5 Lightroom Mobile Tips You Should Know! | Shoot like a Pro With your Phone

what’s going on YouTube it’s Adam from
Beyond The Grid welcome back to my channel if you guys are new here thanks
for stopping by todays tutorial I will show you guys my five tips that’s going
to have you using your phone rather than your DSLR or mirrorless so if you guys are anything like me and
you guys are not always carrying around your mirrorless or DSLR or maybe you
don’t have one because they’re a tad bit expensive but you do have a cellphone
what with in that is going to be an amazing camera already it’s just limited
by the app that it comes with well that’s where the new free Lightroom app
comes in handy because within that app is an actual camera app that is gonna
give you setting controls on your phone that were otherwise impossible to get so
let’s jump into tip number one let’s shoot in Provo so to activate pro mode
open up the app go to the bottom right corner you’re gonna see a camera click
on that and where you see the word Auto click on that and switch over to pro
mode by switching over to pro mode you’re gonna get control over your
camera’s settings that were otherwise impossible it’s gonna allow you to
control your ISO your shutter speed your white balance and it’s now going to give
you the option to shoot in RAW which is dmg and allow you to use all of this to
create something that is amazing and take your photos to limits that we’ve
never seen before so now you’re in Pro Mode and you’re ready to control some
aspects of your phone so that leads us into tip number two highlight clipping
and exposure control so to give you a quick lowdown on what highlight clipping
it is it’s when an area has no information it’s either pure white which
means highlights are clipped or pure black which means that the shadows been
clipped so to activate this feature click on the
three dots in the top right hand corner this will open up the menu on the side
then all you do is click on the little triangle next to the settings wheel and
the highlight clipping is now activated you guys can see this one is shooting to
direct sunlight as there’s zebra lines that are going to show you this part is
overexposed and you can start adjusting this by your exposure which is in the
bottom left hand corner it’s going to open up the slider and you can slide
this right now a lot of my other settings are in Auto so the camera is
going to auto adjust so the next tip for you guys is going to
be how to access the composition grids the most famous of them all is the rule
of thirds so to actually this click on the three dogs in the top corner click
on the box with the lines in it and select the grid you want to use I’m
going to use the rule of three thirds and this is gonna help you line up your
photo and create an amazing composition to the next if you guys is gonna be the
auto straightening level so the level settings is going to be in the grid area
it’s gonna be in a very right so open up the grid area again click on the very
right and that’s gonna be you level this feature is gonna allow you to visually
see that your shot is straight and allow you to take a better straighter shot so
you’re not going to be fussing over in post-production so the next tip is a hidden feature
within the app its focus mode so there’s two ways to focus in the app
the first is a single focus you’re gonna touch anywhere on the screen and it’s
gonna focus one time the next is a continuous autofocus hold anywhere on
the screen and you’re gonna see what’s in focus then a slider is gonna come up
and you can adjust this and you’re gonna see what’s in focus everything in green
is gonna be what’s in focus and everything that’s not is not gonna be in
focus so I hope you guys are gonna take something away from this video and it’s
gonna help you guys shoot your photos and improve your photo game if you guys
are gonna post any photos on Instagram using any of these tips and techniques
make sure you guys hit me up with a tag my instagram is adam underscore beyond
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7 Replies to “5 Lightroom Mobile Tips You Should Know! | Shoot like a Pro With your Phone”

  1. This is so amazing ! Had no idea how to use Lightroom until this video ! Your so thourow and really creative with how you make these videos ! Thanks and keep it up !

  2. Great video for people who are learning and I didn’t even know Lightroom had such small details! Keep em coming big guy

  3. I can't find the highlight clipping and continuous focus mode. Are these available only in the paid version?

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