89. Which is the BEST Composting Toilet? How to install a Composting Toilet on a Narrowboat.

When we had Silver Fox built, we had
a Thetford Cassette Toilet installed. We had a pump-out toilet on our
original boat back in 2004 and it was fine, it was convenient.
But there’s always that kind of moment where you get to a
pump-out with a full tank and it’s not working and you’re stuck then. Especially in winter if it starts
icing up, where you gonna go? No, don’t tell me. [Laughs] So we had a cassette toilet this time and
it’s been fine, there’s loads of places to empty it, it’s cheap, well it’s free to empty it.
Which we like as Yorkshiremen definitely. No complaints except one thing. If you’ve seen the vlog we did a few weeks ago, on emptying a cassette toilet,
you’ll know exactly what I mean. It’s not pleasant. Ohhhh… Oh my god So we don’t want a pump-out,
we want to get rid of the cassette. It leaves us two options. We’ve either got composting or incinerating. Incinerating it’s a bit pricey isn’t it? Expensive. Yeah and I don’t want to use that amount of
gas just to burn one of your poo’s. It would take hours [Laughs] We could make a weeks worth of dinners. . . with the same amount of gas that
it would to burn one of his poo’s You’re laughing because it’s true. [Laughs] Aren’t you? Yeah. That’s made you uncomfortable now hasn’t it? Oooooh! [Whispers] It’s that big [Laughing] So we’re going composting. . . but. . . We’re trying to find the composting
toilet that will look right on Silver Fox We want it to look like a toilet.
Yeah and some of them are a bit rustic Allotment [Laughs] [Sound of sheep bleating] There’s all sorts of designs.
We want something that’s gonna look really nice on Silver Fox and
complements the style of the boat. Yeah. and we think we found one. So in
this video we’re going to show you how we’re going to uninstall the cassette. . . and install our new composting toilet. Apparently it’s really easy to install
this new toilet, but I’ve got to take the cassette toilet out first. I’m not very good when it comes to practical things. Let’s see what happens. Before we start, Shaun is going to take the cassette out
from underneath the toilet and I’ll tell you what. . . he is so happy that this is the last time he has to do this. While he’s doing that, I’ve gone under the bed to isolate the water supply to the toilet. All it takes is a quarter turn on this
screw and that’s it job done, hopefully. Now Shaun is going to press the
flush just to clear any water between the isolator and the toilet to get rid of it. If you do this make sure you put a bowl
or a cup or something underneath the trap in the toilet and that’ll collect
any water that comes out. After that, I’ve switched the electric off to
the toilet pump and that means I can safely disconnect the cables from the toilet. With the cassette out of the way, I can
take out the four screws that secure the old toilet to the floor and then
move it away from the wall so that I can get to the electrical
and plumbing connections. Now the 12 volt electrical
connections are just plugged in, so it’s easy just to pull these two plugs out, that’s it. The water supply, well that’s a hose connected to the toilet
and it’s just with this Jubilee clip. So to be on the safe side. . . and just in case the isolator hasn’t closed properly, I’ve also switched the main water pump off and put some blue roll down to catch any water. So then I slowly loosen that Jubilee clip Just to make sure the water is not going to spurt out and with a bit of brute force,
took the feed hose off from the toilet. Luckily the isolator worked and
only a little bit of water came out. It’s good job that blue roll was there though. I left the pipe for a minute just to let
those last bits of water drain off and then I’ve moved the cassette toilet out
of the way to make way for the new one. There’s a small bracket on the wall for
the old toilet, which is easy to remove, it’s just a couple of screws. Then it’s a
good clean down with some floor spray and capping the water pipe off just
to prevent any leaks in the future. We are going to leave this pipe here so
another toilet can be plumbed in again if we want to or a future owner of the boat wants to. Finally, I’ve cut the crimped
ends of the electrical cables off and they’re ready to fit to the
connections for the new toilet and luckily the cables we’ve got,
are already sufficiently rated for the electrics for the new toilet. Now if you’re doing this, it’s really important that you check the capacity of the cable
