✨Best Photo Editor for PC 2019 – Very Easy, Try it FREE!

PhotoWorks is an easy-to-use image editor
that allows you to improve the quality of your shots in a few clicks. In this video, you will see how easily you
can turn a mediocre photo into a perfect shot, enhance portraits, replace an image background,
remove unwanted objects and apply one-click effects. Need to improve the overall quality of a photo? It’s as easy as putting a tick! Start with importing your photo. Now simply click Auto Correction to fix the
light or colors in a second. You can adjust this option to your needs. Here, we enable Exposure Correction to add
more contrast to the scene. Use the Clarity and Tint sliders to sharpen
the image and add a certain mood. Compare the result with the original using
the convenient Before / After feature. Don’t hesitate to play with colors and tones. A bit of manual correction will help you get
the best results. Don’t know where to look for a certain option? Type a keyword or two into the Search field
and pick the necessary feature from the drop-down list. For example, you want to make a color correction. With PhotoWorks, you can change certain colors
without damaging the others. Here, we decided to change the dress color. Increase sharpness and correct blurry photos
in a minute. Just choose the area for preview and move
the slider to sharpen the image. Now compare the result with the original to
see the changes. Replace the image background and make a stunning
change of scenery with just a few strokes. First, mark the object you want to keep with
a special brush. You don’t need to paint it all over, a quick
stroke is more than enough. Then mark the background you need to remove. Click Next. Now apply some manual correction if necessary. Then import a new background. You can import your own image or choose one
from the built-in gallery. Resize the object and hit Apply. Fix the distortion or tilted horizon with
the Geometry tool. Here, we are using this tool to make the vertical
lines of the building straight. Don’t forget to enable the Grid – this
will help you see the distortion. Remove unwanted parts with the Crop tool. You can use special grids like Rule of Thirds
or Golden ratio – they will help you crop the image correctly. Use the Vignetting tool on portrait photos
to make the composition more centered. Lighten or darken the edges to focus the viewer
on the most important parts of your shot. In the Retouch tab, you will find a vast toolkit
to remove different imperfections or unwanted objects from your images. Make your portrait shots look professional
with Portrait Magic. Select a default preset or adjust all settings
manually. Make the skin smoother, select a better tone
and add a light make-up. Use Portrait Magic to make the smiles shine
on your photos. Just select the face you want to edit, then
increase Whiteness and it’s done! Use the Healing Brush to mask skin flaws like
spots, dimples, wrinkles and others. Simply adjust the brush size and paint over
the area you want to mask. The software will correct it automatically. Have red eyes on your photo? Fix it with the removal tool. Adjust the brush size and click the area you
want to correct. Simple as that! Remove unwanted objects using Clone Stamp. Select the tool size and paint over the area
you want to delete. PhotoWorks will make two selections. One marks the area with the object, the other
shows the area from where the new pixels are taken to mask the object. Move the selections to get the best result. Transform your landscape shots with the Graduated
Filter. First, select the area you want to edit, for
example, the sky, and pick a direction for the gradient. Then adjust Highlights and Whites to make
the skies more prominent. The Radial Filter is a powerful tool for making
local adjustments in a photo. Here, we will draw the viewer’s eye directly
to the couple. Just select the object and lower Exposure
to darken the background. Change the mood of your photos in a second
with a vast collection of one-click effects. Just pick a preset and it will be applied
automatically. You can control the effect amount using the
slider in the center.

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