right now in this video I’m going to
tell you exactly what you need to take beautiful dreamy ethereal long exposure
photography five things just five things welcome to my channel here I talk about
photography and I make videos just like this one what I will tell you what you
need to take long exposure photography so if you’re here for the very first
time it might be a good idea to subscribe if you have been following
this channel for a while you might know that I love long exposure
photography actually I would say the more long exposure photography has
really become my photography signature so I receive a lot of questions about
the gear I use for my long exposure photography and I finally decide to make
this video and tell you which are the five things you will need to get started
with long as for your photography the camera of course you will need a camera
but hear me out now if you have a camera already you
don’t need to switch with what I’m going to say now but rather start
experimenting with what you have while if you’re searching for a new camera or
you don’t have a camera at all here there are some suggestions for you I
recommend to pick a full-frame camera as you might know I use Nikon I don’t think
that Nikon is any better than Canon or Sony or Fuji or whatever else but I’m
just used to its user interface since I’ve been using Nikon cameras for the
last 20 years at least and within the Nikon family I love the Nikon d810 I had
this camera for the last five years and I believe it’s still a fantastic product
and because of the newer Nikon d850 and the Nikon mirrors full-frame Z series
you might be able to find good deals on used d810 there is a lot of people that
are ready to jump into the newer products and will trade in their cameras
with an insignificant amount of shots the D850 can take up to twenty fifty
thousand shots and you will be surprised to see how many use cameras are
available with less than five thousand shots so go to your local camera store
and see what they have but if you don’t need 36 megapixels as you are not going
to print in huge formats you can spend less money and pick the Nikon d610 or
the nikon d750 both very good full-frame cameras with the same 24 megapixel
sensor the d750 has a better ISO sensitivity and a tilting screen but the
d610 is weather sealed the d610 is a little more plasticky than the d810 and
i believe it’s made in Thailand versus Japan these things though will not
really affect the quality of your images but you will spend
less than half of the money the lens the second thing you will need of course is a
lens my recommendation here is to pick a wide-angle prime lens remember that the
quality of your images will always be as good as the worst piece of gear that you
are using so it doesn’t really make a lot of sense to buy a fantastic camera body and
then use an average zoom kit lens you will end up being very disappointed so
my favorite lens for long exposure photography is the Nikon 20 millimeters
F 1.8 I believe the 95% of my long exposure images are taken with this lens
I say 95% because I know I took some few long exposures with other lenses but it
might be more like 98 as a matter of fact this is the lens that is always
attached to my camera a prime lens in general is sharper than a zoom lens and
this 20 millimeter lens is crazy sharp check out this video to see how my 20
millimeter lens overperformed Laredo’s zoom lens on is D850 a prime lens is
also of course much lighter and often is a lot cheaper too, so for me this is a
no-brainer decision and with an aperture of f1.8 this is a great night
photography lens as well the tripod if you want to take long exposure
photography you will need a tripod it doesn’t matter if it is a short long
exposure or very long long exposure you will not be able to hold your camera in
your hands without shaking it even if you’re a surgeon when selecting a tripod
the key is to find a good compromise between weight and sturdiness I use
these super sturdy carbon fiber tripod from a California brand called really
right stuff it’s awesome it lasts forever
it never shakes is strong in the wind strong in the sand but there are two
problem of course it is not cheap it is not light sometimes when I go for a
longer hike I will bring a smaller tripod a lighter tripod which is the
meFoto that is holding my g85 right now at the
same time it does not feel the same so my suggestion here is not to go too
cheap but at the same time don’t buy a tripod that is too heavy for
you it’s worthless if you don’t bring it with you so search for the right balance
the filters now that you have a great camera a sharp wide-angle lens and
everything is super sturdy on your tripod if you want to be able to take a
long exposure photo you will need a neutral density filter an ND filter will
act like your sunglasses and will basically limit the amount of light that
enters in your camera through the lens the darker is the filter and the least
amount of light will go through and since light in photography is measured
in stops also and the filters are classified in stops so when you are using
a three stops ND your exposure time will increase by three stops and if your
shutter speed without filter is one second for instance once you put the
three stops and the filter on it will become four seconds I’m telling you all
this because the most common question I receive is which filter should I buy
first and my answer is to do what I did start with the 10 stops nd the 10 stops
ND will allow you to take a long exposure during daytime and at
sunset or sunrise you will be able to take those beautiful dreamy and ethereal
images that only very long exposure can create I also have a three stops six
stops a fifteen stops and a graduated ND filter but you don’t need to buy
everything when you start just start with the ten stops as far as it concerns
the brands that I use I mainly use Lee Filters the ten stops is a very good
quality piece of glass but it will give to your images a little blue cast which
is though very easy to correct in Lightroom now just a little side note
you can take long exposure photos without filters usually during the blue
hour right after sunset before it gets pitch dark and that
of the day you will see that your camera will need several seconds even without
an ND filter so if you are curious to experiment before investing any money
you could try that and see if you like it the remote shutter release the very
last thing I recommend you to have is a remote shutter release this is the
smallest investment that you will need to do and it will be useful both for
long exposure photography but also for your landscape photography as a matter
of fact the less you touch your camera while shooting on a tripod the more
likely your images will be point sharp and I will make a video about how to
take sharp images on a tripod very shortly
technically you will not need the remote shutter release for exposure up to 30
seconds as a matter of fact most cameras will allow you to set your shutter speed
until then but if you love really long exposures 2 minutes 3 minutes 11
minutes the remote shutter release becomes a must
I use this Vello remote shutter release which is exactly the same as the Nikon
remote shutter release it just costs one third let me tell you a story about this
I was in New Zealand last year I think you know by now and a few days into my
trip my shutter release stopped working I was in a very small village in the
South Island Kaikoura and of course there was no camera store there and I was not
going to cross any bigger city any time soon for me it was like a disaster I was
really sad but earlier that day I checked in into this Lodge the Manukau
lodge and I met the owner Neil which by chance is an awesome photographer I will
put a link in the description if you want to check his work anyways came back
to the lodge and immediately I went searching for Neil and I asked him what
were my options and it turned out that he was also using a Nikon d810 and it
was so kind to let me borrow his remote shutter release all of my New Zealand
shots were taken with his remote shutter release he literally saved me
thanks Neil of course all the items that I mentioned will be in the links down in
the description below feel free to check them out I will do more videos about
long exposure photography in the future at the same time in the meanwhile I am
linking year a video that I did in the past of how to take long exposure last
week instead I made a video about how i edit long exposure photography in
lightroom so go and check it out and this is really all for today I hope
you enjoyed this video i hope you will experiment with long exposure
photography it’s really a lot of fun so let me know what you think hit that like
button leave me a comment and if you didn’t yet maybe this is the right time
to describe thanks for watching and I will see you in the next video


