#23 Motret Street di Tanjung Pinang (Review Fujifilm X100V Bahasa Indonesia)

On the last episode, I tried to test drive this new camera, the Fujifilm X100V However, the weather sucked. So, I will try it again in this video This is the Fujifilm X100V full review by me, @govindarumi I am now at the Tanjung Pinang Chinatown Baba: so, so what is interesting about this place? The people, the people are pure they are friendly towards the Camera very interesting excuse me! Baba: what kind image do you see here Gov? what are you seeing? This is the local market at Tanjung Pinang’s Chinatown I find it interesting here, Because there are a lot of activities Gov: So Baba, which questions do you want to ask me? Baba: I am curious about this camera.. what camera is this? I am usint the X100V the latest addition from Fujifilm’s X100 series I am happy that this camera now has the Flip Screen feature It’s very helpful especially if you want to be discreet So, from a long time ago X100 is known for its compactness, only around 400g sometimes you don’t even realize that you are carrying a camera Holding up the camera this high isn’t tiring at all Since it has the flip-screen, I can easily shoot from the hip When you shoot street, It really helps, because of this People aren’t intimidated when being photographed They don’t see us as reporters or journalists we come as tourists, and it makes people around us much friendlier. people are just relatively, more relaxed and being themselves, all because of this feature. For me, this discreetness is the essence of Street Photography You cannot change the lens of this camera it allows the camera to be super small the lens is also very small, it’s a thin pancake lens the plus side that it’s lightweight and the downside is obvious, we can’t change lens so, if we buy this camera we need to know our needs when shooting I prefer to adapt to a lens rather than the lens controlling me thinking more about composition and with this 23mm range, I like to use it as a storytelling lens it allows us to go tight and get closer to our subject so, it’s important to understand the lens that we use the bokeh is good enough for a lens this small if we get closer to our subjects we can get a decent amount of separation calling to bokeh lovers, this camera is very good for travelling and taking shots of food and other small details the sharpness of this lens also has been improved, it’s a different lens from the previous X100 series frankly speaking, I don’t use much bokeh for my street photography that’s why, I cannot comment much about bokeh my favourite apertures are between f8 and f11 I eliminate bokeh to preserve the details the maximum shutter speed is 1/4000 with the mechanical shutter It’s very good for a compact camera and the autofocus itself is very similar to the Xpro3 and XT3 I tried to quickly snap images and the images were in focus! amazing man! Same like the Xpro3, this camera also has the Classic Negative Film Simulation with this film simulation, we can emulate the color of Fujifilm Superia 200 Film Stock The colors are iconic and rather nostalgic Baba: it’s like Istanbul! Baba: let’s go to the end of this road Baba: I like the light behind you Baba: do you want to comment on something? Gov: No I don’t feel like talking Baba: the light is orgasmic! Gov: Nice, nice Baba: Let’s go, let’s go Gov: So where are we going Baba: look at the camera! are you not comfortable? look at me moving the camera! Baba: can I dip this camera into the ocean? Gov: Of course! Baba: the road is neverending! so much fun! Stranger: where are you from? Gov I’m from Bali Baba: I’m from this island Baba: I am this guys fixer Stranger: Bali is much nicer than here right? Gov: I like it here though, Bali is crowded Stranger: Really? I was in bali around the 2000s Gov: It’s now full of traffic jam, like Jakarta Gov: hey Baba, please record the song! Baba: F*ck I’m tired, but alright.

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  1. X100 series mengakomidir street photography tanpa intimidasi, X100V flip screen lebih membantu eksplor hide and click.. without intimidation, duh pengen

  2. Really nice video! Gave such a lovely sense of place and just a great review of the camera itself. I don't really care about the specs. I just want to know what it's like to use as it was intended and you gave a great idea of that through this video! Thanks!

  3. bang Gov, mohon di koreksi jikalau saya keliru,

    apakah memang stylenya bang gov, atau kemampuan X100V yang membuat hasil foto di video ini banyak grainnya ?

    rencana mau beli X100v soalnya hehe

  4. andai banyak duit, kamera street sekaligus pribadi kalau lagi jalan jalan pasti beli kamera ini…. keren dan compact banget

  5. I’m so happy I found this video! I’m an indonesian American living in Boston/NYC and I shoot street photography as well. I have the x100v on preorder. Your photos are amazing!

  6. semoga sehat terus bang, saya jadi kepincut pingin beli fuji nih ._. , seru juga lihat proses dibalik tiap foto yg dihasilkan

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