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hello everyone, welcome back to illphocorphics in today’s tutorial I will show you three steps sports image editing
technique in Photoshop I will show you how can you edit a sports image using
this simple and easy three-step editing technique you can use this three-step
editing technique to edit any kind of image most of the image will be edit
perfectly with this 3 step technique in a short time I show you how easily
without wasting much time you can edit your image in Photoshop I make this
tutorial so that everyone can use this awesome technique so watch the tutorial
carefully until the end and tell me your valuable word in the comment section
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yet so let’s start today’s tutorial now we are here in the magical world of
Photoshop I have downloaded this image for today’s project I will use this
image to show you how can you edit a sports image in Photoshop this editing
is in three parts first we will color correct of this image next we will
create high contrast and smooth skin then again at the last we will again
color correct this image and we will finish editing a sports image using
3-step editing technique now first press ctrl or command + J to make a duplicate
layer go to filter and take camera or filter now we will adjust overall color
with this filter you can follow my step to color correction of this image first
decrease the highlights increase the shadows make sure the value has the same
of plus and minus decrease the white and also decrease the
blacks increase the clarity it will make this image sharpen and clear increase
the D haze next go to HSL adjustment now we will color correct overall image you
can follow my step to color correct the image now you can save a preset with
this adjustment and you can apply the same effect again for any kind of images
to save time go to the option and save settings
now select all and save save it anywhere you like give a name if you like and
save we finish our first step next we will create high contrast smooth skin
create a blank layer go to edit fill and fill it with 50% gray change the
blending mood into soft light go to the toolbar and you can see there is two
tools dodging burn now we’ll apply Johnson’s burn to finish our second step
take your time and apply the Dodge and burn to the image now we are finished our second step we
create that high contrast his smooth skin to the model it gives a sporty look
to the image next for the final step we will color correct the image again for
that first press Shift + ctrl + Alt + E to merge all the layer into one if you
are using Mac you need to press Shift + command + option + e to merge all the
layer into one then go to filter and Camera Raw filter we will just do color
correction for the final step so go to HSN and create color correction to the
image you can follow my step now we are just color correct the image
I am happy with this if you like you can make the adjustment more now go to FX
adjustment decrease the amount and increase the feather make some
adjustment and create a perfect vignette it ok now we are done you can see we
edit this sports image using three step editing techniques let’s see our final
output now I just show you all the step to use this awesome and simple three
step editing technique this technique is very effective and in a short time you
can edit your image this is also a simple technique so that a beginner also
can use this technique if you want to download the preset of color correction
you can check the link in the description also I will put all the link
what I use in my tutorial and I hope everyone liked this tutorial if you
liked this tutorial you can also check out my other tutorials on my channel I
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till then bye and the most important thing keep learning

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