  1. I use a remote shutter release when I have to capture something, like a wave rolling in on sand, where the exposure time is of medium duration (less than 20 seconds) and the timing of the release is critical. If you are taking a LONG exposure, let's say over 1 or 2 minutes, it would seem that any camera shake from pressing the release button would not show up. As you know, using a long exposure is a technique to make people in a public place, or moving cars in daylight, disappear. Why would a 1/2 to 1 second camera shake show up?

  2. Using Olympus, I do find there is a lot of noise if I do too long the exposure, problem of dynamic range ?
    thinking of changing format, but hesitating between Sony or Fuji, what’s your thought ? Don’t think I like to go into Nikon due to weight. Appreciate it if you can give me some ideas .

  3. Timing …… Just spent most of today trying out my lee 10 Stop ND and Nisi Filter Holder … I tagged you in one of my shots posted to Instagram
    I went out hoping for epic Winter waves , but that didn’t happen today lol …. still .. I think your teachings have been inspirational

  4. I’m always learning a lot with your videos, thanks a lot. I’m using a Canon M100. Can’t afford a better camera for now

  5. Great video. I’m more of a birder but have dabbled – and will dabble again with LE. What about polarizers? Do you also use them in conjunction with the ND? Cheers.

  6. I'd like to offer another choice for an nd filter. I bought a Formatt Hi-tech firecrest filter set. It's the newer holder not the one like Lee uses. It is color neutral. Lee, Cokin and others have a slight color cast but not the firecrest filters. Well, not the glass ones. I have the resin reverse grad and it warms the pictures up a little but it still doesn't have a color cast if that makes sense. It's not a magenta color. It's like it changes the temperature not the color. I took some really nice sunrise beach shots on vacation this past Christmas. I never used Lee and have nothing against their filters. They're quality filters. Formatt Hi-tech firecrest filters are a little cheaper and worth looking at.

  7. I've just bought a D750 after using a D5300 for a couple of years. The only lens I have right now is the 50mm 1.8 for the D750 but trying to sell my DX lenses to get the 20mm 1.8 for long exposure and astrophotography.

  8. Thank you for your tips. I`m right just here to decide a new camera. I´ll buy the Nikon Z6 I move on a full frame camera, but I`m not sure which is the right lens for landscape photography. So I`ll check it the 20mm lens. The tripod is really a difficult decision. If I hiking in the Alps the tripod is too heavy and the most time I leave at home. It`s really important to buy a light tripod. I looking forward to the next video.

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    yet to use it for landscape photography.

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  26. Great video Attilio. All good advice – don't forget that, although it's not in the camera bag, Lightroom plays a huge role in determining the finished result. So that's item number 6.

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  30. Hi Attilio. As usual, great video and fantastic tutorial! Please help me on choosing my next nd filter. I recently bought an HAIDA 100 PRO holder with an HAIDA ND1000 filter Nano Crystal. I love it. Now I want go for a second piece of glass and I think an GND would be great. My question is, how many stops do you suggest? GND 2 or 3 stops? Thanks a lot for your help.Giuseppe

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    I was wondering if you could share some tips on how to remove this in post process pls? And maybe some tips on how to avoid them pls. Thanks man!

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  38. Ciao Attilio, fantastico video come sempre. Io ho avuto l’occasione di entrare in possesso di una Nikon D850 + Nikon 24-120 G ED f4. Ho un amico che riuscirebbe a prestarmi un filtro circolare da 77mm per quell’obiettivo. Pensi che sia un buon punto di partenza invece di prendere il 20 mm fisso con il filtro a lastra che suggerisci?

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  47. When your exposures are measured in minutes you do not need a remote shutter release. If you enjoy using one, then go ahead. However, think about it. When your mirror slap is affecting sharpness is in a fairly short time period of under one second, about 1/4 to 1/60. This means that the vibration period affects much less than 1/300 of a five minute exposure.
    No measurable difference.

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