to make sure it’s safe to use. If you’re not sure, just get a
qualified electrician in to check it. With the cables snipped off and ready, they just
plug into the new toilet connections really easily. The cables just push into this terminal
and it snaps closed, that’s it. Believe it or not. . . that is all there is to it. I’ve tidied the cables up and
secured it all and I can just push the toilet into its new position. Before I
secure it to the boat though, I just want to check those electrical connections are working
so just going to switch the power back on and there we go, all good. Then, it’s just four screws. Two into the floor and two into the bulkhead wall
behind the loo, which is going to secure it. Here is what it looks like inside. The
electrics come into this box and they split off, one cable comes up the inside
to this light and button on the outside. Another powers this motor and that
drives the stirrer for the solids bucket. Now the motor is protected by a 4 amp
breaker, just to stop it blowing incase something jams that motor. Another cable
powers the extractor fan and that draws air from inside the toilet into this
carbon filter, this is ace, it gets rid of all the odours. One of the things that originally put
us off the idea of a composting toilet was the thought of drilling another
hole outside the boat. We didn’t want to do that, but thankfully
this filter means we don’t have to. They only cost about £20 and it
lasts over a year, it’s really effective. The air comes out of the side of the
toilet into this filter and we’ve boxed it all in to make it look nice, it does, it looks lovely. But once we’re happy that the filter is working, we’re actually going to put the
filter inside the toilet housing so we won’t need this boxing. Next up I can put the trays inside and these
protect the mechanism and the electrics. it also acts to position the bucket and
the liquids bottle in exactly the right place so you don’t get anything, well,
dropping where it shouldn’t. Now the solids bucket fits kind of snugly
into its position on the tray and the stirring mechanism lock just locks it
into place and it stops the book it from moving about. You don’t want that. Next, the liquids bottle and this is,
it’s rigid, it’s really solidly built. It holds 5 litres of liquid and it sits on this molded tray and again that catches
any overflow or spillages. But it shouldn’t do that, because there’s a
sensor built into the toilet and when the bottle reaches a certain level it
lights up on the outside to warn you that it’s almost full and when you do
you can just lift it out and empty it. This light also acts as the button that
activates the stirrer in the solids bucket. Now when you press it, it stirs
the bucket for about 20 seconds. What it does is basically combines the solids
with the compost, it keeps the odour down and it separates them to avoid,
well, one big ball of poo. Ewww! If ever the power fails or the motor packs in, you never know.
We’ve also got a standby, it’s a non stirring bucket, it’s basically just a bucket. We just line it with this biodegradable composting bag, sprinkle some compost inbetween uses and then just
tie up the bag when it’s full and dispose of it. I don’t think we’ll need to use it
but it’s there, just in case. All we do is put about 2 litres of regular compost into the bucket, pop it back in the toilet.
That’s gonna last us about five days as a couple. If you’re on your own you’ve
got about 10 days maybe up to 2 weeks, it all depends how much you eat I guess [Laughs] Now the seat and lid just clip in really easily like this It makes it really easy to take on
and off when you want to clean it. Underneath the lid and the seat you’ve
got the diverter, the most important part. There’s this modesty cover, which
just hides the contents of the bucket. Yeah. Ewww again. This blue plastic thing that looks
like a flattened Stickle Brick. It’s actually a splash screen and it
means us guys can have a pee standing up without it splashing everywhere. It also smells like mints, it’s proper lovely and fresh. Better than that chemical smell of
Blue and cheap disinfectant. A month later. Like it just said [Laughs] Here we are. . . We wanted to give it a decent period
of time before we reviewed it. We didn’t just want to give it a
couple of days, we wanted it to like. . . Ware in. [Laughs] Any regrets? None whatsoever. Brilliant. The best thing we’ve done to
Narrowboat Silver Fox since we launched last May. Honestly. The smell is like.
