100 Replies to “2 police officers facing charges in rough arrest caught on camera”

  1. What the hell !! Spend it with PAY !! That like saying he's on taxpayers paid vacation !!
    Who made up that rule for ( The Gang In Blue ! ) the Unions ? So they can still get their Money ?

  2. 99 out of 100 the suspect decides how rough an arrest is. I've been beaten up by police arresting me and not once was I not forcing them to do it.

  3. We gotta stop this gang like behavior. There almost all members of the the free mason lodge and think they can do what ever they want

  4. Assault and theft of property, punkass bully cop only hit him because he was restrained. Notice how none of the other cops did anything about it all?? Seems like they've done this before

  5. What trust????? The cops has lost the trust of the citizens a long time ago. I don't know anyone who doesn't cringe whenever they see a cop!!!!!!!!!

  6. Every criminal pig that breaks the law should get 2x the punishment…. This would make them alot more mindful of the law, an then the public wouldnt need to protect themselves from the ones we hire to protect us.

  7. And a judge said it was okay. Can you believe it? The cops here believe they are above the law and the system and a judge backs them up. Unbelievable…only in Miami, Florida. Where the untrained, lazzy and idiot cops close a whole road for a simple accident…incompetents. They should see how these simple accident are management on the northern States, and should fire who the idiot that trains them to be so incompetents. And lazzies.

  8. Another case of bad police behavior caught on video. Am I expected to believe that this is the only instance when that particular officer abused his authority? Of course not. Am I to believe this is the only officer that has behaved this way? Of course not.

    The key question that should be put to those responsible for representing citizens is: what steps are you taking to prevent these kinds of abuses?

  9. Oh dont worry
    We dont have any trust left for the police
    God job charging him with petty crimes
    If it would have been a regular person it would have been felony asult and felony tampering with evidence

  10. Hello my people…what is really so sad is the fact that attorney mrs.Rundle and the chief are just figuring out how dishonest cops really are!!! We the people have been very aware for some time now.

  11. That whole dam department needs to be let go for letting him do that to that man then they just keep walking him to the back so so unprofessional i would own that jail if that happened to me

  12. There is an epidemic of police brutality and police misconduct in America!!! The only way to start getting accountability is to always always always film The Police!!!!

  13. Can someone explain to me how a vacation(suspension with pay) is punishment or a deterrent to future bad behavior?!!!


  15. Big deal it wasn’t even a hard punch just a smack in the face I’ll tell you I got beat up pretty good buy a police officer when I was 16 years old people took photos of it and three of them actually went to the police department and made complaints and not a thing happened if that same thing happened today it would be a big pay day

  16. ONLY thing good about holding this PIGS accountable is that The departments across the Nation will get high quality employees, so clean up ALL The SCUM in POLICE SERVICE, get quality SERVANTS

  17. Bully tyrant thug lowlife trash. This is why we the American people hate all you corrupt immoral tyranny unconstitutional criminal crooked Nazi pos.we American's are sick of their lowlife corrupt unconstitutional tyranny BS. 🎥 film 🔥 fire 📂 file lawsuits against each personally and their precinct. We American's don't trust any of them tyrant's

  18. The worse part is if they had just left well enough alone, cop probably would have had only a disciplinary letter in his jacket.

  19. Sad part is "they ruined their careers" as stated by the
    Chief in an interview. However
    this always translates into, they
    resigned and are working elsewhere in another town to
    Bully someone else.!

  20. This is nothing it happens all the time why do you think people do not trust these tyrants . They better be gone and not rehired in any other place as officers ,they do that a lot as well .

  21. Well good thing this house had more than one video or he could be a liar, i bet the cops saw this & peed their pants….waah the hel

  22. Tampering with evidence and conspiracy is a felony. Time to lose their law enforcement certifications forever. That would be a good start.

  23. All cops are criminals. The chief apologized only because there was incontrovertible evidence. Don’t ever help the cops. Don’t talk to them. They should be shunned in society. If you meet an off duty cop, tell him or her to “f off”. If you come across one that asks for help, tell them to “f off”

  24. He will be hired in another city in a week,IF they actually fire him. Cops in America have NO respect for the law or our citizens. They operate under the concept of “the end justifies the means”. There are NO good cops in America!🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻

  25. the punishment for the punch throwing cop should be – put the cuffs on him and make walk down the hall in the jailhouse with all cell doors open and let the inmates have a party with him.

  26. man i would love to have a few of those airbags! also… someone please point out the good cop in this??? how come only 1 cop is charged.. if i robbed a bank and had someone in the car waiting for me we all would be arrested!

  27. That wasn't lack of judgement. It was a crime of physical abuse, & theft. Then, they lied & covered it up.

  28. All the cops are the same, now they freak out when he hit a man in handcuffs and then everyone laughed together, two-headed pigs all in a row.

  29. All of the PIGS who witnessed this assault and did nothing should be arrested. Of course this is Florida, so that won't happen.

  30. And then we have several officers standing by and let it happen. TYRANTS. News corporations have no idea how corrupt these officers are…maybe you do but you sit by because you report their narrative most times. Just imagine if there were no cameras..this is why we need to always record public servants.

  31. Why when officers clearly can be seen breaking the law, they then are suspended on full pay. Definitely not a good message to send to citizens and other officers that might engaged in such behaviours🤔

  32. When the excuse of “just some bad apples” comes as a way to not blame all police for the bad ones…look at the others reaction…normal…no stopping the bad cop. Then later, they all raid the house again to steal evidence of their bad behaviour. So, I can conclude they are all bad. So, yeah, I’ll assume ALL cops are bad until proven inocent.

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