10 Craziest Police Chases Caught On Camera (USA)

10 Craziest Police Chases Caught on Camera
(USA) In today’s age, people often have mixed feelings
when it comes to law enforcement. Some people believe police officers are stuck
between a rock and a hard place when it comes to proper protocol, while others believe power
hungry officers utilize their position to promote racist behavior. But no matter where you fall on the spectrum,
chances are you’re grateful to have officers around when it comes to high speed chases. High speed chases are an almost daily occurrence,
but there are some that are far more memorable and crazy than others. Here are ten of those chases. 10) I Saw the Sign High speed chases are nothing new for Los
Angeles police, but every once in a while there’s a chase that goes down in California
history. This chase took place in September 2016 near
downtown LA. Little is known about the perpetrator, but
chances are the shiny black SUV he’s driving has been stolen. At this point, many officers are in pursuit
of the vehicle and have successfully blocked several points of an intersection. It is very likely that the driver was intoxicated
or somehow inebriated during the time of the chase, because he quickly panics while turning
left through an intersection. He immediately slams the SUV into a metal
pole and drags it a few feet. The SUV begins to emit smoke, and a small
fire can be seen emanating from under the hood of the car. The driver attempts to back up, but cannot
dislodge the vehicle from the street sign. Seconds later the driver flees the vehicle,
frantically running across the street. It is unclear whether the police threatened
to shoot him, or if the man’s intoxication causes him to fall, but nonetheless he flails
to the ground and is quickly apprehended. 9) I Flipped For You Earlier this month, a South Carolina police
officer was watching traffic in Kershaw County when he witness a small black car careen past
him at 105 MPH. The officer proceeded to turn on his lights
and take after the vehicle. Expecting the car to pull over, the officer
was surprised when the black car sped up, clearly attempting to leave the police car
in the dust. The driver, eighteen year old Malik Shoulders,
not only did not have a license, but had marijuana in the car with him. Afraid of the repercussions, Shoulders thought
it was best to flee. The officer radioed the chase in and remains
calm throughout the duration of the chase. He watches as Shoulders, then unknown, continues
to fly down the road. After several minutes, Shoulders swerves off
the road to avoid hitting a truck and rolls the car at least three times. Shoulders’ car lands upright, and he takes
off again for several minutes. Finally, his car is too battered to continue
much longer, and he comes to a stop near a strip mall. The officer is quick to move, and grapples
Shoulders to the ground. The eighteen year old is currently waiting
a bond hearing. 8) I Won’t Be Home for Christmas Christmas 2013 was quickly approaching, and
for many Fed Ex and UPS drivers that means a lot of overtime. One Fed Ex driver was making his rounds in
Kansas City and was leaving a package on a front porch only to turn around and find that
a man had gotten into his delivery truck and took off down the street. The employee immediately contacted the police,
but it was a local news station that first located the stolen truck from their news chopper
overhead. While the police scramble to catch up, the
news team continues to follow the stolen truck from the air. As the man in the stolen truck ventures out
of the neighborhood and onto a more populated street, the news team make commentary. Amusingly enough, the criminal seems inclined
to obey traffic laws – he follows the established speed limit and even uses his turn signal
to change lanes. After several minutes, police officers have
caught up with him and surround the vehicle as the truck comes to a stop at a traffic
light. One officer gets close enough to open the
driver’s side door, but the criminal steps on the gas and takes off again. Picking up substantial speed, the driver leads
police through a myriad of subdivision streets, desperate to evade them. A couple officers manage to lay down a spike
strip ahead of him, and the right rear tire is punctured. As the man continues to drive the truck, the
tire flattens and falls off the wheel entirely. Sparks emit from the back of the truck and
the man is forced to come to a halt soon after the truck itself catches fire. 7) ‘Pepsi Fan’ Last year, a high speed chase in Redford,
Michigan concluded with fairly comical results. The chase began on highway I-696, near Farmington
Hills, when a young man and his friend fled from Michigan State Police. Both state and local police were quickly informed
and followed the red SUV in hot pursuit. Thinking it would be easier to lose the police
by getting off the highway, the driver and his accomplice exit the highway in the Redford
area. They continue to flee for several minutes
until they accidentally collide with a Coca Cola delivery truck. Both men leapt out of the vehicle and began
to run on foot. The accomplice is quickly apprehended off
camera, but the driver manages to run off the road and through a residential neighborhood. Unfortunately for him, a police chopper has
been watching from the air the entire time. They easily follow his every move as he leaps
over fences and weaves his way through several backyards. After a few minutes, the criminal makes the
ingenious decision to hide – under a trampoline. The chopper quickly radios to officers on
foot, and the young man is quickly captured. Several commentators have joked that clearly
the criminal was more of a Pepsi fan. 6) Driving Under the Influence In early December of last year, a Norwood,
Ohio police officer noticed that a man was driving somewhat recklessly as he approached
a traffic light around 2:30 AM. Noting that the driver seemed to hug the traffic
line and was slow to react to the red light, the officer pulled out after him, almost certain
that the driver was intoxicated. The driver, a thirty-six year old named Ryan
Brown, was not only drunk but had 163 grams of Marijuana in the car with him. Scared of possible charges, Brown decided
to flee, driving off around 80 MPH. The officer quickly followed. After a few minutes, Brown runs into an SUV
parked off to the side of the road. Believing the chase is over, the officer gets
out of his vehicle and approaches Brown. But Brown surprises the police by quickly
recovering and driving across the lawn in order to escape. Brown quickly picks up speed, that is, until
he rams his vehicle straight into a pole a few miles further down the road. The impact renders him unconscious. Once the officer notices that Brown is unconscious,
