9 Terrifying Witches Caught on Camera

How you doing I’m Kallen and this is slapped ham today we’re talking about witches from the multiple sightings of witches throughout Mexico to the Blood-sucking bruja of Colombian folklore we take a look at nine witches caught on camera This footage surfaced in 2011 filmed in Guanajuato Mexico a town known for its silver mining and colonial architecture Two men spot something terrifying in an open field at the back of a farm a strange creature can be seen flying through the air the man filming yells bruja Which is the Spanish word for witch or sorceress the unknown creature glides through the air? Effortlessly and at one point begins chasing one of the men through the field practitioners of black magic and members of the occult have long been reported in rural areas of Mexico could this video be proof of witchcraft This footage began circulating in mid-2017 Filmed in Mexico City it shows a shadowy humanoid figure flying through the sky the footage was captured on a phone camera by school children during their soccer training at First several of the kids laughed nervously as they don’t know how to identify the flying figure then someone in the crowd screams There as many as a dozen witnesses who dubbed the creature a witch including a gobsmacked teacher who watches on with his students This footage was captured in the 1970s by German journalist Ralph Olsen who traveled to Africa as he travelled through rural villages He got word of a powerful shaman that lived in the nearby hills he visited the shamans campsite and captured this stunning footage First the shaman performs a sacred ritual creating a ring of fire his acolytes begin chanting as he slowly lifts off the ground Holds for a moment in midair, then returns back down he repeats this process a number of times When Olsen returned from his trip with the footage he was ousted from the broadcasting community as a joke his reputation left in tatters decades later He maintained that the footage was real and was in no way tampered with What do you think is this shaman really levitating, or is the fire a ploy to keep people at a distance? So it’s harder to see what’s going on drop your thoughts in the comment section below There’s not a lot of solid information about this clip all that’s known is that the footage was captured by a security camera and in De Mille a military-grade weapons manufacturer in Colombia one evening the security team spotted a strange figure lurking around the government-run facility The footage shows a hunched over figure limping to the compound It looks like it’s wearing a black cape as it duck’s in and out of the shadows The clip spread quickly around South American social media many claiming it to be a witch like creature from Colombian mythology Others simply dismissed it as a mangy dog looking for food While this isn’t footage of a witch many have speculated that this young girl was the target of black magic or witchcraft Several years ago the girl seen in this clip kept waking up with bruising all over her body. She couldn’t explain What was happening so she decided to set up a camera to film her movements while she slept what the camera captured is unsettling to say the least You can see clearly the girl rise out of her bed float in the air for a moment then lower back down When this footage was uploaded to YouTube back in 2009 it swept through social media and forums begging the question is it real The video was recorded by a man in Russia walking his dog through the woods Everything seems normal until the dog pauses for a moment as if something’s wrong it begins to bark and runs off down a trail When the man catches up to his dog he sees something startling there in the forest is a girl Levitating in the air as a friend watches on once. They realize. They’ve been spotted the two girls run out of sight The short unattributed clip led many to speculate that the girls were practicing witchcraft deep in the woods Others have simply labeled the video a hoax Whatever the case may be it’s still a remarkable piece of footage that remains a mystery to this day. In some areas of Colombia there are tales of a vampire witch woman that feeds on the blood of livestock and wild animals This footage claims to be a glimpse of one such creature Taken some time in early 2013 this footage was captured by a hunter out with these dogs. He claims He was searching a rural property for evidence of the strange blood sucking which in the clip It’s obvious that the dogs pick up the scent of an animal as they begin barking Wildly they hone in on some dense shrubs Where suddenly a strange looking creature? Lunges out of the dark the dogs snap and snarl the hunter takes a shot and brings down the Beast If you slow it down it’s clear some kind of unidentified creature launches out of the darkness hissing at the dogs Unfortunately, that’s where the footage ends, and there’s no further testimony to verify what was lurking in the bushes? Was this just a case of granular footage making it hard to see what happened? Or was this Latunda the blood sucking witch from Colombian folklore Filmed in Monterrey Mexico this footage came to light in mid-2017 Initially it was shared to the Facebook page of a paranormal radio show that is in the US and Mexico It claims to be proof of a flying witch that manifests into a magical ball of fire The family claimed they were spending a quiet evening at home when they heard strange noises Upon investigating with their camera they captured this startling footage Social media was divided when the footage went viral some claimants proof of a coven of witches that have been reported to torment the area Others say it’s merely a lantern. That’s been set on fire lifting into the air In the town of Monterey in the Mexican state of Nuevo Leon reports of bruja or witches began surfacing around the city then in May 2006 this striking footage was released to the public the local media ran with the story calling it a UFO But in the acronyms true sense a literal unidentified flying object quickly It was dubbed the witch of Monterrey and the story spread like wildfire in the footage We clearly see a strange black humanoid figure floating across the mountain range in a straight line Several days later two police officers claimed they were attacked by two hooded creatures in a nearby cemetery One of the officers said they saw the mysterious beings flying in circles above the graveyard before being attacked the cemetery is located Right under the flight path of the figure seen in this video Many locals claim witches have haunted the area for centuries and with the two testimonies from police officers along with this footage One has to wonder. What is going on in the city of Monterrey, Mexico? Whew! Well that was a little bit terrifying That’s the end of the episode Thank you so much for watching if you’re new to the channel hit that subscribe button right there or the red one down below If you’re a regular leave us a comment we love reading them and hit that upward-facing thumb as well and that’s it for me I’ll see you all next time

