👩 Portrait Magic – Easy-to-Use Face Photo Editor

Need to retouch a portrait shot? You can spend hours fixing skin blemishes
and remain dissatisfied with the result. Or you can use the Portrait Magic tool and
get a magazine-like portrait in a few clicks! Open your picture in PhotoWorks. Move to the Retouch tab and click Portrait
Magic. Here, you’ll find a number of presets for
an instant change. For example, you can add a slight tan, remove
skin shine, brighten lips or smoothen skin. The girl in the portrait has an uneven skin
texture. Apply a suitable style to conceal her skin
blemishes and click the Before / After button to see the difference. Now her skin looks much better but still quite
natural. This portrait shot has a nasty glare. Remove this face shine in one click using
a pre-designed style. Compare the edited photo with the initial
one. There’re still some areas that need touching
up. Let’s adjust the custom settings to get
rid of remaining imperfections. Under the Skin category, drag the Glare slider
to the right until the shine completely disappears. Smoothen the skin to hide the edited areas. You can also adjust the skin tone for a healthier
look. Zoom in the photo to highlight the eyes, eyebrows
and lips. Increase their sharpness and contrast. While working with the lips, try making them
brighter. Compare your final photo with its unedited
version. Now, let’s edit only one face on a group
portrait. This feature comes in handy when you have
different problems. For example, one person has skin blemishes,
while the other’s face is too red. The face recognition module detects all the
faces in your photo and lets you choose which one to retouch. Here, we’ll improve the mother’s face. Uncheck the box above the styles to apply
changes only to the chosen person. For a start, get rid of the glare using the
“Remove face shine” style. Next, switch to the Custom settings to touch
up her skin and accentuate the eyes and lips. When you click Before / After you’ll see
that all the changes were applied only to the mother’s face without affecting the

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