10 Things I’d tell myself at 20!

Hi Guys…
I am Prerna. Welcome!!!
So, last Sunday, my ‘Dhoti Saree Drape’ video crossed 1 million views. Which means 10 lakh
people have watched that video. This is a huge thing for me because for a very long
time my videos used to get only 1k-2k or sometimes even 700-800 views. That time, I used to wonder
who are those people, those Cheetahs whose videos get 1M, 2M, 10M views. And finally,
I got to experience this and as this feeling sink-in, I got into the self-reflective mode.
I started thinking about how I had started this channel…how I supported my phone on
a pile of books, did makeup and started recording. Monetarily, I did not want to invest much,
hence started restyling my old clothes…Which I do even today!
Then started thinking, went deep down the rabbit hole… and realized that when we are
younger, like teenage years or in the early 20s, we stress about every little thing. Then,
a few years down the line we realize that those little things don’t even matter and
it was not even worth the sadness. So, today I would like to share a few such things with
you. I would have told all these things to that 19-20-year-old Prerna who used to get
upset over small things. If you are of the same age group i.e. early teens or teenagers,
then I am pretty sure you’ll be able to relate to these things. And if you are in my age
group i.e. the late 20s and 30s then please share your experience in the comment section.
Let us get started… Now, I have struggled with acne since the
age of 13. My condition was so severe that whenever I traveled by public transport, then
out of nowhere strangers would come and tell me remedies and cure for it. Which FYI, I
feel like nobody should do to anyone because believe me, you might be trying to help a
stranger but it actually HURTS! Anyways, coming on to the point…I have tried
every remedy, every cream that anyone ever told me about. Even after all this when there
was no improvement in my condition then one day, out of frustration, I scratched my face.
Maybe this is why I have a lot of acne pits on my cheeks. Now when I look back at that
phase, I would have told myself that sooner or later things will get better. If not today
then in a few years things will definitely improve. But, do not let your self-confidence
destroy in this process. If the condition does not improve on its own, then consult
a doctor and if even after doctor’s consultation you do not see any improvement, then try checking
up on your diet. Incidentally, this was my case. I consulted a doctor but as soon as
I used to stop taking medicines, acne would come back. Then, as an experiment, I gave
up dairy products. I gave up on drinking milk and any milk-related product like butter,
cheese, and tea. And, I have seen a lot of improvement in the skin. There is a drastic
improvement in its texture. So, these are some things that you can try but do not let
anything destroy your self-confidence…KEEP IT HIGH, KEEP IT INTACT. Because that will
be difficult to repair! Now, while growing up, I was an extremely
hard-working student. I was counted among class’s most studious students and I always
used to be a top ranker. But, I always felt that the results (in terms of marks) were
never at par with the hard work that I put in. Especially when my board exam results
were announced and the percentage that I got, I felt that I deserved a lot more. Now when
I look back and think about those things, I feel your hard work will pay off. If not
today, then tomorrow, provided you do not stop working hard. Sometimes we even think
that God is partial towards us and no matter how hard we work, we will not get the desired
results. Then, we start working half-heartedly. This is where, I feel, growth stops. So just
keep working hard and have faith that you will get what you deserve. Now, this is something that is especially very close to my heart. In our Indian society,
there is a lot of pressure to be an engineer or doctor. Things might have changed now,
but during my time, this pressure was very intense. If you have figured out your interests
and you know what you want to do then, I would suggest to not let it go for anything. I studied
engineering despite knowing the fact that I would be a bad engineer, I had no interest
in engineering but still, I studied it because I could not tell my family that I was interested
in Fashion. It is after these 4 years that I could muster the courage to tell my Mum
that this is what interests me and I want to study this. Now, looking back, I feel,
I could have saved those 4 years. So try and do not let this happen with yourself. Now, in school and college, we all want to have many friends. We want to be a part of
a popular ‘IT’ group. This also happens because we are insecure about ourselves and
we look for self-validation and approval in other’s friendships. After all these years,
I have realized that its only 1-2 or 2-3 friends that stay in touch for years. These friends
are such that even if you call them after 2-3 months, you will start at the same place
where you left. It will still feel as if you talked with them just yesterday. These are
the friends who matter in the long run. So it is fine if you d not have a lot of friends
and It is fine if you are not a part of the ‘YO’ group. Now, this is something that is very common in schools and colleges. Other kids bully
you for something or the other. I used to be bullied for my skin, thick thighs and sometimes
even for the way I spoke. Of course, this made me sad, upset and sometimes I would tell
my mother as I cried. But, I have realized that these things help you grow and make you
stronger. Because as you grow up, you will come across a lot of people who will criticize
you and highlight the ‘flaws’ in you. Here, if you are aware and you know whose advice
you should take and who you should ignore then this trick, this art will help you. It
is completely fine if people bully you because they are actually making you stronger without
even knowing. Now, this is something that’s interesting.
