5 Photoshoot Tips for MODELS – [Watch Before Your Shoot]

hey what’s up guys welcome back to my
channel today I have Brianna back again Brianna’s getting ready to do a photo
shoots and she wants to give you guys some of the best tips on how you can
prepare yourself to get ready to do a shoot we’re also gonna do another video
where we talk more specifically about posing so she’s gonna share some awesome
tips with you guys hey guys Brianna again I’m gonna walk you through
my just step by step day before shoot it’s pretty simplistic but just a few
little pro tips that I feel like you don’t find out unless you have lived in
a model apartment before and the number one thing I would say work out go have a
good sweaty workout whether it’s doing a bunch of cardio whether it’s doing some
heavy weights just get a good sweat on and after your workout if you have
access to a steam room or a sauna shower and then get in that sauna get in that
steam room again so I’m so germaphobic when it comes to
my skin so after I get super sweaty I have to shower before I steam before I
go in the sauna because I want everything that’s coming out of my pores
to already be cleansed so it’s just like super super glowing radiant skin instead
of kind of sluggish and possibly breaking out the next day so if you
really sweat it out you will already have a glow going that you wouldn’t have
wouldn’t have had before the next thing I always take water pills
the day before my shoot say I wake up the day before at 8 a.m. I’ll take one
supplement and then we’ll take one midday and then one before bed so 3
throughout the day they’re called dandelion root they’re
the most natural diuretic that you can have
and it just gets rid of all of that excess water weight so you can look
sculpted so you’re not really bloated and you look nice and lean so it’s just
like an extra assistance to your workout and you’re already normal dieting
healthy eating kind of workout regimen next to that I will use its I call it
green mask it’s a godsend and it just gets all of that out of your skin it
makes it feel nice and clean smooth because I love when I’m unset and the
makeup artist can compliment my skin and what do you use on your skin to me
that’s like one of the biggest compliments when a makeup artist is
acknowledging that you take really good care your skin so that’s called Queen
Helena’s mint Jubilee mess it’s super old-school my mom used to my grandma
used to my brothers use it and ex uses it stuff like it’s one of those Holy
Grail things so I’ll put that in the bottom along with a few other just
absolutely amazing and then it just drink a lot of water make sure you get a
good night’s sleep if you’re really excited and you can’t find a way to fall
asleep like do a little guided meditation I my gym has a bunch of
guided meditations through it the app that I love doing YouTube them they’re
great and it just kind of puts you in a calm state if that doesn’t work for you
journaling really helps me I do like a gratitude journal where just write
everything I’m grateful for how far I’ve come in life stuff like that and it just
kind of puts your entire internal at ease and then you can go to sleep and
actually rest and wake up and feel amazing so just don’t eat anything
greasy never eat fried food I know it’s good but it’s not good for you and it’s
just not gonna be what you need the day before I shoot so stick away stick to
leafy stuff veggies don’t eat anything crazy if you’re going to drink only have
a glass of red wine because it’s funny but that actually helps with the whole
diuretic process and will just make you look nice and lean but not more than a
glass and make sure you drink water to counteract that glass as well but all in
all get your sleep alright guys so that’s it for this video
thank you again Brianna for these awesome tips if you guys have more
questions feel free to hit her up in her Instagram which is check the links in
description box down below I’m going to leave all some good details so if you
guys you know if you guys like this video hit us or the thumbs up always
appreciate it don’t forget subscribe we’ll see you
guys next time

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  1. Is it just me, or does anyone else think they look great together and would make a perfect couple 🤗😁

  2. This dude. So helpful, straight to the point, and active when it comes to giving advice to subscribers. You deserve more subs. Keep it up man.

  3. I really want to model but have no idea how to start. Do u have an Instagram so I could dm u? Mine is @isoobel_x

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