4 BEST DSLR Cameras under Rs 30,000 (2018-2019) | Best Budget DSLR Camera for Beginners!

what’s up guys, welcome to the channel
and in today’s video I am going to be showing you four best DSLR cameras that
you can buy for under 300 rupees so if you are looking to buy a good budget DSLR
camera stick till the end of the video where I’ll be showing which one would be
the best for you to put your money on and lets get started! so first in the latest nikon d3300
which comes with our price of Krypton 499 rupees so this is the camera that I
personally use in order to shoot all my videos on the channel it has a 24 point
2 megapixels of aps-c sensor with an ISO range of 100 to 12,800 which is quite
good for shooting at low light conditions now the camera is capable of
recording videos at Full HD resolution at 60 fps this was one of the main
reasons why I bought this and so far I haven’t faced any kind of issues you can
shoot photos at 5 frames per second and the battery can be used to shoot up to
700 shots at one full charge now the only downside that I see in the camera
is that it lacks by less connectivity so next in the list is nakorn D 3400 which
is priced on Amazon at twenty nine thousand four hundred and ninety nine
rupees this one got launched in 2016 and is an
upgrade to its older model now it has the same camera sensor that is used in
the current PW double zero with an ISO range of 113 8600 which is extremely
good for shooting in low-light conditions this one can also shoot
continuous photos at five frames per second and for video recording it can
shoot at 60 frames per second in Full HD resolution the next huge difference is
in the battery life this camera can shoot up to 1200 shots at one full
battery charge but is much better than what you get with DW double zero I also
want to mention that in terms of quality you won’t see a huge difference because
both the con DW double zero and D 3400 have the same camera sensor no
connectivity wise t 3400 has a Bluetooth sensor moving on we have Canon 1300 D
which can be bought for only twenty two thousand four hundred ninety five rupees
this is one of the cheapest and latest DSLR cameras available in the market
right now it has 18 megapixels of camera sensor and has an ISO range of 100 to
6400 but is expandable to twelve thousand eight hundred now canon 1300
these cans add up to three frames per second and it
can also shoot videos in Full HD resolution at 30 frames per second
the major pro of this camera is that it has both a Wi-Fi and NFC built in that
you can easily use to connect to your smartphone also this can shoot 500
photos at one full charge but it’s much lower than the previous two cameras in
the list so last but not the least we have nikon d50 200 for the people who
want to do blocking or shoot selfies with their DSLR this one is priced on
Flipkart at only 27 thousand 999 rupees but on Amazon it is much expensive so
tube with this in mind also this one got launched way back in 2013 so it’s
slightly older than other other dslr’s in the list I would already recommend
you to go with this if you want to use it for blogging or capturing selfies it
has got 24 point 1 megapixel of aps-c sensor with an ISO of 100 to 6400 now
you can’t record Full HD videos at 60 frames per second with this and the
processor used in the camera is quite old as well now let’s talk about its
pros so this one has got articulate screen which means that you can flip
your screen and use it for shooting selfies with ease you can also use the
inbuilt Wi-Fi to connect it to some other device now let’s move on to the
conclusion so the campus that I just showed to you all have their own unique
selling points these are some great cameras for any beginner out there
anyone who is on tight budget can go with Canon 1300 D or Nikon d CC double
zero in the coin BW double zero has got slightly better specs if you want the
Wi-Fi and NFC then you can go with Canon 1300 D it all depends on your
requirements and the budget as I have already told for capturing selfies and
blogging nakorn 5200 which has got the articulate
screen would be the best now from my point of view specification wise nikon d
3400 is much better than other cameras in the list so my recommendation for you
would be to go with D 3400 if you have the budget to keep in mind that this
does not count with rotate so that that’s about it for this video
hope this was helpful if yes then be sure to hit the like button and also
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  2. Which of the above cameras have flip screen and mic input.
    Which one is best for YouTube and casual photography with family?

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  4. I will choose canon 1300d because it is cheap and build in WiFi so that I can connect my phone with WiFi and make like a display

  5. saach kahu hum ladkio ki na….utni saapne puri nehi hoti….
    half puri hote aur haalf sadhi ke baad……..

  6. In 2018 model which Nikon dslr camera model is best under 50000rs with all future. Please tell me…

  7. Hey..which one is a better buy. NIKON D3400 OR CANNON 1300D OR 4000D?? The requirement is for my father and I ended up with cannon hs620 compact camera, but then changed up my mind to DSLR.

    please suggest.

  8. Sir plz suggest. Which camera is best for wildlife photography…🤔
    Sony DSC HX 400V or Canon EOS 1300D..
    Below 30K
    Plz suggest…🙄

  9. Which camera has the best audio quality??which camera do u prefer for taking short films without externalmicrophone and by using the actual internal micropone of the camera??

  10. Nikon 5600D new stock available . Digital mode camara.35000/- Starting price
    Canon 750D New stock availble
    37500/- rs only.
    Canon 1300D new stock price
    20000/-Rs Only.
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  11. If you are buying your first DSLR.. Just get the Canon. If you really want to get into photography Canon ecosystem is much better. A camera lens is much more important than a camera body. For example, A Nikon D850 with 18-55 lens is gonna perform worse than a Nikon D3500 with 1.8G lens. And in india, Nikon lens are priced ridiculously high. A simple nikon 1.8g is 10-12k.. Whreas canon 1.8 latest STM IS 7k.. Even the third party lenses for canon are way cheaper. And most importantly you can use any second hand lens which is widely available for canon on any entry level as well as pro camera. Whereas Nikon entry level 3000 and 5000 series doesn't auto focus on old lenses. When should you buy Nikon? If you have more budget and don't intend to get into photography much. You want your camera as a long term investment for family and outgoings. That said, if you have budget over 1 lakhs, either Nikon/canon will do… But under 1 lakh canon got you covered.. You have 1500d for entry level.. 200d for mid range… Or m50 for mirrorless. Just remember what you save in body,you have to pay extra while buying lenses for nikon. Not to mention, the canon L lenses are better than anything that nikon has to offer.

  12. Can you please help me to choose perfect travel camera..I want some specific features like .. full hd, auto focus, portrait photo,WiFi or bt shearing..budget 20k-30k

  13. Bhai ghr walo ki support nhi h Or mein camera lena chahta hu paise nhi h kya kru bro kuch idea do mujhe plzzzz

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