3 Reasons Why Photographers Should Be Collaborating + Photoshoot w/ Sony A7RIII, Xplor, & Evolv

hey guys my name is Francisco Hernandez
and today I want talk about collaborating and give you a couple of
reasons why you should be doing it more often I’m gonna go ahead and jump right
into the first reason and that’s that collaborating can lead you to getting a
higher production value in your photos when you collaborate with others you
have the potential to create photos that really stand out from the crowd and I
can tell you from personal experience that over the many photo shoots that I
did it over the past couple of years the ones that stood out the most to me
were the ones where I collaborated it’s definitely not to say that I’ve had bad
photo shoots when I didn’t collaborate but the ones where I did definitely give
the photos an edge in terms of hair, makeup, wardrobe, and the location. Another
reason to collaborate is that it’s great for networking. When you begin to
collaborate with other people you not only have the potential to create better
images but you also have the potential to develop a greater network of people
that are involved in photography. I recently reached out to a local dress
rental business makeup artist and the owner of a beautiful photo spot nearby
and asked them if you’d like to collaborate on a photo shoot together in
exchange for some photos. The shoot definitely could have been strictly
about photography and getting good images but the key thing that I took
from this experience is that I got to know them and they got to know me. These
relationships can also really help out both parties in case a service required
the owner of that local photo spot might be working with a client that needs a
last-minute dress rental and now I know somebody to refer them to. These same
people can also refer to me in case they’re working with clients that don’t
necessarily have a photographer yet. The third reason why you should be
collaborating more is that you can learn more. By collaborating with other
photographers you’re opening yourself to not just sharing your knowledge of
photography with them but also learning from them as well. In my experience I’ve
gotten better at posing with the help of my friend Eli and he’s gotten better at
off camera flash with my help. Had we not collaborated a few years ago we might
not be as good as we are in those two aspects as we are today. Two heads are
always going to be better than one and if you’ve been shooting for a while you
know that two photographers can have the same gear the same location and the same
model and come up with two entirely different sets of images. I hope those
tips helped you out and that you start collaborating. I’m going to be any other
video with a behind the scenes look into a collaborative shoot that I did with
the businesses listed on the screen and the description area below and I hope
you guys enjoy the photos. If you enjoyed the video and don’t forget to hit that
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content every single week. Alright take care, keep shooting, and don’t forget to
have fun.=)

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