#1. Quick camera setup for a stop-motion animation DSLR

Hello people and welcome to this very first tutorial about how to set-up your camera and chose the right settings for a stop-motion animation Before turning on your camera make sure you have these things A SD card or compact flash card a battery best case scenario a dummy battery with constant power supply a decent camera but it could be any type of camera even your smartphone as long as it has manual settings then you need some kind of lens a steady tripod is very important And it would be good to have a remote control release as well First of all You should switch your camera to manually The three things that are most important are the shutter speed which is the exposure time the aperture where you can decide if you want a shallow depth of field or not It makes your stills also darker and brighter And the ISO Which is basically the noise level the higher the ISO the more noise you get You have to adjust the three things depending on your shooting environment After that you should disable autocorrect image brightness and contrast which leads to auto-correct flickering and really that’s something you don’t want to have In the next step you should adjust the white balance In my case its 5200 Kelvin This depends on your shooting and lightning situation Then comes the images size I usually go with 4.5 megapixels that’s usually more than enough But depending on your camera, you can go up to 18 megapixel or more or you can shoot RAW For the aspect ratio I go with a 16:9 But there is also the option to select 4:3 and 3:2 But in most cases you should stick with the 16:9 because its todays display standard And last but least you have the lens just select the manual control so you focus on the most important parts If you have any questions regarding this video just comment, and I will try to answer every question I hope you liked the video! leave a thumps up and stay tuned for more tutorials and stop-motions coming soon! This thing is twice my size

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  1. Man that Wolffe figure is awesome! I've been wanting to ask several of the veteran stop motionist this question. What is your opinion on the direction Star Wars has been taking? Like Force Awakens, Rogue One, etc.

  2. You said that the sideshow figures are over price if you look at how they are made and how well the are done there not that over price but thanks for the stop motion tutorial

  3. Muy bueno, pusiste harta informacion de la cual no teni conocimiento. Muchas graias! Yo tambien hago stop-motions de star wars, hace tiempo que no subo un nuevo video; de igual manera te invito a que le heches un vistazo a mi canal 🙂 Saludos!

  4. I need to get a new camera. I use a Panasonic Lumix digital camera & everything is automatic so it's a real pain in the ass to animate with.

  5. Yo dude, you were like my childhood YouTube channel ! I used to watch your videos long before I had an account, it's great to hear you're still around, the timing is perfect too, kinda wanted to start stop motion, mainly because of you man, thank you for everything !

  6. I've been watching you for years, it's great to see such a talented film maker back in the game! Your stop motions are extraordinary!

  7. Hey man nice video. I am researching stop motion and everyone is saying I should get a Nikon lens for my Canon camera body because the Canon digital lens can create a flicker. But I notice you use a Canon lens. Do you know anything about this?

  8. hey, im having a problem changing my depth of field? im trying to have my whole set focussed but it will only focus on one object at a time. how can I fix this?

  9. I used a canon powershot A460. Is it a difference between a Nikon and a canon? This Canon camera is very old. And I don't know how I used this camera for stopmotions. Which setting can I used?

  10. what do you use to tether your camera to a mac, how can I use my dslr as the camera instead of the webcam?

  11. Nice! I'm working with a Canon PowerShot SX530 and I'd like to know if there are any available camera remotes (to take pictures) out there that are compatible with that model. If you find anything specifically, please let me know. Thank you.

  12. and… there is no just even one word, about how special is your way of shooting ._.

    i mean, sd card? rly? adjusting of settings through the camera and shooting without a software? it's a way, yes, but kind of a hardest way of shooting, and you dont say that, so, some guy can seen this vid, and think then: i'l do it exactly like this guy! and he can does not even guess, that there IS a better way of shooting stop motion animation.

    your vid is nice, but i just want to say – if you do tutorials, it needless to say about things like this.

  13. Nice video, I like your style. But personally for me I like to shoot RAW at 26 megapixels on my dslr to give me more info and more creative freedom later on, great tutorial though. I'd love to see more

  14. I recommend using Stop Motion Software with you’re camera at the same time, So you can check how you’re animation is looking so far.

  15. Hi everyone

    I am having trouble and need help

    I have stated doing stop motion and I have a cannon 60 d but how do I connect it to my computer to see the pictures as I take it?

    If anyone can help it would mean a lot


  16. I have had a problem, I dont take the image of the camera in Dragonframe, I have tried it with several cameras and it's difficult for me and I already checked the indications of the page and still I could not, can you help me?

  17. Thanks for the information. I’m switching from my iPad to my 80D DSLR and PC for my Stop Motion Movies. Tell what you think of what I’ve done so far.

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