2018 Fairytale Photoshoot

I’m Dr. Nytarsha Thomas and I’m playing Maleficent. Hi I’m Tobe and I’m playing Scar. I’m surrounded by idiots. Hi I’m Kate and I’m playing Belle today. Hi I’m Paige and I’m playing Snow White today. Hi my name is Steven Jarrard and my character
is Jack Sparrow. This is the day you will remember as the day
you almost caught Jack Sparrow. I’m Holly Gregg and I’m playing Ursula. Hi I’m Nadia Adams and I’m playing
Cruella Deville. Get those puppies! Hey, my name is Kailah Alexandria Jones and
I’m playing Pocahontas. My name is Pocahontas. I’m Lindsey and I am Mad Hatter today. Tea time!! Tea!!! My name is Karina and I’m going to be Moana today. I’m Rudy and I’m playing Jasmine.

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