(electronic piano music) (hip electronic piano music) – Even though I’ve been shooting, I consider myself a newcomer, and I think it’s a really tricky thing because everybody tells you
that you need to be a specialist and in my life what I have
learned is that actually– and anybody else is
teaching you, they go like, don’t put all your eggs into one basket. That’s like the life lesson
that I’ve learned here yet everybody else wants
to tell you in photography that you should specialize. I think what you need to do is photograph what
you’re passionate about, whether it’s micro, or macro photography, or landscapes, whatever that is, do what makes you happy. I think from that figure out
what it is that you can do and do it well and create
a job from that point on. But, I do feel that you should try a whole bunch of different things. Action, from action
sports to other things, because photography is an art and it also has technical aspects to it. I think you should learn
a lot about your equipment and other peoples’ equipment. You should learn a lot about
different genres and styles to figure out what you really want. (hip electronic music) – There’s this thing called
fake it ’til you make it. There’s some truth to it. You don’t keep the drama to yourself, you don’t tell everyone
about the negative parts of your job, any job, you know, your work. But I think being genuine
about your artwork like being, showing your
true self through your work and also to the people
you meet is very important in this industry;
timeless is the new cool. I really believe that. – I would suggest finding friends and people that you feel comfortable with and starting there so you show up with some confidence until you can build your confidence in photography and expand. (mid-tempo electronic classical music) – And another advice to anyone who’s trying to build a business: photography, although
a lot of it is creative at the end art, it’s still a business and you still wanna grow it. We started in 2014 and we
really didn’t feel the break until like three years after and we’re still working
towards a certain goal. Give it a few years. Give it at least five years, I would say to see if it’s something really for you. The growth is always exponential I think in anything;
especially in business. – I think it’s important to
listen to your own heart. Maybe, it’s important for the artist, for the photographer to be alone, to be in solitude, so you can experience, you can dig deeper in your
heart and your soul and see what is inside, what is
it what you wanna do. ♪ You wake me up and yet you ground me ♪ ♪ Ain’t nothin’ gettin’ in my way ♪ – I have found that it’s really helpful to start with what you know. Since I started as a dance major, I knew dance, I felt confident in dance, I felt confidence working with
dancers, so I started there. They’re inspiring for that helped us all. So you’re walking into the shoot knowing something about what you’re shooting and not brand new to the photography and the subject you’re shooting. – In some times, we’re
distracted by too much noise. Too many people, too many
opinions, and points of views. It’s really important to escape and see and just look inside of you. (chill electronic hip-hop beats)


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