【TVPP】Song Jae Rim – Couple Photo Shoot, 송재림 – 초밀착! 소은과의 아찔한 커플 화보촬영 [2/2] @ We Got Married

This is the last one? It is vulgar I don’t look vulgar though Then take it off Then it will look vulgar I like this. Soeun sits on your lap -Like this?
-No Are you sitting on the toilet? What should i do then? Like this? Your eyes are so provocative Why? Oppa! You’re more provocative His eye gaze is different when we’re home When I’m working, I’m a bit nervous and I’m more aware of others But I think my husband doesn’t like that at all Wow! Look at them I don’t know where to look at When we’re taking a picture, I just saw her face They do it so naturally Look at your lips No When Soeun looks at me from the top, her eye gaze is so provocative Because usually I’m the one that looks at her from the top Since the position is changed, her eye gaze is so~ Only I know the feeling We can sleep well tonight Shall we change the position? We almost got all the pictures Shall we make you kiss? No, we can do this later -I won’t kiss you
-Okay If you do it you’ll die. Did you hear it? I had so much fun. I had no regrets at all It came out so well It felt like i was with another man, not my husband.

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  1. Русские отзовитесь 😄😅
    Он на русском на лялякал в начале?

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