, y no solo de este, también de varios más de Asabin Art. Son muy interesantes y mucha gente de habla hispana lo agradeceríamos.

  9. Hey Max plz upload your all brushes also, I think you have too much brushes like smoke, Hair and other also i want them plz do it

  10. Nice breakdown. This is how speed art videos should be. Everyone else take note. But yes Asabinart I would most definitely like to see (and read the subtitles) on the full six hour video. Definitely. Great work. Incredible detail. You sir are an inspiration.

  11. Как вы работаете в blender? Попробуй в cinema 4d и blender постичь будет сложно, я теперь не могу в blender ничего понять потому что совершенно иной интерфейс

  12. Ребят нужны лайки!!! Если Макс скинет полное видео, прокачаем скил!!! vМакс очень сильный фотошопер!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Блин,я тоже хочу такую фотку себе сделать,плиз давай да полный урок!!!

  14. Очень крутая работа, как в плане задумки, так и в плане реализации. Однозначно подписка, лайк. Ну и хотелось бы увидеть полный ролик, пусть не на 7 часов, но хотя бы на пару, что бы посмотреть подробней на ход выполнения основных этапов, особенно на работу со светом/тенью.
    Немного критики: как мне кажется есть один недочет, на затылке очень мало теплого света из пещеры, потому как на вид она довольна большая и свет бьет из неё сильным потоком, нижняя часть ноги подсвечена хорошо, а вот затылок подкачал, этот свет мог дать дополнительный объём.

  15. Просто мое почтение автору и признание Шедевром данное изображение. Выложи 5 часовую версию очень интересно посмотреть на мастерство работы в Фотошопе!

  16. Впервые попал на твой видос, смотрю и афигиваю… Потом смотрю на количиство просмотров и афигиваю еще больше что так мало людей смотрят годноту.

  17. Просто мое почтение автору. Выложи 5 часовую версию очень интересно посмотреть на мастерство работы в Фотошопе!

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