Gone. Disappeared. There wasn’t much of a smell with the
cassette, only when you opened the trap. Or when cleaning and emptying it and stuff. But absolutely nothing. Not even when you empty it, nothing. And we’ve got the filter, the carbon filter with the fan that pulls the air out, but even when
that’s switched off, which we’ve had it switched off for like two or three days
at a time. When you just forget. And nothing, no a smell at all. It’s just
amazing and I think it’s all to do with a separation isn’t it, of the fluids and the solids.
But it’s absolutely amazing. So the bottle is lasting us about four
days? Three to four days. When it’s full you just put the cap on you can
empty it in the elsan or down a toilet, or if you’re out in the middle of
nowhere like this, just at the back of a hedge. Yeah, the back of the hedge as long as
it’s not going to contaminate anything and if you are walking down past people, you just, we’ve made some Foxes Cloudy Lemonade
labels that you just stick to it. Those two old ladies bought a bottle. [Laughs] The toilet has got. . . They don’t believe us, that’s why you’re laughing
[Laughs] The toilet has this sensor built in, so
when the bottle reaches a certain level, this light comes on and it tells you to empty it. . . so you don’t overfill the bottle. Brilliant and it works doesn’t it? Every time. Yeah, absolutely. The bucket is just as good,
the stirrer system is just amazing, because it coats the solids. . . with compost We just used run-of-the-mill compost. Yeah. Which is £5 a bag and we only use a couple of cups for each time and that lasts us five days. So again, it just stops the smell completely and then Shaun empties the bucket into a bag. We’ve got some composting biodegradable bags. Empty it into that, put it into the
bow locker, no smell again and then just dispose of it when we can. Yeah. Brilliant, I don’t know why we
didn’t do this months ago. But we have been thinking about it
for months and the thing again is research research research. We went
and looked at all sorts of different composting toilets and incinerating
toilets and we chose Compoost Toilets that’s who have supplied this one. This
is not free advert, we did what we did with the boat. We went and did the
legwork and the research and went to see everybody and then we chose Compoost
Toilets to supply this one for us. It’s brilliant. Yeah. A link to their website is just in the video description down below and they’re gonna be at Crick So go and see them in May they’ve got a stand at Crick,
so go and see them and sit on the toilet like Shaun did in the middle of a
street when we were trying it out. You’ve got to do these things. A few months ago You’ve got to do these things. Would you change anything about it? Nothing, nothing whatsoever. It is absolutely brilliant. It looks exactly like a normal toilet. If you’re thinking about doing this I mean we would say, yeah. 100 percent go for it, but if you’ve got any questions or bits and pieces
that you think we haven’t covered, just drop a question in the comments and we’ll answer it for you.
You know we try to answer all the comments anyway. If you fancy, if you fitting a boat
out and you want a nearly new cassette toilet, we are selling our
Thetford C260. It is nearly new, it’s been cleaned to within an inch of its
life. It’s cleaner now than when we got it. It comes with two cassettes, one of
them is boxed up new, we’ve not used it. So if you’re interested in that if you’re fitting a
boat out and you want to put it in that boat, again just drop us a comment or get
in touch, we can sort that out for you. Any other questions, feedback, complaints,
or anything just drop them in the comments Please give the video a like if you’ve enjoyed it or found it helpful. Subscribe, there’s a link down below and then hit the bell notification icon
and YouTube will let you know every time we release a brand new vlog. You can support the channel by clicking ‘Join’ and become a member on YouTube or become a Patreon, a link to that is it the Outtakes. . . which is coming shortly. [Sighs] the video after the outtakes. I apologize in advance. Right. . . shall we go? Shaun’s off. We’ll see you next time, take care bye bye. Bye. [Music playing] Have I got bogies? No! Don’t bang the table. and you gum to a pump… Gum? It’s It’s Its It’s easy to keep cl [strange sounds] It’s easy to and what’s not and what’s not When we were having [Strange noises] [Strange noises] [Strange noises] Urgggg! [Strange noises] Slow your brain down. and it’s a really… Urrgg! Urrgg! Do we want the cassette? or or the composting toilet? [Laughs] Click the sub… to Narrowboat Silver, Sil, Bleh! We’ll start that again. [Music plays to the end]

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