8K Full Frame Cinema Camera! Z-CAM E2-F8 FIRST Impressions – Gear Focus Friday Episode #5

The new ECAM f8 so here it is the brand-new e2 f8 from
zcam they’ve had the f6 which is the 6k version of the camera out for quite some
time but this is the 8k version so as far as we know this is the first round
of shipment for the 8k version so we’re gonna go ahead pull this completely out
of the box show you everything that it comes with and then we’re going to show
you some really six sample footage well there you have it that’s what comes in
the e2 f8 box so we have the camera itself and then we have what looks to be
the Wi-Fi antenna with the word gift on it and then we have a couple power
connectors here we have looks like a DTaP connector and adapter so that’s
pretty much it so we went ahead and we bought a tilta cage for it because
we’re just tilt the fans here at gear focus so I’m gonna go ahead and put the
cage on it and then we’re gonna go from there so the cage we got doesn’t fit so we’re gonna figure that one out alright
so we’ve got everything set up on the camera I’m not gonna lie to you is not
exactly the easiest setup of a camera that I’ve ever done but the first issue
we ran into was the cage so because this camera is so new the cage that tilt has
said would fit didn’t and we were able to get the cage mounted I just had to
take the top plate off and then I took the top handle and put it into the
quarter 20 mount that is on the top of the camera so we have it set up
generally the way that I would set it up anyway I have my 24 to 105 on there as
well just to kind of get it set up and start messing around with it here at the
studio the other thing was the app so zkm does have an app for these cameras
the Z cam app was super slow even when I was trying to just change my shutter
speed it would take a good five or six seconds for it to even register what I
was doing and it would black screen out and everything well five
seconds doesn’t seem like a lot of time it’s definitely annoying to have to
press a button and sit there and watch the little spinny wheel just go go and
go and then your setting changes like that’s that’s a really long time when it
really shouldn’t take that long another quirk that I did notice is when you
switch the recording resolution to 6k it does crop in on the sensor but at the 8k
and the 4k it is the full-frame sensor I guess all that’s left at this point is
to go and film so we’re gonna go head out we’re gonna get some sample footage
it’s not gonna be anything that’s super ridiculous or has any super crazy motion
it’s just going to be to show you what the 8k does and I’m going to take it
into the editing studio and we’re gonna see how well it it’s in Premiere Pro
because that’s what I use to do all of my editing so I will see you guys when
we’re shooting footage alright guys we’re back in the editing
studio and first off I just want to give a huge shout out to my good friend Jay
who helped us out with that b-roll sequence that you just watched I’m gonna
leave the link to his website and all of his social media stuff down in the
description below so feel free to check him out so I just wanted to give you
guys a few of my first impressions of working with this video so first up we
filmed pretty much everything with the h.265 file format now there are several
different formats that we can use but with the 8k we pretty much only get the
h.265 and the 0 and 0 isn’t exactly where it needs to be in order for me to
want to use it right now so I just went ahead and I use the h.265 so one of the
benefits of the h.265 file format is the fact that they are pretty small so we
shot a bunch of clips in Baltimore and I only wound up with about 55 gigs worth
of footage which is quite a contrast to the typical Blackmagic raw files that
I’m working with so that was really really nice to see but on the flip side
the h.265 files do not really play all that well in Premiere they’re super
laggy and they don’t really playback smoothly unless you use proxies or if
you convert them to something like pro res so while we’re on the topic of the
pro res you can record pro res internally on the z cam but you can only
do that up to 6k so you’re probably wondering why we decided to get an ake a
camera considering that most people can’t even view their content in 4k let
alone six or eight K the benefits of using the higher resolution is like you
saw earlier on in the video where I zoomed in to the American flag you can
do that with a K or 6k and you can zoom in pretty far and still maintain a 4k
resolution or even a 1080 resolution aka footage is actually four times what
4k is so if you took an AKM egde you could zoom in up to four times and still
maintain a 4k image now for something like a YouTube channel 6 or a K isn’t
exactly necessary but it does definitely make the post workflow much much easier
as I don’t necessarily have to shoot additional shots to get closer up I can
use these same shots that I used before as long as they maintain their focus so
I just wanted to give you guys a real quick video of my first impressions and
some sample footage of the Z kami to f/8 we are going to be doing a full review
and tutorial later on down the road so make sure that you stay tuned for that
so go ahead down in the comments below and let us know what you think of the
camera and if it’s something that you would even consider putting into your
workflow and also while you’re down there make sure you hit that like button
and you hit that subscribe button as it really does help us out here on the
channel so happy Friday everybody I hope you have a good weekend I’m Dan with
gear focus and I’m always here to help you feed your passion

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  1. Thank you for the video! BTW, you can only 2 times zoom into a 8k material to have 4k resolution, not four times!

  2. I know it was 1st impressions, but did you like the camera ? Out in the field in the hand and the finished image?

  3. ZCam E2F8 image quality & FOV example links posted below. H265 video frame to TIF conversion.
    US icon " The Bald Eagles" Super Cropped image detail is still awesome.

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