13 Scariest Things Caught on Security Cameras

Surveillance systems are supposed to keep
you secure, but all-too-often this feeling of extra safety is simply just an illusion. Bad things can always happen in an instant,
and during these types of situations all a surveillance system can do is document the
scary events as they unfold. 13. This video was taken just outside of the notoriously
haunted Dover Castle in England. A large dark form slowly walks across an entranceway
and soon attracts the attention of a security guard patrolling nearby. The guard walks over to investigate and the
shadow silently passes beneath his feet without detection. Normally I’d say this could have been some
sort of a technical malfunction with the CCTV equipment itself, but watching the security
guard walk to the exact same spot makes me think otherwise. 12. Two people are taking a dip in the pool when
a fierce reptile rips their family-friendly gathering apart. Children and other family members cry out
in surprise as the feisty alligator quickly claims its territory and drives everyone out
of the pool. It’s not a full-grown adult, but its jaws
are still large enough to do some damage. Fortunately, everyone escapes the situation
unscathed. This could have easily gone a lot worse; however,
there is always a chance it could happen again. 11. These drivers in China narrowly miss a gigantic
landslide that could have easily swallowed all of them whole. You can even see a couple of pedestrians barely
manage to scramble to safety as an endless barrage of dirt, debris and trees fills the
area where they were standing only moments before. As the CCTV dashcam clearly shows, the sheer
force behind this landslide would have had no problem carrying a few cars down the mountainside
had it reached just a few feet closer. 10. A man in Australia is perusing his phone when
an unwelcomed guest slithers directly under him. Fortunately his loyal dog has incredibly fast
reflexes and manages to alert him to the snake’s presence within seconds. Now it’s the owner’s turn to save his
dog’s life by leading him as far away from this creature as he can. As it turns out, this is actually an eastern
brown snake, which is the second most venomous snake in the entire world. Unlike most snakes, this aggressive species
will not hesitate to protect its territory. You’ve already seen how fast they can move,
so with its speed and temperament in mind, it should come as no surprise to learn that
they have ended the lives of many Australians in the past. In other words, this is absolutely the last
snake you would want to charge towards your bare feet while you are completely oblivious
on your cell phone. I can only imagine how terrified he must have
been to see a wild specimen so close. 9. Imagine traveling down a busy city street
when suddenly cars, buildings and even the sidewalk starts to rumble beneath your feet. That’s exactly what happened to the South
Asian country of Nepal in 2017. Onlookers watch in horror as powerlines snap
and spark on the roads. Everyone scatters for cover only to find there
is nowhere to run when the earth itself is the problem. Meanwhile, store interiors become absolute
chaos as heavy items clatter to the ground from the shelves and entire aisles topple
over. The very foundation of the building itself
threatens to collapse under the immense shaking. Watch again and you’ll see this brave woman
pick up her child seconds before a cascading avalanche of items would have surely crushed
him. It’s amazing how quickly someone can become
a hero with barely a moment’s thought. 8. This video was taken in a public housing development
on Jurong Road in Singapore . Audrey Anthoney claims he’s been experiencing strange supernatural
occurrences on his property and decides to set up a CCTV system. He’s both amazed and terrified when one
of his cameras actually verified his story: A small white object darts down the hall with
enough force to rustle some clothing. A slowed-down version of the video reveals
a vaguely childlike figure about the size of a toddler. It could just be video editing, but let me
know if you see it and what you think it is. 7. Here’s another strange surveillance tape
out of Singapore, this time at an apartment building in Tampines. Most of the orb videos I’ve seen in the
past could be explained away as a piece of dust, but this is clearly something way different. At first I thought that this was someone playing
with a high-powered flashlight, but then I realized two things. You can usually see a ray of light leading
back to a person holding the flashlight, but there’s no such thing here. Secondly, the orb appears to briefly switch
to a gray color when it hits the wall. Watch this part of the video to see the colors
change. That’s not something an ordinary flashlight
would do. If anyone can explain these two things to
me then I’ll agree that it’s fake. 6. A Chicago couple go out for a fun night on
the town and then return home after they’d had a few. They pass out on the couch together and when
they wake up the next day, the girlfriend’s purse is nowhere to be found. Her boyfriend keeps telling her that she must