he immediately fishes the criminal out of the vehicle and radios for an ambulance. 5) The Shootout In March of 2015, a man named Hector Puga
got into an altercation with his wife. After showing up unannounced at her house,
Puga declared that he would be taking his stepdaughter with him. Angry and afraid, his wife contacted the police. Already wanted for a previous altercation
with his wife, Puga took off from her house which resulted in an adrenaline pumping chase
through Los Angeles. Knowing Puga was armed and dangerous, the
police followed at a cautious distance. After several minutes, Puga realizes that
a chopper is overhead and being caught is inevitable. He then proceeds to stop in the middle of
the street, get out of the SUV and begins to fire his handgun at the police, yelling
at them that he would not be going back to jail. Puga waves his gun around as he walks towards
them, but is then shot on the right hand side of his body. Miraculously, Puga manages not only to dive
behind his vehicle, but to walk up to a nearby house where he collapses on the front porch. As blood oozes from his wound, the police
surround the house and are stunned to see that not only is Puga conscious, but he is
able to sit upright, watching them from the porch. The bloody scene lasts over an hour, until
Puga, knowing he could die from blood loss, decides to surrender. Puga was then taken to a hospital and was
treated for the gunshot wound. 4) Betrayal of the Innocent Earlier this month, police officers in Polk
City, Iowa were informed that sixteen year old Bobby McNeal had taken off in a stolen
vehicle. McNeal, who already had three felonies and
eight misdemeanor arrests at the time, was already well known by Polk City police. As McNeal continued to flee, more and more
officers got involved. Spotting the stolen vehicle in a parking lot,
one officer immediately follows. Afraid and angry, McNeal takes off again,
and flies down the road at an alarming speed. The officer is in quick pursuit, and watches
in horror as McNeal careens off the road to avoid a roundabout. The vehicle goes airborne and collides into
a tree. As the car lands, a fire begins under the
hood. The officer pulled over and immediately grabs
McNeal, dragging him away from the fire. As the officer pins him to the ground, McNeal
fails to mention that a second person, a fifteen year old girl named Milaya Cooper was in the
car. The officer had not seen her upon his approach,
as she had been flung into the backseat upon impact with the tree. As more officers arrive at the scene, Milaya
is found in the backseat and is quickly pulled out and taken to the nearest hospital. While McNeal survived from his injuries, Milaya
sadly passed away. Many people believe she may have been saved
had McNeal informed the officer he had not been alone in the vehicle. 3) A Robbery Foiled On September 6, 2016 Avondale, Arizona law
enforcement officers were quickly informed that three men had robbed a local bank and
had fled in a black SUV. As police sirens were heard approaching, two
of the three suspects, Ruben Rodriguez and Sergio Escobedo, fled the vehicle on foot,
hoping that by splitting up they would be able to escape. That left thirty-one year old Steven Delrio
to continue driving his SUV while a news chopper followed from above. Armed and dangerous, Arizona police followed
at a distance, all the while communicating with the news team in the chopper who followed
Delrio’s vehicle. They watch in surprise as Delrio drives through
a residential neighborhood and drops off a package to a waiting woman. Both the news crew and police suspect that
the package contained either cash or numerous weapons. After the clearly obvious drop off, Delrio
continues to flee in his SUV, leading police on and off the highway until he makes it into
Phoenix. As Delrio continues to flee, he is unaware
that his two accomplices were apprehended and had already confessed to the robbery. Believing he is, at last, free from pursuit,
Delrio attempts to turn right at an intersection only to be suddenly boxed in by unmarked police
cars. Delrio quickly opens fire at the officers,
but is fatally shot through the windshield seconds later. Later on, Rodriguez admitted that all three
men had robbed the bank in attempt to pay off debt for drugs. 2)Fatal Collision In 2016, Seattle police were informed that
a young man had stolen a 2002 Honda Accord at gunpoint and had taken off in one of the
city’s neighborhoods. The police were immediately contacted after
the incident, and found the stolen vehicle not long after. Knowing he was about to face serious charges,
the suspect decided to flee in the stolen vehicle and was pursued by an officer through
the neighborhood. The criminal successfully manages to both
evade police and avoid other vehicles for several minutes until he attempts to make
a turn at a fast speed, colliding with another vehicle. Said vehicle was being driven by a twenty-one
year old man who, along with his dog who was also in the vehicle, were killed on impact. The suspect was pulled out from the wreckage
but also died on impact from the horrific crash. 1) A Family Fights Back Earlier this year, a man in Dallas, Texas
successfully managed to rob a bank. After grabbing the cash, the man hopped into
his Dodge Challenger and fled the scene: only to be followed by several police officers. Not long after the pursuit begins, a police
chopper locates the souped up vehicle and follows his every move, communicating with
the police who followed on the ground. The man in the Challenger weaves in and out
of traffic at an alarming speed, entering and exiting highways in an attempt to flee. For several minutes, the criminal manages
to successfully weave through traffic without causing any accidents. However, not long after exiting a highway,
the man is temporarily distracted and sideswipes a black SUV, eventually colliding with the
back of a minivan. A couple, along with a shocked young adult,
emerge from the minivan and do something nobody expects – they run up to the Challenger and
force the criminal out of the vehicle. Police in the chopper watch in amazement as
the couple proceeds to punch the criminal and hold onto his shirt, keeping him from
running. The man and woman eventually throw the criminal
to the ground and keep him there until the police show up a few minutes later. While citizens are never encouraged to get
involved in high speed chases, there’s no doubt that the brave couple saved the day
by taking action into their own hands. Thanks for watching! Please leave a rating and subscribe to see
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