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  1. Hi. Thanks for the vids!!! They were all real and awesome to see . Definitely not fake only if their were more of the super natural. Who knows when their will be more vids up loaded. Hopefully very soon. Thanks. Take care.

  2. Why do so many people have to make the SAME potato comment that is used on every single one of these?? It was funny the first time I saw the comment but damn people! Its eay overused now

  3. And two girls in the woods was supposed grandma and grand daughter and who knows what’s up with that ??i say that as I have a open mind know this world is full of evil,and I believe anything is possible I think skeptics are smucks the crap of thinking they or man rather is the centre of the universe?that thought in itself even sounds completely stupid!!!and arrogant but no doubt in my mind and heart sooner or later?something will be there ridiculous belief or lack of kickem right in there faithless asses faith isint just God?its anything not seen yet hoped for?but I’ll bet even that would have a rebuttal if anyone is full of shit,and naive????

  4. Lmao the first clip literally is a drone drrss as a witch. I seen the making of it. Yall need to do a better job at finding your info.

  5. The first one is proof of a kite hell seriously can’t u see that kid was running pulling the string on the kite to get the kite airborne ugggg welcome morons of the world


  7. La Tunda looks like a huge cockroach or some other insect; looked like it had antennae and an ant or roach type head. Gross! Wasn't the girl that lifts out of her bed and the flying child in the forest both debunked already? I've never seen the story about the creature chasing the guy in the field before. Weird stuff lol. TFS 🙂

  8. This video got off to a very rough start when the very 1st case I saw the guy literally take off running in an open field when the object or alleged witch was slowing down to the point it had no air flowing under it that it was about to land and immediately knew it was a kite. Those humanoid flying objects though have been witnessed and caught on film so many times over the past that they are a real phenomena or exactly what people claim them to be a Witch, I wouldn't argue against it. The thing those dogs were after 2nd to last case is haunting to say the least and I in no way see how a man could fake that and what really shocked me was he had the balls to even go looking for that thing. I don't care he had 3-4 badass big attack dogs or the fact he was armed with A 12 gauge and a chopper Fuck that.

  9. That'd be big wad of paper or something on fire rising up as it burns,but that one with the dogs is very convincing

  10. Balls of fire like that my wife's dad told me about seeing them in the mountains of Taxclala mex. He doesent bullshit hes a very honest saint good man

  11. I wonder if witches are like dammed souls!?! Or here to make deals with humans!! I don't think I've seen any genuine footage of witches yet. My eyes have yet to capture any evidence!! BLAZE green MEDICINE YA'LL! ! ♧÷♧

  12. Omg! I've had to pause it because I just have to comment on the woman who keeps rising out of bed… It was so very gentle that there is no way that she would get bruised from that!!!!! Come on….. and as she's rising up and going back down, her bent, left leg stayed bent! It didn't move, if you were being lifted, your leg would drop down! Fake!

