【Hangouts Abroad】Trying out Asian Photo Editing Apps!

Hallo mitenand (Swiss German) Kariina und Eriika Drinking on the Balcony yaaaay Today we took care of a bee hive Actually Erika took care of it But Karin found it, so she gets some credit too Cheers Today we have some wine from Wallis (Valais) in Switzerland Oh you’re right, it’s a little sweet It’s yummy The other one was a little bit bubbly I thought so too (Haven’t been getting enough sleep..) Maybe I should fix my make up.. Sideburns …lol It’s so easy to drink this Should we cool another bottle? Let’s do it…just incase 😉 Cooling the wine We ended up not opening it though lol So we’re back 😀 So we did put it in the fridge…right? Yes I believe we did 😂 Today we have “Togarashi no tane” (Spicy rice crackers) and… Cheez Its from the States as our snacks and, from Daiso (100 yen shop (dollar store) in Japan) Honey flavored peeled chestnuts Didn’t you say they were from Donki? (A shop in Japan that sells a variety of things for cheap!) I think they’re from Daiso.. Sorry lol Yeah, pretty sure from Daiso Oh they were from Daiso lol Playing with Apps My face is already so small with this app I don’t even recognize us! That’s the app called “ULike”, right? yeah exactly Tadaaa My face is half the normal size wooo, looks like I lost some weight The size of our eyes…. Right? But this app also makes your skin look nice, right? It does There’s also an option called “Studio” It blurs the background very cool This is great, it really looks like something from “Time for Karina” Haha like “Greetings from Bern” Today we’re drinking outside It’s so nice outside My voice is higher! lololololol That’s hilarious! (I couldn’t say Kyari Pamyu Pamyu, a name of a singer in Japan) Look, we look like Kyari Pamyu Pamyu oh god, SO annoying I came to Hawaii It’s Hawaii LOL So gross! I came all the way to Hawaii Oh we did the baby one last time, right? baby baby (second time) baby (third time) You look like a fifth grader! It looks so real I don’t want my kids to be like this! Nooo, I really don’t want that to happen! It’s okay, they’ll be half asian, half white babies I don’t want them to turn out like that Am I good looking? Do I look hot? Would you like to… drink with me? Your hair actually fits perfectly! Lookin’ goooood Come to my room later Thanks for sticking around Wait, so where is your mom from? (Got dark quickly) Tokyo And your dad is from Yamaguchi Prefecture? Tokyo Wait, so then are your grandparents from Yamaguchi? Yamaguchi is…my last name LOL so sorry! Wait, I need to go to the bathroom Yeah go go Umm…so yeah, Yamaguchi is my last name! God, it’s true! It is.. It really is her last name. Am I cute? Even though I’m a cat, I can show my gums

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