5 Statues That Came Alive
Hi guys. Weird shit happens every single day. Some people can’t find their socks. And
who said that s not extraterrestrial? Others notice how stuff in their house goes wild
and flies around the place. There are those who manage to catch such extraordinary moments
on camera. Usually quality of such videos suck thou. Anyway, in today’s episode you
guys will see 5 cases of moving statues! 1. In a town of Saltillo in Mexico a statue
of Jesus Crist opened its eyes and bent its head down during a Catholic procession. For
many Mexicans and not only Mexicans this was a holy moly moment. Many people said they
saw it with their bare eyes and this footage you see right now proves it. And as always
sceptics are saying that the movement could have been caused by a wind blow or that perhaps
it was moved by means of some intricate mechanism. Or thatmaybe it’s an optical illusion of
some sort. 2. About a quarter meter high Ancient Egyptian
statue from the Manchester museum in England looks just like any other statue really. There
was nothing peculiar about it until one night something really weird started to happen.
The statue was spinning on its axes behind the glass at night. Nobody noticed it until
it drew the attention of one of the museum staff members. So they decided to put the
time laps camera to check the hell was going on and if there was the devil involved. So
the footage revealed what was really happening. British physicist Brian Cox assumes that the
movement was caused by a differential friction of the stone pedestal and the glass shelf.
He said that the friction appeared because of the visitors walking around. But what’s
really weird is that the statue seemed to spin on its axis.
3. In the Santa Ana church in Mexican village of Tepetitlan a statue of Jesus Crist was
pulled for the sake of Good Friday. In this video you can see its head moving. A lot of
people thought they witnessed a miracle, many people were shocked. Luckily no one died.
Come on, you don’t see such a thing too often do you? The only downer is that the
video quality is really shitty. What`s funny is that the only sceptic among the crowd was
the priest. He didn’t even blink at the magical moment! He said that the ropes that
held the statue weakened and that s why everybody thought that the God himself came to visit
his people. 4. In one of the chapels of Saltillo a statue
of Jesus Crist seemed to have opened it s eyes. This video was shot in Santo Cristo
de la Capilla. Many people believe that it is a true miracle. It appeared on a website
that focuses on all kinds of paranormal activity and quickly gained popularity. Believers think
it was a miracle, many of those who don’t believe in God said it was an optical illusion.
As they mentioned on that website the video as shot in June of 2016. The guy who shot
the video didn’t want to be mentioned, the only thing he said was that he didn’t notice
anything at that time. Only 24 hours later he watched it again and saw Jesus’s opened
eyes. 5. A few years ago in the Pu Xian Service
Center in Kuala-Lumpur many people saw an incredible phenomenon. All of a sudden some
of the Buddha statues started moving, blinking and beaming! The whole thing lasted about
one hour and suddenly ended as quickly as it started. All the pilgrims like one took
their smartphones and started making photos of this unbelievable miracle. Before statues
started moving their lips it seemed like some kind of ray went straight into them as a sort
of beam of life or something. Employees claimed that it wasn’t the first time something
of this sort happened. Usually, they say, it happens not long before some other cataclysm.
What do you guys think? Share your thoughts in the comments. I really wanna know what
you think about it. And that s all for now. Press the like button if you enjoyed this
video, have fun and we ll see you soon!


  1. Just like the dolls moving,. IDOLATRY is a sin! Demonic spirits house them including stuffed animals. Similar to celebrities with parisitic spirits housed inside, that come to life when on stage.

    These grounded, egomaniac spirits know people pay attention to them. In return the demon gets energy from sinners.

    All Praises to YAHAWAH AHAYAH Ashar AHAYAH and Messiah YAHAWASHI.

  2. Just a bunch of comments talking about how god and Jesus are "real" weird, the people who should be most afraid of this kind of thing are all taking it as "miracles"
    Also, no video of the thumbnail so it's technically click bait.

  3. Like feathers and gold dust in Pentecostal movements turn off fans and air circling no more feathers or gold dust.


  5. 2:40 its from the "Bubblegummonster" channel and he explained that it was fake and he used Adobe Photoshop

  6. the hairy creature with the Bigfoot and the young people was I'm looking at the Bigfoot I know it was a big but it's nothing else but a Bigfoot that's the only thing I could been I know Bigfoot he could like he's real bad they should kill him it ain't no human or anything like that

  7. Statues = plastic surgery humans and some of them are a camera or the statues wave a slow spinning thing under it


    throws palms everywhere accidentally slips im ok!!!!

    Believe in him btw

    Thank u GOD but idk why u had to bless statues though

  9. I was watching this at night and 3:am and one of my toys fell down and I heard staring and gun shoots and I saw my toys singing and I got a knife and stay it in the face and throw it away

  10. Artists make statues / idols for a living.. They make good businesses as well..

    …while others passionately order to worship their products.

    The statues / idols seem to broke, defected or stolen..

    …then it's time to fix them or simply being replaced with new ones.

    How ironic.

  11. My bff bot a sex toy and it moved to my bedroom naked and cum in it guys is my friend master baiting or is it fake???

  12. I love Christians I swear but I want ask some one why u believe Jesus has killed ? There r so many proofs that tell us Jesus has not killed never but god had take him up to heaven and in the end of the world he will go down again in earth and fight with imam Al-mahdy to the devils and every bad human and make earth full peace after it made full devil and murder

  13. 1st was a person.

    2nd interesting and explained with science.

    3rd the Priest knew because of his reaction. He wouldn't lie about it, certainly. He'd rather it be a miracle, no doubt.

    4th easy to fake CG. Why was it only one camera, and from one guy who remained anonymous… so he didn't have to produce the original so it could be proven fake.

    5th We're only taking his word that people saw it move and then recorded it… maybe, but it looks like a distortion since it moves with the poor quality pixels, and ONLY when the camera operator moves.

    Sorry to take the fun out of it, but the truth is more important. That's how I see it all anyway.

  14. just watching this video for 39 seconds triggered my moving-statues-or-paintingsphobia yet demorgons would only scare me irl and i have saw stranger things

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