4 Tips For Better Stock Photography

when I started stock photography I
looked at many books looked at tips from the experts and looked at the stock image
websites to find what the images had in common that were bestsellers I came up
with an acronym called CIAS that C for color have lots of color contrasting
color and also when you process them boost the color they should be
interesting so it should have a story to it or a
meaning to the image and you should do lots of angles so don’t just shoot
straight at the subject shoot down shoot up shoot through things and hold the
camera slanted sometimes so it gives it an action feel you should shoot shoot
shoot don’t expect that you can take one shot and it’s going to be good you have
to take many shots all the different angles then go in close come out further
away get the model if you’ve got one to do different expressions and then you
can pick the best from those it’s a numbers game so you really need to do
many images and pick the best and when you’re processing if you add some
effects then you can actually use more of the images so you get lots of images
and you don’t really know which ones are going to sell I’ve gone on to Fotolia
here and I’ve picked some images to show you what I mean I picked five each for
color for interesting and for angles so these first five are color this one here
it’s quite a white background but then they stand out because you’ve got color
in the goggles here and color in the scarves and it’s good to have some color
it just makes everything stand out the next one is using one color and you’ve
also got some space here where people can add their own text but you’ve got
color in here they’ve used the same background and and actually similar
colors but it’s just a different effect you could have had a different colored
background in this one it’s a business photo but they’ve added lots of color
and when they processed this they’ve added quite a bit of extra color to it to add
some vibrance in this image it would have been quite a
boring photo without these balloons because there isn’t really much color to
it but with the balloons you’ve got a focal point to add that color and with
this last one it’s got the same color but it does add something to the image
and you’ve got the same color here as in the background so it just makes it stand
out these next images are to do with being interesting so we’ve got a phone
down here and adding this part to it has just made it interesting it’s looking at
some statistics and it tells a story this next one here you’ve got a story
it’s somebody helping someone else outside while they’re hiking and this
could be used in lots of circumstances for some inspiration about people who
help others or for trekking and going in the wilds this next one tells a story
it’s some friends having a drink and enjoying themselves outdoors on a sunny
day the next one here showing freedom people just going into the sea and
enjoying themselves relaxing at sunset and the last one here the story to it is
working hard getting fit and getting healthy these last five are showing the
different angles and this angle is looking up so it’s just giving a
different feel to the image than if you were looking straight on this next one
is looking down and it gives the idea of a crowded place with lots of people and
everyone busy doing their own thing this one is concentrating on the one
part rather than concentrating on the people we’re looking at the computers
and you can do that you can just pick up certain points from the scene and it
tells a different story each time you could just maybe picture his finger
there and that would tell one story or you could picture her face and that
would tell another story this one again is just concentrating
on one part and showing that people are always using their cell phones so it’s
just looking at the cell phones but again you could have the camera maybe
behind a cell phone looking at the face where they were concentrating or happy
you could use different expressions and make lots of shots it’s good to make
lots of shots from one set up and here you really could make a lot you could
look down at this you could look up through it or you could look across just
many different ways if you’ve got the people’s faces in this then you could
have so many different expressions and this last one is looking down and I like
the use of color as well we’ve got a black background red here and then quite
a simplified image so those are the five things add some color get some props
that have color if there’s no color in the scene then you can find some props
or buy some props make it interesting think of some stories and go on to the
stock websites to give yourself some ideas of what stories you can tell shoot
lots of angles don’t always shoot across at something shoot down up through any
way you can think of from behind something and you can even get objects
and just put them in front of the camera to make it blurred and give some depth
then shoot shoot shoot I heard before that a National Geographic photographer
shoots several thousand images just to get one that’s good enough for the
magazine and with stock images it’s the same sort of thing you have to shoot
many images to get the ones that you like

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  1. ALL with people ! (or parts of) !! some of us don't have access to a crowd, and the MRs can be a nightmare ! Unless they're just Editorial ?? Also a lot of agencies now refuse Similars !!

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