have left it at a bar last night, but she insists that she remembers bringing it home. He finally decides to end the argument by
looking at home surveillance footage from the night before. That way, he can retrace their steps and figure
out if her purse really was with her when they came home. The last thing he expected to see while reviewing
the footage was a man in a hooded sweatshirt silently watching them from the staircase
above as they slept. After staring at the sleeping couple for approximately
five minutes, he goes deeper into the house. Then he reappears and watches some more. What’s even more astonishing is that the
couple had two dogs with them, and the man was so quiet that even the pets did not notice
him. Police are sure that this person has been
involved in other incidents like this and are working hard to find him. Who knows how many other people in Chicago
he has stood over while they slept, or what sort of fantasies and other impulses could
have possibly been going through his mind at the time. 5. This CCTV video comes from an unnamed museum
after hours. First you can see the turnstile move on its
own as if someone has been granted admission. Next the turnstile suddenly stops and you
can see the clear outline of a figure as it makes a brisk exit. I’m not quite sure what to make of this
footage, but many people think it could be real since museums are often filled with ancient
artifacts that could be haunted. 4. Jails offer no privacy and a lot of them have
CCTV equipment in nearly every corner. This video of an empty cell seems ordinary
enough until a shadow materializes out of nowhere. The restless spirit briefly paces in a circle
and then goes to the far corner. It seems to step onto the toilet and then
jumps out of sight. If this is not CGI, then it could be a spirit
reenacting the final moments before taking its own life with a rope or something similar. This is sadly a common practice in jail. Maybe a desperate inmate once tied something
around their neck to the bars above and jumped off the toilet. They were obviously trying to escape their
punishment, but now it looks like they’ve doomed themselves here for all eternity. 3. A camera watching over a neighborhood block
records something quite abnormal at the stroke of midnight. A transparent figure shambles across the street
towards an alleyway in uneven strides. When you look at the footage up close you
can see that that the movements are kind of repetitive, so I’m thinking that maybe somebody
made an edit using a video game model. If you recognize this character from any game
or movie then please let me know which one. 2. It’s a rainy night in Mumbai, India and
everyone in this household is fast asleep, including the family dog, who you see hunkered
down in the corner. The heavy rain helps mask the approach of
one of India’s most cunning predators, the wild leopard. The sleeping dog appears to be an easy target
for a late night meal. As I watch the leopard expertly search for
a way into the house – careful not to make a sound – I can’t help but suspect that
it often raids homes in search of pets to eat. Either way, the feline predator can’t seem
to find a good entrance, so it decides to try and make its own. The brave little dog wakes up and comes face
to face with a jungle cat five times its size. The leopard knows its cover has been blown
and wanders off as quietly as it came before any humans can arrive. It looks like the dog has won for now, but
hopefully its owners will keep a close eye on him whenever he goes outside. After all, leopards have a good memory and
there’s always next time. Before we get to number 1, my name is Chills
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we upload every Thursday and Sunday. 1. A man in Queens, New York woke up one morning
to find his cell phone randomly missing from his dresser. Since he lives all by himself and only puts
his phone in one spot, he decides to check the surveillance footage to see what happened. What he finds is enough to make any reasonable
person permanently paranoid. The camera shows a young man who he has never
met before enter his home at 2:20 in the morning through an unlocked backdoor. The invader gets all the way across the man’s
house to his bedroom without being detected, at which point he gets on all fours and crawls
just a few feet away from the homeowner’s bed. Meanwhile, the unsuspecting homeowner is completely
asleep and none the wiser. The bandit briefly comes up to snatch the
cell phone and then quickly makes off. The man is understandably quite shaken by
all of this when he notices one other large detail that he had failed to notice before. The young thief must have been ready to meet
some resistance and came prepared for a showdown. Clutched tightly between his teeth as he snaked
across the floor was a very sizeable blade.

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  10. That guy is actually lucky because he didn't saw that snake's coming. If he saw it, the snake probably will act more aggressive because it sense movement and want to protect itself. Like a defend mechanism. My dad was a zoology and I grew up like a Tarzan so I knew a bit about that lol.

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