the top, ten times santa claus, was caught on camera over the past few years Kids this is our second collection of santa videos for a magical man like submit He sure is bad at staying undercover go back And watch our first video if you haven’t already but if you thought our first 10 clips were great gets you ain’t seen nothing yet we can’t Be sure if all of these are the real santa or some are just total fakers in santa costume See what you think and let us know in the comments below number 10 Santa in the shadows one young child who, thought it place a camera next to the christmas tree all night and try and spot santa, well deed Thanks to the child then uploading it to youtube everyone else can Have a small glimpse of the man himself as santa doesn’t have much time to wait this video is pretty short but you can Still get a glimpse of him in the shadows dropping off the presents and having a little snack to keep his energy levels up We’re, not sure if he’d just started delivering presents or had nearly finished delivering gifts to the world, what do you think? Number nine real or fake as Shown in this clip a father Places cakes and something for santa to drink in the living room and then places a camera close, by to capture santa Be really not sure about this one it looks so real but then, again He’s quite skinny for santa claus doesn’t have a, bag and has to go in and out twice thoughts anyone Number eight a sucker for milk and cookies Sometimes santa is too clever to get caught even if you leave out a video camera to film him with but While these budding Filmmakers didn’t manage to get a video of santa’s bearded face it Seems it is weakness the snack cement that at least his hands, would be in shot This family, even left santa a gift of his own number seven a close collision With this next clip, we do have to wonder where the santa claus knows Where the other planes are in the sky or not maybe he did it was just showing Off either way, this spectacular footage of santa claus Going, directly under the plane is out of this world the passengers on that plane must have surely been shocked but Take our word they are not the only people to have caught santa from a plane as our list will soon show Number six center cam has seen in this footage Someone has set up a camera to try and sportscenter which they achieved but We are not convinced about this one first there is no santa, bag and secondly he just magically Makes the presence of fear although, we suppose he is magic but he didn’t, do that in the other ones What do you think fake or the real santa caught on camera number five Reindeer in the house it’s one thing to catch santa on camera but, santa And rudolph it appears santa has come, down the chimney but it looks Like rudolph is outside and wants a little bit of attention himself and that’s when santa decides to go fetch His favorite reindeer and bring him inside the house for a little bit of a wander this has to be a first Number four caught in the act in our number four center capture a man, who We presume has children got up to go to the toilet and heard a strange noise, we can, be pretty sure he Wasn’t expecting it to be the one alone lee, santa claus Oh, crap i gotta get the video boys look, good number three driveway claws In a small neighborhood it said santa often parks up his reindeers and goes on foot to closeby houses this one is certainly Real the kids are sure enjoying it although they, better go to bed soon if they, want any of those presents in santa’s sack Well he parks his reindeer in one spot then he does all the houses in the cody sam number two questionable claws This, footage looks, very much like, santa although, we are not sure if this Was someone just pretending to be santa and recording themselves as this house does have a chimney and we don’t actually see santa come through the chimney Either way it’s super cool, and probably real, maybe santa Was coming to the end of delivering presents and by then had too much to drink and eat to even attempt getting Through, the chimney, and opted for the front door approach instead number one santa’s home in our final clip captured on christmas eve we really Do believe this is santa claus either leaving on his journey to deliver presents around the world or? Returning, after delivering all his presents Remember this video kids it’s not very often at all if ever that santa has been caught in his home country The north pole’s a day, later the crew of the plane checked radar maps and at that time there Was nothing else in the air they were the only pine in the whole of the north pole at the time the footage was taken Or the north pole and every once in a, while so it catches your eyes, so i’m sure there’s something That’s a real? Actual report coming in from an aircraft, boys up north see something flying around as, well so we’re gonna keep the monitoring situation will you catch santa claus, this, year 2017 if you do please send your clips to charles lee, he at. Gmail.com which if we use your clip you’ll receive $100 Merry christmas from daily top tens and remember it’s our job to entertain and yours too subscribe

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  1. The second one is not Santa here’s why(maybe he is,I don’t know):he came threw the door,he’s to skinny,and he doesn’t have a bag

  2. Dude i was in the psych ward and i saw santa appear in a room through the window and he had a christmas sweater and he was pouring things out on the table he like came in through the ddoor or the vent or something i was so scared i went back into my room in the psych unit it was scary i just had chills all over my body

  3. Cmon, this person is just a very old myth, how old is he? He should be dead by now. A fat grandpa flying through the sky on a SNOW SLED with magical, FLYING RAINDEER with a GLOWING NOSE, he needs to go To EVERY HOUSE IN ONE FRICKING NIGHT, he stalks EVERYONE 24/7, does anyone else this is BS?

  4. what the hell was the point of this stupid video when every smart person knows that Santa is not real 🤦‍♂️ I know there’s gonna be a bunch of nine year olds who are gonna reply to me saying “Santa is real” well sorry kids but your parents have been putting the presents under the tree your whole life. I mean just think about it there’s no way a man who has been the same age for thousands of years flys around the world in one night. also all of the “Santas” in this video were wearing different fake costumes so they are clearly men wearing costumes.

  5. I think number 9 it’s fake cause he does not have his bag like he always does and Santa is more chubbier thank that skinny “Santa” like if u agree!!!

  6. These are all real, I believe in santa and im 13 about to be 14 and I will still believe because I have the Christmas spirit. Santa uses his magic for gifts or somtimes the bags.

  7. With one would you rater see Santa's slay and reindeer or santa and his elf's.if you would rather see santa and his elf's reply if you wold rather see his slay and reindeer give me a like

  8. This is fake. Not at all hate on santa, but the actual real santa, that Doesnt give out presents is already dead. But I Sure love making cookies And putting Christmas ornaments in the Christmas tree.

  9. Once i saw Santa at my house well my sister and mom caught him and then got me and my othee sister and we saw him all putting the presents down under the tree lol and i hot sand and opened it while he looked at me lol 😂

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