8 Mythological Creatures Caught on Camera

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  2. Hey Kallen, I’m not sure if that’s how you spell your name. Sorry if I didn’t spell it right but just curious what do you think of your videos? Do you believe in the supernatural?

  3. "The rake" and "Slenderman" did not exist before the Internet.
    That's why teenagers and little kids believe they are real.

  4. PLEASE get rid of the special effects on these fascinating videos. The white orbs and “rain” detract from the authenticity and distract viewers. The videos are terrific- they don’t need creepy augmentation.

  5. Pics and vids of the Rake honestly look like they could just be super mentally unstable, malnourished, and socially inept people (probably homeless too, if they really are just people). On the other side of the spectrum, my friends says he thinks they could be Grays. It could still be some new creature one way or another, but I just personally feel like they’re most often just messed up people who’ve strayed reeeaaaally far from society/humanity.

  6. Slenderman was not born on the internet. A Native Canadian I worked with told me that they all know about the Skinny Man and he is like a banshee. If you see him, death for you or someone close to you is coming. So yeah he has been around for thousands of years.

  7. Omg, its his buddy using stilts in a suit. U can tell the way he walks, then faces the camera so we can see his suit, cmon. Ya gotta do better.

  8. I'm telling you that there are demons roaming the earth. Some can even take the form of a human being. All of these creatures are nothing but demons. They can transform into anything they want you to see them as. But their real self is much scarier than anything you could imagine.

  9. I wouldn't even say the goblin video is CLEVER special effects; that shit's bush league at best.

    The fairy video was even more lazy.

  10. I watched a few if these Sasquatch or Bigfoot. And to say the least. "How can everyone who've seen these animal/humanoids I actually think they can't all be hoaxs?? How can they all be wrong?? I don't think there all wrong!!! I believe 110% in Bigfoot and Sasquatch. I also think them noises are them screaming out. What you can't believe is all the siender man!! I don't believe that. I think that's people imaginations of some are just barbarick!! Or the rake. Not sure about that one either. Just scary stuff to scare those who scare easily like me. Bigfoot yes

  11. for the slender man thing. he was an art project for a contest, made from the image of a man in a suit i think, so i doubt he is really a real thing. but ya never know, maybe people believing in him is enough to bring him to life.

  12. the one with the "goblin" in fake as can be! you're telling that a parent who is seeing something like that run behind your child is going to have NO reaction what so ever to run over and protect your baby from something like that??

  13. cthulhu picture has been identified for some time now as artwork uploaded to deviant art by Bulgarian artist Andrey Nazaro in 2014 titled cthulhu rising https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/cthulhu-rising/ love your videos but please do your homework sir.either way still good work on your videos thank you for the content.

  14. #4 is so bad i laughed does it show a real goblin?hell no its clearly special effects and it was not that special it moves at a slower speed then anything else in the video even though its supposed to be running but hey props on whoever did it that takes skill but to be passed as real you would have to be the type of person that believes anything they see

  15. I think the fairy is cgi.
    But i am 100% open to the belief that there are some weird creatures on this planet that we know nothong about.
    We cannot even explore the depths of our oceans, so why wouldn't yettis or others exhist?
    You cannot tell me that experiments haven't taken place on humans,by humans.
    Maybe some of these sightings are those escapees.
    I truly believe that if we all REALLY knew what our " leaders" were up to,we wouldn't sleep at night!

  16. Troll:gremlin
    Cthuhul:yup that is him we are so dead
    Rake:yup that is him
    Goblin:that is baby dobby
    AD POP UP SO I CANNOT WRITE OTHER sorry guys this is all i can do now

  17. Could it be the most fantastical thing ever that people are willing to fake shit to get Youtube views? Could that be what's going on? Pretty "Paranormal".

  18. That creature running across the Highway looks like the Horse Girl Ozzy Man Commentator did a video about.
    I think she is from Norway.

  19. Its not a faery… its an imp(not all imps are devilish either). Faery folk or Fae are human sized beings and though magickal don't possess wings.

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  21. The second photo allegedly from a trail cam of the so called 'rake' is from a promotion to a film &/or computer game.

    Does this channel check up on content or just post stuff that are obviously fake, staged, etc.?

  22. do your research on Nepalese culture…they say and DEPICT the yeti as brown with the "all mighty one" with golden fur. the stereotypical white yeti is a commercialized undertaking. most these vids look fake AF

  23. The one that shows the Goblin running across the floor by the baby. Look at the Shadows they don't match up in the same direction CGI

  24. now in days people just say stuff my dog can go outside and people will say "omg its a googaloo"

    like wtf 😂😂😂

  25. im scared of everything im scared of my american doll so i know if i see any of this im jumping off one of the bridges that this " troll” live under

  26. Let's get one thing clear….Slenderman doesn't exist. He was created by a guy who wanted to win a creepypasta contest in 2009. It was just a figure of imagination from a creative guy. Slenderman does not exist.

  27. I wonder if they’ve found and interviewed the driver of the car in Wessex way that that animal ran in front of. I’m curious to know their account.

    Also, you have to admit, The writings of HP Lovecraft are so detailed and vivid there is a serious sense of realism to the tales, and it makes you wonder if he was seeing into other worlds or into the hidden paranormal parts of the one we live in.

  28. 1,100 dislikes!!!!! Really!!!!! Your obviously doing something horrible….. To win 1100 dislikes… Maybe it's posting the fake photos that were GIF added and photoshopped… Then trying to justify it as if it's real. Ppl are not stupid…. THATS WHY YOUR WINNING MANY DISLIKES .. a farmer could turn into a warewolf…. Really? REALLY!?!? YOU NEED to delete your channel

  29. Can I please just say that in the 1st clip with the troll man their is also a face just bellow it also. I can see part of a face with black holes where eyes would be. I'm not the only one who also sees that am I?????

  30. I'm a little shocked why would there be so many dislikes to a video I've watched almost all of your videos and I think they're awesome

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