When I was little, I used to believe that if someone says anything to you then you need
to come up with an even better argument and in that lies your win. If the reply isn’t
sassy enough, you’ve lost the verbal war. But after so many years, now I have become
mature enough to realize that there is no need to respond to everything. Sometimes,
you can just let your actions speak. Most importantly, there is no need to turn every
conversation into an argument. You can just respond by saying I am sorry, I don’t agree
with you, let’s have this conversation later. It’s totally fine to say such words and you
do not lose. Now, while I was in college, I, of course,
wasn’t able to afford expensive clothing or branded clothing in general. In our time,
Zara used to be a hyped brand and whoever wore Zara clothes was considered a Cheetah.
I (of course) used to get unbranded or Sarojini Nagar clothes. That time, I used to wonder
why it is so and why can’t we be like them. But, it was after I started this channel,
I realized how much these budgetary constraints have helped me grow. I had fewer clothes so,
I started using them creatively. I started mixing and matching things in different ways.
So, it is fine if you have limited resources because it makes you creative and in general,
now I feel that it is so much better to use your money smartly than having a lot of money. Now, this is something that is super tricky. So, in schools and colleges, the pressure
of relationships and dating is unending and on top of that, figuring out whom to believe
and who is a cheater…is very confusing. Breakups are heartbreaking, it feels bad and
I feel, they affect your self-confidence as well. But, after a few years, once you are
out of that situation you will realize that nobody is worth that sadness or those amounts
of tears. In fact, breakups help you understand yourself better. Like most girls, I had this
image of the person I wanted to marry… as he should look like ‘this’, should have ‘this’
height, should have ‘this amount’ of money, ‘this’ car (you know) that list that every
girl has in her mind. I too had this. If not all but like most girls, I had this in my
mind. But, after all these nasty experiences that I had, I realized that the best guy you
can ever have is the one who is willing to support you No matter what! Money, height,
complexion, looks are all secondary. If he is willing to be with you whatsoever, he is
the best guy ever and don’t let him go for anything. Having lost one of my parents early in life…I realized there is no right time to tell your
parents how much you love them and how much you value them. Recently, a prominent basketball
player passed away and I was again filled up with the same memories. There are so many
things I feel like I could have told my father but couldn’t. Life is unpredictable…you
do not know how long life is. So tell your parents how much you love them and how much
you value them. My last and final point is for those kids
who have upcoming exams in the next few months, either boards or competitive exams. I used
to take my exam results very seriously. And many times, it happened with me that I could
not get marks where it was most required. And in those moments, I’ve felt worthless.
I always thought about how could this happen with me even when I haven’t done anything
wrong. But today, I feel that those bad marks got me where I am happy and content with my
life. They say even the bad times have something good in store! Just keep calm, even if things
aren’t that great…have faith and everything will get better.
Before I leave, I would like to share a bonus tip with you. So, whatever I shared with you
today, it is not like I never knew about these before or no one has ever told me all this
before. All these things, when I was in my teens and 20s, have been told by my mother.
But, I guess, this is the beauty of that age…that you do not understand what your parents want
to convey. You find their talks frivolous. And then, a few years down the line you realize
that they were right… (Which I shouldn’t have confessed here as my mother would be
jumping watching this video😅) Anyways, this is the end of this video guys. Such videos
get quite emotionally heavy for me and I get uncomfortable sharing personal things. So,
let me know what you think of such videos. Do you enjoy them? Do you like them? Do you
relate to them? Do let me know in the comment section. If you liked the video then do give
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