5 TYPES OF PHOTOGRAPHER 不 Which one are you?

the techie he usually wears cameras like
woman wear handbags it is his most important accessories and of course it’s
not about what you photograph it’s about with what you photograph don’t ever make the
mistake and ask a techie about his opinion on a camera
sorry you know what camera I should buy yes of course you can buy he will just talk
talk talk he has a new camera every week because
he always needs to be up to date I bought the camera now I bought the
Sony cameras it’s much better but he always finds something to complain about
it has a problem it eats you know it eat stars so when you photograph like stars
and eat stars so that’s big issue that’s why I bought a new Canon I bought 6D
but with the 6D I have a problem it always makes the pictures blurry
thats why I buy a Nicon I think i buy a Nikon in the future and he knows all
the rumors have you heard of the rumor that from the 600 D that at 3 p.m. on
Monday afternoon there are hot pixel hot Pixel on Sensor even rumors of the rumors that the rumors did not even know off maybe you heard about the
rumor the new lenses that they have noise on the lens so even with noise
reduction on the lens it’s very bad that’s why I buy a Nikon the landscape
photographer what the cameras for the techie the tripod is for the landscape
photographer he always carries a tripod he takes it everywhere really everywhere going on vacation with
a landscape photographer can be strange the sun is shining blue sky such
a bad weather also you need to be very patient don’t ask a landscape
photographer if he can take a photo of anything else that is not a landscape okay almost done
no you have to just wait for 30 seconds we make a long exposure and then we’re
done okay ready stand still 30 seconds and when you want
to start a conversation with a landscape photographer just mention a foreground that’s a nice foreground oh that’s a nice foreground look at this amazing foreground they love foregrounds oh that’s nice foreground ha thats a nice foreground look at this foreground the portrait photographer
he always hangs out with hot chicks
of course only in a professional way a portrait photographer always has the
right words to say oh yeah show me some mamacita okay to get
the emotions he needs from the model you won’t show me the tiger
show me the tiger okay that is just awesome okay that’s great just like this
can you put out your belly just a bit more oh yeah that is great that is just
awesome and more than chicks he likes bokeh he loves bokeh so much
sometimes he just takes photos of Bokeh and they also love long lenses
all right the longer the lance the better the bokeh pops so I have very
long lens but I have to go a bit backwards okay just like that
Esposito the longer the lens the better
the bokeh despasito and the portrait photographer of course
the bid more burrito okay just like that the Wildlife Photographer he can be
everywhere he fit’s so perfect in his environment he can be even in
your room just now better take a look they fit so perfect in nature that you
won’t even recognize them even when they are right in front of you they can be
everywhere and they wait there for ever till they get their shot how long have
you been here I lay around here since 1998 long time
winter summer spring fall and just like portrait photographers they
are really into long lenses they are crazy about focal length
I have a special construction for wildlife
I do super tele macro wide-angle shots this is to time teleconverter four macro
rings three macro rings 300 mm all in all 15,000 mm
I photograph spiders 10-meter away the art photographer when you think the
other types of photographers where weird wait for the art photographer they
always have a project going on my new project is about concrete about concrete
on Street I lay down on ground and they most of the times photograph things
other people would say are kind of crazy look at all these structures on ground these
amazingness but they are really into it and I mean really into it they really
feel it look at how the structures feel oh lala you have the heels love the
valleys and all those great structures but in the end it’s so sad concrete is
all alone so sad in the end every photographer is kind of
crazy but lovely on the other hand what kind of photographer are you write it in
the comments below and share the video with your photography friends thank you
for watching

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