10 Absolutely Essential Lightroom Shortcuts (UNREAL)

What’s up everybody, Ryan here at
Signature Edits. Are you using keyboard shortcuts inside of Lightroom? If you’re
not you are seriously missing out. I’m gonna show you ten absolutely essential
Lightroom keyboard shortcuts that will seriously up your photo game and
probably cut your editing time in half. Ready? Let’s do it. Alright starting with number 10 we have
toggling between workspaces using the e key to get to the library d for develop and
g for grid view. These keys will save you a ton of time switching between the
library and develop modules. Our next essential shortcut is the auto advance.
Enabling caps lock on your computer turns this on and allows you to cull or
organize your image by color star etc without having to press those arrow keys
to get back and forth if you’re working on a laptop. Shortcut number eight is
absolutely essential: By pressing tab or shift+tab you can hide all of the
toolbars and expand your window for maximum visibility while editing this
works in both the library and in the develop modules give it a try number
seven is gonna save you a ton of time holding shift and double-clicking any
area of the basic tone panel will automatically assign it so doing this to
the whites and the blacks ensures Lightroom will automatically set it and
nothing is clipping number six is Lightroom secret weapon is the
alt/option key now this key enables Lightroom functions that you didn’t even
know existed before one of the most handy being that you can reset entire
panel adjustments just by holding alt option now there’s a ton of other ways
you can use this key which we’re fast-forwarding through now you can
check out the full in depth video on our channel after this short cut number five
is the before/after key using backslash you can see your image before and after
your edit super helpful if you want to see if your image is still looking
natural and if you’ve improved it over the original essential shortcut number
four I might use more than anything else it’s adjusting basic tone settings using
the equals and the minus keys doing this I can adjust my exposure or any other
basic setting by switching between them using the comma and the period keys if
you’d like to adjust in larger increments just hold down shift the
shortcut more than any other is absolutely essential if you’re editing
large numbers of images it will save you hours I promise you essential shortcut
number three is the copy/paste function you can take and edit and apply it
immediately to another photo on a Mac by pressing command C command V or on a PC
by pressing ctrl C and ctrl P essential shortcut number two is a game
changer is the show/hide effect overlay using the O key take an adjustment layer
draw it onto your image and then press o to see where you have drawn more
precisely with an overlay this gets rid of the guessing and allows you to affect
your image exactly where you want to and finally a central shortcut number one in
Lightroom your adjustment tool shortcuts alright technically it’s more than one
shortcut but these will save you a ton of time pressing R will immediately
bring up the crop tool which you will use probably more than any other tool q
enable spot removal allowing you to quickly remove distracting elements from
a photo M brings up your graduated filter and shift M produces the radial
filter finally by typing K you’ll pull up your adjustment brush and you can
paint in the last details of your image and as a bonus shortcut pressing shift
command e on a Mac or shift control e on a PC will pull up your export window so
you can share your photos with the world and that’s it for my all-time top 10
Lightroom keyboard shortcuts I hope you learned something don’t forget to hit
that like button and subscribe and leave me a comment below if I missed a
shortcut that you love to use I want to hear about it alright until next time

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  1. I don't know how you don't have more views, your energy is amazing and your tutorials are so helpful! Thank you so much!!

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