5 Gigantic Mysterious Creatures Caught On
Camera Hi guys! Most people are absolutely sure that
dinosaurs and all the other giant creatures has become extinct many centuries ago. But
what if it’s not true and those creepy ancient beasts of the past still exist!? It’s totally
possible they still live somewhere far away from the civilized world. To form an opinion
on the subject let’s take a look at 5 mysterious creatures caught on camera!
1. This video was shot by some tourists somewhere in Indonesia. If you will look closely then
you will see the most extraordinary scene. A creature of gigantic proportions is crossing
a river right in front of the tourists. Those who were the witnesses of this bizarre occasion
kept mentioning the enormous size of that monster. Poor people were so scared they couldn’t
move! As you can see the creature passed thru the waterfall and hid behind the vegetation.
Locals often complain about the missing cattle and some weird noise that sounds much like
roaring. As it later turned out the similar creature was spotted somewhere in the North
America. 2. A mysterious creature was caught on camera
swimming in the Thames. The guy who shot the video stood dumbfounded when he saw that monster
emerging from the water surface and then diving back again. When the video hit the Internet
people`s opinions divided: some were saying that it’s just a log, others were sure they
saw a real Loch Ness monster. Shit, I just don’t know what to believe guys, what do
you think? 3. Chicago – the concrete jungle mostly
known for its massive skyscrapers, unstable weather and terrible fog. This video was shot
in a course of a sudden tornado. You can hear weird frightening sounds throughout the video.
Later Chicago residents were saying that those were the sounds of sirens, warning locals
about the disaster. But there is something really disturbing about that sound. I don’t
know about you guys but it certainly gives me goosebumps. The man who took this video
is absolutely sure he captured horrible ancient monster Cthulhu. We see how the dark shadow
resembling something what seems like a giant tentacle appears by the building causing it`s
destruction. Good God! Hey, press the like button if you thinks it’s
all bullshit and you re just watching it for fun!
4. This video was shot this year in May. A rotten, decaying body of a 15 meter long creature
was thrown ashore in some part of Indonesia. Indonesia? Again? Suspicious! Locals were
shocked at the sight of this monster and nobody could tell what in the hell`s name was that!
Even experts after hours of work couldn’t specify the origins of such uncanny being.
The monster was found by a local fisherman who at first sight mistook it for a rubber
boat and soon realized that it was in fact a body of a giant sea creature! The size of
it amazes, leaving you confused. Its 15 meters long and weighs about 35 ton. A slowly decomposing
body turned the offshore water dark red. Some of the local people suggested it was a giant
squid but that version was soon busted as it wasn’t squid`s natural habitat. Markus
Chua from the Singapore’s Natural History Museum assumes that the creature is more likely
to be a whale. They say that it`s kind of hard to be precise what kind of whale as it`s
body is heavily corrupted. To find answers for their questions they took samples of it
and are now studying them in the laboratory. Meanwhile, local military are in charge of
guarding that enormous carcass. I ve got a hunch they will say it s a whale but I really
wanna believe it`s some kind of unknown underwater monster. If you guys are waiting for some
interesting news like I do, press thumbs up and type your thoughts I the comments.
5. In one of the biggest cities of Zambia Kitwe-Nkana locals found a human-like creature
of gigantic proportions. It appeared in the sky upon the Makuba Mall shopping center.
Those who saw it happening ran at full speed in different directions, others would start
praying thinking they are witnessing the manifestation of the God himself! What seemed like a ghostly
dementor from Harry Potter films was over hundred meters long. The vision brood over
the city mall for about half an hour. All while the people little people on the ground
were screaming and shouting. And nobody even thought about calling the ghostbusters! Well,
nobody seems to know what in the God`s name it was. Those could be real clouds or just
photoshop. That’s all for now guys, leave a like, comment
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  1. Whoever think that one in the water with the log is stupid because a log can't just go up in the water then go back down in the water

  2. 1. Bonnie from FNAF
    2. Potato shark (rare species lol)
    3. Cthulhu
    4. Morg’s bull crap
    5. Slender man
    This is all stupid though

  3. oh i remember cathulu one of the gods ya i know him if his real i am going to be tarafyed and wont be able to sleep tonight. i ded research on him one time i got nuthen

  4. 1:50 that is fake as hell so you all should know if it shows a gray think of anything it’s edited in just like the sires in that part 🤣
    So get exsposed 😆

  5. I didn't know that was a two or it was Godzilla but I think the living people were in the back building have died and pizza

  6. I think that was have squid and half-human play it was actually Slender Man I can tell Pica's he have long hands but doesn't have a lot of pants at the back only peers and staff if you see such a children but that was totally Slenderman I don't know Slenderman can fly I don't know

  7. The one on chicago is fake there is a video on it that said the guy that made that video edited it probably all the rest are fake as well

  8. 3:31 BRO. U REALLY THINK THATS A WHALE. get it together.

    4:36 this boy tryna get subs, it's obviously fake. 🤦🏽‍♀️

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