$400 Pixel 3a vs $800 Pixel 3!

is Google pixel changing the budget
smartphone game what’s up guys been here from authentech and Google just announced
their new pixel 3a we’re not sure what the “a” actually stands for it might be
affordable anyway moving on it’s a much more budget-friendly phone with a price
tag of just 400 bucks compare that to their flagship pixel 3
which was just released about seven months ago its price at $800 literally
double the price so are you getting double the specs and features today
we’re gonna find out huge thanks to Google for sending me over the pixel 3a
so there’s about three main pillars to every phone camera features and specs
I think camera is often the most important thing so let’s start with the
camera I went out and snapped some photos and videos just this week and was
really impressed so far often on a budget phone it’s the camera where they
really cut corners to save money well Google was smart and they kept in a
really good camera almost the exact same as their main pixel 3 all that AI
processing produces some splendid results also make sure you stick around
for my next video coming up very soon as I’m gonna do a deep dive a camera
comparison test of the pixel 3 versus the new 3a see how they stack up also I
might compare to the 10r and other phones let me know your thoughts down in
the comments now on the 3a we can still record in 4k 30fps and some of the
footage looks really good but then sometimes I notice a bit of color
shifting going on Plus that field of view narrowed down quite a bit which I
don’t love also in certain lighting conditions the HDR wasn’t doing a
fantastic job but this is all in comparison to my favorite video shooter
which is the iPhone 10s right now it’s the best on the market even mkb agreed
but it’s sort of unfair due to the massive price difference now it can also
shoot in slow motion both at 1080p 120 fps or 720p up to 240 FPS here’s what
those look like the camera also features that magical google night sight mode
which basically gives you really impressive details and colors in almost
pitch-black darkness and when I snapped a few samples here I
thought it did a great job there’s a nice time-lapse mode that’s
new and I might need to do a full camera in-depth testing here try out
stabilization and see how it performs with maybe hyperlapse movements however
I love that they finally baked this mode right into the camera plus they make it
easy to set up a few different interval settings from one X up to 120 times
speed up this one was shot at five acts for about 15 minutes
portrait mode is still here and it works pretty dang good for a single lens
budget to your phone it does well they still included that super resume which
for a single camera lens a digitally zoomed image it looks really good it
also includes Google’s magical HDR mode which again it does so much processing
on these images it’s incredible how much they can achieve out of this single rear
camera on the front-facing camera though there’s no secondary ultra wide lens
like we see on the pixel three flagships it’s stills able to snap some really
great-looking shots there’s unlimited high-quality image backup to Google
photos overall on the camera we gotta remember for an affordable tier phone
Google did a fantastic job all around and it might be the best budget phone
camera out right now we can cover more on that later don’t forget to follow me
on Instagram for all my behind the scenes and make sure you stick around
for all my phone comparisons versus the 3a coming very soon on that note of
comparing versus other phones like the iPhone and Samsung they try to
budget-friendly mid tier phones but let’s compare pricing the pixel 3/8 is
at $400 the iPhone 10 are is 750 bucks with an LCD screen I don’t even think
it’s 1080p Samsung Galaxy S 10 II it’s a $750 base model price so keeping all
that in mind with pricing the 3a is hitting a really sweet spot now moving
on to key features I love that it still maintains almost all those sweet
features that we find on that flagship pixel 3 like squeeze the sides for a
Google assistant shortcut and if you forgot we can do a ton with Google way
over Cirie and Alexis like syntax fine answers to any question Google Maps
Navigation control your smart home tech and so much more there’s call screening
to find out who’s calling and why with just a tab we can watch real-time
transcription of their responses and determine if it’s worth your time to
answer this is super fun and helpful flip the pixel over to activate mode
with lots more digital well beam also if you’ve ever held a pixel tree it just
feels so balanced and perfect comfortable to hold in hand I really
like the size and shape now speaking of let’s compare specs I’ve been using the
3a for almost a week now and I’ve been really surprised and impressed that
there’s been no major hiccups or lags or anything it feels just as fast basically
the same as the pixel 3 and other flagships I use sure the difficult thing
to determine now is long-term usage after one two or maybe even more years
how is it going to hold up especially for those mid and specs well being a
pixel we can have some extra confidence that you’re gonna get the latest updates
directly from Google and they give a promise for up to three years that’s
very sweet only time will tell if those internal specs will bog down over the
years so again the pixel 3a is actually very similar to the main pixel 3 with
just a few key differences the 3a has that slower Snapdragon 670 while the
three has the 845 it’s still good enough just not the best of the best out there
but this is an easy way to lower the price tag they both have the same RAM at
4 gigabytes and they each have the same base storage 64 gigs though there’s no
option to expand upwards on the 3a instead of Gorilla Glass they use
something called a dragon trail glass only time will tell to see how it holds
up but it feels really good right now that OLED display is fantastic for a
budget foam it turns up bright vivid colors nice white balance and accuracy
even the resolution is almost the exact same as the pixel 3 Full HD plus at 441
PPI now on a side note of the display sure there’s a forehead and a chin at
the top and bottom but after using this phone for almost a week I’d honestly
consider this over a notch with zero cutouts into my
screen having that front facing speaker firing right at me for semi stereo sound
I know I’m not alone when I say the race towards a totally bezel a scream sure it
looks nice but there’s plenty of shortcomings and trade-offs that we’re
leaving behind I appreciate phones like the pixel 3/8
that are still being made there’s no wireless charging sadly and
no official ip68 water or dust resistance rating but these are just
those small easy ways to save money and cut down the costs now yes there is a
headphone jack and what a joke that is that that’s now a feature on budget
phones the camera specs are nearly the same on both they each have 12
megapixels on the rear eight megapixels on the front selfie cam though again it
doesn’t have that secondary wide-angle lens
funny enough the 3a has a slightly larger battery than the pixel 3 at 3000
milliamp hours versus 2915 google says battery life can last up to 30 hours on
a full charge and even though it doesn’t have the wireless charging it still
supports fast charging so a 15 minute charge can deliver seven hours of usage
okay so all in all this seriously might be the very best a budget phone you can
buy this year in 2019 now we still have half a year left but so far I’d say
Google knocked it out of the park with this pixel 3a especially for the camera
performance battery life and display it’s packed with features at the
affordable price tag of just 399 if you want to check out more info all the
links will be down below thank you guys so much for watching and I’ll see you
next time you

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