  13. The girl floating in the bed admitted to fact or fake , a show that tries to debunk paranormal videos, or prove they are real, that she faked this video. I forget how it was done, but i know the crew of fact or faked were pissed as they arranged to come there and interview her and they had brought a camera crew and all sorts of equipment just to be told at the last minute that they had been lied to. She never even really appeared on the show.

  14. why is it that the video always ends when they're supposedly kill the creature or yeah when we're supposed to see it every time it ends it ends whatever

  15. Most if not all of these could be explained. Kites, to drones. And the African flying man is ridiculous. The footage is not that great. He could easily be lifted up by something on the side not shown in the footage of course.

  16. The "Shaman" in clip #7 you can clearly see the rope behind him before and after the film cuts. So obvious. The fire keeps everyone away from the tree he always seems to have to be standing underneath in order to "levitate"?

  17. Well you didn't show us much of the first video. Wheres the middle and ending? I've seen that video numerous times and it's just a kite, that dude running to get that big thing back in the air. Try again.

  18. The "striking footage" you refer to around 6:04 looks like a bunch of balloons or a floating plastic bag in the wind. .

  19. Love your collection slapped ham I filmed a really apocalyptic cloud anomaly 2017 probably 2018 with a friend in Coos Bay Oregon

  20. we do not suck blood. we don't worship "the devil's" hahaha 🤣
    we witches are earth lovers. we believe that wildlife and humans must be one, and have mutual respect. we can attain it. it's you typed of .. humans who are the strange ones.

  21. great. the stupid Russian prick murdered the only living evidence we may have had to prove alien life existed. 🤷too bad Lone Gunman. too bad. blame Russian hunters.

  22. The shaman is really levitating. He is in a circle of fire. No doubt a demonic force is levitating the shaman as they chant

  23. So you mean to tell me that the dogs destroyed the evidence while the man recorded the footage on a camera made in the 40’s? This is obviously a fakahoooosky.

  24. Your vids suck take some time and actually find some that might actually be real and ones that haven't been shown five million times already

  25. I want to know more about that little creature shot and attacked by the dogs!! I've read about aliens that size and it sure looks like it's one of them! 😮

  26. Where I'm from it is said that in order to summon a witch: 1st draw a pentagram and a fire-ball will appear in the sky, then land in the drawing and turn into a witch. She is trapped there until you let her go. You now have the power to ask her any 3 questions and she must answer them. Don't ask the 3rd or she'll be set free and prolly curse u!! No lie. BLAZE green MEDICINE YA'LL! ! ♧÷♧

  27. I was getting creeped out then I started reading the comments – 😂 good comments y’all – mother in law jokes will never cease to amuse

  28. Yeah it is true that those Psychos can leviatate BUT can't fly around the world nor can they lift The Earth in space like Yeshua Ha Mashiach can.

  29. I really love my screen name. (It ‘fits’ me! lol) I’m very proud to say that I have earned my Hat, so I can go on record that Witches have had enough bad press to last for years!! “Witch hunt” — Wicked Witch, Wizard of Oz- Halloween…all with awful images and cackling…Can we have a few centuries off duty? We’ve been around for hundreds of years, and it sure would be nice to see some other Creature get the bad press. Maybe Trolls? Hell, even Smurfs would do!!

  30. really amazing videos caught . …. up to a point to as it ends at the best time that would have made footage of whatever it was, more valid and unfortunately the best parts doesn't exist because it doesnt, the shot was so unclear, fake & exaggerated & or the cameraman somehow just lost a great opportunity of a great shot — we still have to wait ….

  31. Lmao!!! Who in their right mind would believe a Mexican police officer …. IMO no one should!! Too much corruption and seeking fame for obvious reasons. Still LMMFAO 😂😂😂😂😂💯

  32. I'm not really sure why you would make a compilation of very grainy and out of focus videos and actually ADD special effects to them to make them grainier and more out of focus?
    Just in it for the paycheck?

  33. The creature the hunter shot and dogs tore apart looks something like a giant hornet to me I've seen more of the video on YouTube somewhere else)

  34. I have seen the levitating kid vid in dozens of lists, but never dubbed a witch, usually that vid is in super human sightings.

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