5 Grim Reapers Caught On Camera

5 Grim Reapers Caught On Camera
The Grim Reaper is a classic embodiment of death. It s all black and wears a fashionable
hoodie. It is believed that common people see it with a scythe and that kings and queens
and other Royal Descents see it coming with an honorable sword, which is obviously total
bullshit because all people are equal. The whole thing seems like a scary fairytale by
the way. But some people say that they managed to capture a real Grim Reaper on camera and
these footages can now be found online. It may seem like a silly thing but hey, why don’t
you just watch and enjoy these mystical videos? Ok, here comes 5 Grim Reapers Caught On Camera.
1. In 2014, the security camera in one of the Chinese hospitals captured this weird
and eerie video. When you look at this scene you kind of think that it is indeed a soul
harvest scenario. You may be thinking that the guy just dies but if you look closer you
ll see somrething that sort of looks like a Grim Reaper. And it s like it drags that
guy`s soul behind. And then it just disappears. 2. This video was shot on a cellphone of a
man who died of a heart attack. Relatives say that It s the last video he took. This
guy was shooting a hurricane on his camera phone. He shows the whole thing but then all
of a sudden something weird and scary appears! Something you re likely to see in a horror
film. Unfortunately the video abruptly stops. People argue about weather its fake or not
but as the matter of fact this guy was later found dead.
3. In 2014 Albuquerque and New Mexico TV showed a news report where one of the witnesses was
telling about some weird phenomenon. So the guy was driving down the highway when suddenly
he spotted a black figure the shape of which resembled the Grim Reaper from horror movies.
There were others who saw exactly the same scene. And everybody told the press the same:
The Grim Reaper stood there for a few minutes and after that it sort of dissolved and nobody
saw it since then. By the way there is a cemetery not far from where the whole thing happened
so perhaps the Grim Reaper was just hanging around the spot.
4. This next video is from one of the highway security cameras. The rider got into an accident.
A few moments after his death the footage shows a fully black figure moving against
the traffic. It seems like it doesn’t mind the accident at all. It just acts like nothing
happened really. Don’t you think it a little weird? I mean most people would probably glance
at what happened. So the whole story is very suspicious.
5. Take a look at this video guys and tell me what you think. Is this a montage or this
ghost is for real? Maybe you even think it s something else? This video was shot in 2015
and the guy who took the video said it was the death itself! As for me, I think that
even a complete dumbass would notice that it s just a dummy in a shape of Grim Reaper.
But some people seemed to be shocked at the sight of it, can you believe it guys? I mean
it s pretty obvious that there s a drone in there, right?
That s all for now guys. Did you ever saw anything quite like this? Leave comments and
don’t forget to press thumbs up if you enjoyed the video. Thank you for watching guys! See
you soon!

100 Replies to “5 Grim Reapers Caught On Camera”

  1. I would've said right here right now that some of these are fake or something like that, but I myself know that grim reapers are real, but that's up to somebody's opinion because my near death experience is enough to make me believe. Oh, and nice video by the way

  2. Hey dude this shit youtuber Srpski Tutorijali copy all of ur videos he just translate it on Serbian and play same footige and say exacly same things as u did just on Serbian language im begging u to report him he dont deaserve 150k subscribers he is just copy of u…

  3. Omg! So that's the grim reaper, I saw one face to face when my uncle dies 9 years ago and I was little so then I threw a ball into the darkness and went to pick it up until I saw him sitting where my dad used to sleep at, I screamed and my mom came and told me what happened and I posted where the Grim reaper was at and he wasn't there

  4. That cemetery is just off the freeway here in Albuquerque! I’ve always wondered about it since I was a little kid because it seemed like such an odd place for one. It’s very old and the city has just built up around it.

  5. When I went to a school trip at broomlygrange on the first night the death/grim reaper at the sink 😱💀💀☠️☠️

  6. The last one is a grim reaper dummy with a drone IVE seen them play pranks on people with it for Halloween it's really funny 😂 btw love your videos!

  7. Do you know how easy any of these are to take I can go to a costume store find a grim reaper costume sit in a dark place and make someone take a photo lol

  8. I'm Starting To Believe That The Grim Reaper Is Real, Although , I Still Run Away If I Came Across The Grim Reaper

  9. Grim… Ripper…😹😹😹😹😹😹😹How is there no comments of this!!

  10. I use to see grim reaper when I was younger all the time when loved ones were about to die. They don't walk they float and roam around looking to take soul..not all of them are evil.

  11. I've read somewhere that grim reaper is actually "an angel of death". A very sad angel who was given a task by God to cary the souls of the dead across the border between life and death. He witnesses sadness and tragedy on a daily basis, and just has to be there to take care of the souls of the deceased.

  12. March 2019, 6 it was my little sis birthday but when I looked at the sky I saw something made of sticks and flying all around it must have been a dinosaur or something maybe a pterodactyl…

  13. Two of my immediate family members claimed they saw the grim reaper outside of a dead neighbor's house. One was my grandma and one was my little sis. They are both dead and my sister's death was rather untimely. She'd be 30 yrs old today. My aunt can still vouch though bc she was on the phone with my grandma as she watched the event go one for minutes and described it to her in detail. Said it was running around in a mad fit. Acting strangle yet movements defied normal human physics. I believe it. I've talked to all three people and I know the later residents of the house always claimed it was haunted.

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