3 Exciting New Trends in Art

Hello and welcome my name is Brooke
Shaden I’m a fine art photographer and today we’re talking about trends but not
in a bad way in a good way like the way that the art industry is going and how
maybe we could be a part of that because there are certain trends and I use the
word more literally not like things that just happen to be popular but the way
that the art industry is going that can be really exciting and it’s great to
think ahead to what consumers and other people may be people who buy art would
be interested in in the future and I don’t think this is selling out in any
way I think it’s just smart business practice and if some of these trends
happen to align with what you want to do all the better it’s really good to open
your mind to things like this and just keep up to date with what’s happening in
the art world so I did some research and I base a lot of this on my personal view
of what I’ve seen work really well lately in the art world in terms of
sales in terms of traction and these are three trends that I see emerging in the
coming year as being a lot more popular than it has been in the past one of them
is interactive and experiential art art that allows you to interact with it in
some way that gives you an experience rather than just looking at it so
virtual reality is really big right now and that’s something that will continue
to grow most likely or in the coming years and especially as the technology
gets better and better and therefore more accessible to the average creator
which is awesome so augmented reality virtual reality really awesome but also
just designing experiences for people a great example of this is me I’ll wolf
and the rise of experimental radical interactive art so this is a great thing
to keep in mind in the future if ever you feel that your art might want to
take a dive in that direction it might be a good direction to go or not
depending on your interests number two and then sort of the same vein as
alternative processes so creative you know with encaustic for example
which is the application of wax on your images just using different processes
than the traditional method of photography can be really great to just
expand your art and get different groups of people looking at it another really
big win for alternative processes is that it creates a one-off
image so instead of digital photography where we could set any number of
reproductions for it this would create the sort of rare experience for a
photographer now of having an original art piece that you could sell which
means you can sell it for a higher price it’s more desirable because it’s the
only one like it so that’s something important to consider too is how can
alternative processes and that application make your art more desirable
in the future and another trend that I’ve seen a couple of important
galleries and museums mention is making old techniques feel new so like really
embracing the the old masters and seeing how we can do something a little bit
different with that now so instead of just like totally experimental and
everything is wacky and out there how can you use old techniques in new ways
so those are three trends that I have noticed that are up and coming as of
late that maybe are of interest to you and if not well it’s good to know I
guess and they are of interest to me I am in particular working on a photo
series that I’ve been doing for a couple years now called samsara and it’s all
about interactive experience art it’s all about immersing the viewer into the
experience of the art itself it will contain sculpture photography
performance art and more so that’s what I’m up to lately and it’s really
important to me that my art becomes more community driven more experimental and
so I’m excited to see where it goes and if the trend of your art is nowhere near
what I just said who cares we make our own trends that’s the beautiful thing
about trend-setting is that you do you and other people will pick up on that
later so I hope that this video was fun and if you liked it then hit subscribe
and share this with your friends that way I can keep making more videos thanks
guys bye

9 Replies to “3 Exciting New Trends in Art”

  1. Kirsty Mitchell recently had an exhibition where guests were encouraged to dress as their favorite character from the "Wonderland" series. I thought that it was a great idea to make an existing series interactive.

  2. Exciting trends. Now I just need to try out these trends with a sprinkle of our style of photography. Thanks Brooke

  3. Hi Brooke,
    I enjoy watching your videos. I really appreciate you subtitling your videos.
    I looked up Me I'll Wolf but I couldn't find anything.
    Could you please reply with the name of the artist that designs experiences for people?

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