5 BAD HABITS in PHOTOGRAPHY I need to shake

Today I’m going to share with you my five
bad habits in photography that I need to shake Cool intro music! when you do something for a long time
you can get quite good at it especially when you give it the time it deserves
however sometimes you can pick up lots of bad habits and in photography I’ve
got quite a few one of the reasons why I’m making this video is so I can
highlight my bad habits so if you have any habits that you really need to get
rid of in photography or in videography as well let me know in the comments
below so together we can look at all of our bad habits and try and break them
even though I’ve said it time and time again and I’ve made quite a few videos
showing how I backup my images I’ve got into the habit recently of not doubly
backing them up or Tripoli backing them up so I have one copy of all of my
images on a hard drive which isn’t good at all this really hit home recently
when I had a lot of photos on a hard drive
I had it plugged in with one of those stupid Apple connectors and this
connector was hanging off the edge of the table I went to move my laptop and
the hard edge of this big square bit on the connector caught the edge of the
table and pulled the cable out mid transfer of data this corrupted the hard
drive and I did lose a lot of images now if I’d have backed it up to a second
drive it wouldn’t have been a problem so I was really annoyed at myself for not
doing that so I really want to break this habit because I don’t want to lose
any more images what am i slightly older habit he’s not editing my photos
straightaway what I found is I’ll go somewhere or we’ll go to a location and
I’ll get some lovely shots and I’ll back them up onto a hard drive sometimes not
two hard drives going back to the first bad habit but I’ll back them up to a
hard drive and then I’ll leave them there I won’t edit them and I won’t
touch them sometimes this is due to me being really busy with work or us
traveling to lots of different locations but it is a really bad habit and what
I’ve found is have built up so many that I haven’t edited that it almost feels
like this massive task that I really don’t want to start I know when I do
start it I’ll really enjoy it and it’ll bring back lots of memories
but I just need to start it so hopefully after this video I’ll start editing my
photos straight away now this is different for a paid shoot
where I have a deadline so on a page shoot I’ll do the shoot and I’ll edit
them straight away but I really need to get into that mentality with the photos
that I take in my spare time sometimes I’ll be out on a shoot and especially if
I’m shooting an event or something like that I may get the settings wrong or I
may not take the time to change the settings to get them right in the first
place it may only happen with one or two shots but sometimes those shots are the
keepers now I’m sometimes lazy and maybe at the start of the shoot when I haven’t
quite warmed up I might get some really nice shots but I
haven’t quite spent the time to get the settings right and sometimes L shoot in
aperture priority and I’ll just think I’ll fix it in post because of the huge
dynamic range these cameras have but this is really a bad habit to build so I
really need to kick this one when I’m on a page shoot I’ll be really forward and
I’ll basically run around not worrying about what I’m doing I’ll just be
focused on getting the shot however when I’m taking photos for myself or same at
a location that I want to take photos for myself sometimes I’ll get a little
bit shy and I won’t go to the location that I want to actually get the shot
from I don’t do this that often but every now and then I feel the shyness
kicking in and I don’t get the shot that I want I get those photos back at home
on the computer afterwards I kind of kicked myself for
not being more assertive and not just getting the shot so I’d like to be more
assertive on more sheets that I go on and the last bad habit that I’ve built
up recently is not formatting my SD cards as soon as I’ve backed them up
this is really annoying when you go out into the field you put another SD card
into your camera to realize that it’s almost full the last thing you want to
do is wipe an SD card when you’re not hundred percent sure if you’ve actually
backed those images up or not so I need to spend the time after I’ve backed
my images and backed up my SD cards to format them there and then and that’s
about it it does seem that most of my bad habits are from when I get home as
opposed to when I’m taking photographs but this is actually a massive part of
photography these days now I don’t want to be too hard on myself but it’s
sometimes good to have a look and see where you’re going wrong or see where
you could make improvements to your photography skills whether it’s taking
the photos or whether it’s editing or backing up now do you have any bad
habits that you want to kick in photography if you do leave a comment
below and let me know it’d be great if we could all get together as a community
and try and get rid of as many of them as possible I’m sure between us all
there’ll be some that will keep cropping up and there’ll be some that we all do
to a certain extent as always if you like what you see you give me a thumbs
up if you didn’t give me a thumbs down and for weekly tutorials hints and tips
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next time

30 Replies to “5 BAD HABITS in PHOTOGRAPHY I need to shake”

  1. Everyone have some worst habits.
    For me, 1. Lazy and not to wake up early. Many times I love to sleep in the early morning, due to this habit, I am not able to get good sunrise image and miss beautiful golden hour.
    2. As soon as I got nice image, after viewing the images with lots of happiness and delete it immediately without backing up. Few great images are lost due this very bad habit. Till now, sometimes it happens. Since I am doing it for hobby only, not so think of back up of my images. Sadly, the event may not occur.
    3. Not look up the iso settings and white balance. Sometimes iso boosted 3200 due previous day roaming, the next day forgot to change to 100, leads very noise image.
    4. Mostly lazy. If I failed certain type of shots, I never try.

