7 Essential Gear for Fujifilm Wedding Photography

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  1. love your kit, I am a zoom guy, have tried the primes, but they don't work for me style. I like to shoot fast and quick, I like to take 3 different photos of one pose closeup, 3/4 and full body or wide with one lens within 4 seconds.

  2. Fuji does make nice small pro lens. Olympus and Panasonic also make nice small lens but they are not metal like Fuji. The mounts are metal but not the barrel of the lens. Also the f2 lens weigh less. I do have the Fuji 27mm f2.8 its a nice small lens but the lens makes noise when it focus.

  3. I have the 90mm f2….you said it had ibis?? Mine doesn't 🤷‍♀️ It's a great lens but I don't use it as much as I thought I would but, I'm only a hobbyist.

  4. Though I do not shoot weddings, I do shoot various events. I like to blend into the background so my gear changes on the circumstance. My primary body is the XH1, my secondary is the XPRO3. I keep the 16-55 on the XH1, and the 50-140 on the XPRO3 throughout the majority of the day and night while shooting. I also shoot the 23mmF1.4 for very low light scenarios coupled to the IBIS enabled XH1 body. I have the 16mm1.4 for very specific close yet wide character shots. The MCEX 11 and 16 are always nearby and handy. The 35mmF2 on the XPRO3 is my favourite discreet setup and what I turn to with the electronic shutter if I need to be as discreet as possible. I have a couple of GoDox on and off body flashes as well.
    Phew. I may be leaving something out, but that is the main gist of my carry for when people are depending on my photography.

  5. I currently shoot with the Sony A7iii with all native GM lenses but I’ve been watching so much of your content and the colors look amazing. I don’t know what to do!

  6. I remember the first wedding I did with my Fuji. The 50-140 lens was amazing to use. The my best shots came out of that lens. So if it’s within your budget I recommend that lens or at least renting it to try it out.

  7. Been awhile since I commented on one of your vids. But want to remind you that we still think you're awesome, Branch. //A

  8. Very useful video – I'm struggling to decide what to use for 2020. I've just put my 35/2 and 16/2.8 up for sale because I miss the 23/2 focal length, but also feel like I need something faster for low light, and maybe something wider than the 16… My telephoto is the Viltrox 85/1.8, which is a keeper for now.

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