  2. Forgetting to turn off my camera when changing over lenses (among many other things).
    Not critical as it turns out, but my Nikon manual does say to do this.

  3. Forgetting to switch my lens back to autofocus after using a 10 stop ND filter. LOVE coming home to a bunch of beautiful slightly out of focus shots.

  4. I use Dell 13", they still keep the good, old sd-track:-) But I need to learn how to color calibrate my screen. Maybe you can make a video on this?

  5. I’ve done most of these same bad habits that you listed, as well as most that others have listed in the comments. My bad habit is putting the camera into auto-ISO. I don’t know how many images have turned out very grainy because I couldn’t see the noise on the back screen of my a7mk3.

  6. With the camera: Forgetting the white balance, an ND filter is on, or set to spot metering. Really, not spending the time to make sure I'm in the right mode.
    With post production: Making mistakes in editing. Not editing soon enough. Not rating and tagging well enough. Backing up.

  7. Long story short, my hard drive fully corrupted so I lost all my photos from 2014 until 2019 (now). Seagate offered me to recover my data for free while it otherwise would cost me at least $850 so I'm really lucky they offered me to do it for free! Now I have a second hard drive with a copy of my hard drive so this won't happen in the future 🙂

  8. Mike, forgive me for posting something off topic, but it might help others. The automatic switch function between finder/monitor on my A73 stop working properly, forcing me to manually extend the LCD screen a bit whenever I wanted it to illuminate. A small pain. Sony's tech page offered no useful fix. Then it dawned on me my that the sensor that determines if my face is against the finder could be dusty. So I popped off the rubber eye piece and dabbed around with a cotton swab and the problem was fixed. Maybe a topic for one of your one-minute videos. Cheers.

  9. Great tips to avoid, Mike. That takes care of about 5% of my bad habits. I am assuming this is going to be a series to capture the other 95%. Hope all is well, brother.

  10. I love your videos, they are reasonably quick, informative, straight to the point, low/no fluff, very easy to understand. Thanks!!

  11. Regarding you first scenario, if you copy and paste, rather cut and paste, if something happens mid transfer, you're less likely to loose those files.

  12. 👍 Bad habits are harder to break than 4yr old peanut brittle. I’m impressed that you only have 5, Mike. I need more hands and feet to count my own, like relying too much on post to wisely use AE lock, or not checking frame edge for distractions and relying on crop. Upscale intro clip a step up. Same with your updated thumbnail portrait (color and lighting make you appear friendly compared w/B&W side-lit “Svengali look” that said “Not someone you want to meet in a dark alley.” I may have mentioned this before, but a live stream Q&A post would be great; global timing could be a challenge, but my hunch is that your subs and views level are high enough to garner at least several dozen live participants.

  13. Mine is forgetting to reset and come out of crop mode when I’ve used it.
    I find editing my photos immediately has adverse effects on my editing, Almost like a ‘losing interest in this subject now’

  14. Awesome… quiet the same here!!! For all of them.
    I would add one for me… I need a checklist to be sure sure to not forget something when going on a shoot.

  15. I think I share all of those bad habits 🙈 Especially just lumping all my shots on my NAS when I get back from a trip or holiday and never editing them…

    I really need to carry out a big cleanup of the photos drive and just bin the terrible ones and edit and organise the good ones…

    Maybe this is the inspiration I needed to get started but at least I know I'm not alone at this 🙈

  16. My flow (and fail ) is to import the images, then run through them all real fast (before importing to Lightroom) to delete the obvious flubs – out of focus, occluded lens, underexposed, overs.. etc. Once or twice doing that as I go through dozens or hundreds of shots… I'm hitting delete delete delete KEEPER but my finger has its own mind and: Delete. ARGH! Gone forever!

    Since I'm a systems engineer, I wrote my own Importer. I stick the card in the reader, double click on ImportImages – and it copies all the images it finds on any SD card to the backup location first, then moves the image to the import location. That leaves me with a clean SD card (no format worries) the images are backed up FIRST , before anything else ever happens. Then I can safely go through my import culling out the wheat from the chaff. Every week or three I run another backup task that then synchs the locations and any deletes from the initial import are then gone forever (which is why I only do that a couple times a month)

    Anywho – the point of this comment: Do the backup BEFORE you do your imports. It should be the first thing you do, not the last.

  17. Great video as always. I think my worst habit is not downloading my pictures into a computer. I once had one year's worth of photos one time on my SD card. It was full and that was a pain to edit. Keep up the great work.

  18. This is a prime example of what sets your content apart from all the rest Mike. "5 bad habits that I need to shake." Instead of telling people what you think they should do different, you critique yourself and you showcase what it is you think that YOU'RE doing wrong. Very humble, very down to earth. Keep it up the great work man.

  19. No.2 This weird fear comes upon you when there are too many photos to edit. Next thing your cleaning your place impeccably or doing other tasks to avoid the edit. Bizarre headspace.

    No. 4 I can still see the shots in my head that would have been incredible, but it took an extra moment and a slight inconvenience to someone else to get it and I let it go. Painful to recall later on.

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