A bride in focus – Wedding photographer Cristiano Ostinelli

Hello, I’m Cristiano Ostinelli. I’m a
wedding photographer based in Italy. I started wedding
photography 20 years ago. It was just a hobby before
then it became my job and my life. When I became a
destination wedding photographer, I travel everywhere in the world.
It is really a big change for me. Last year I won Wedding
Photographer of the Year in the US. I started to use Sony one and
a half years ago — α9 and α7RM3. After a few weeks, I said, “Wow! This
is the revolution. This is the future.” In a wedding there
are a lot of situations, there are emotions, private moments. The silent shutter is amazing. During the ceremony, you cannot
make a big noise so it’s really good. For me the perfect picture… I do a lot of photojournalism
but the beautiful pose, the dramatic pose is the picture. It can transform normal people
into a star. This is what I love. This is incredible because
it is a mix between a studio camera with the big resolution,
42MP is really great, but the camera is really so fast
and the autofocus is really quick. With 10 frames per second,
you can choose the best picture. Just a little smooth movement
can make a difference so it’s really the
perfect combination between very fast
and very big resolution. We cannot choose the
light during the wedding. Sometimes we have a July light,
summer light, very sharp. And the dynamic
range is very important. It’s important to have
a lot of information. Now, for example,
we have a very strong backlight and the bride is in the shade; dynamic range and the editing
make everything so easy. It’s incredible with the 7R.
I can keep everything and with the 12mm
I’ve got the entire scene. When shooting weddings,
everything happens so fast and you must be really fast,
the camera must be fast and the auto-focus is
really, really important. The Eye AF is really
something unbelievable. It is really great because I can
use to shoot in the wide-open. Before I always close a little bit,
to 2 – 2.4 just to be safe and now with the continuous
autofocus, I can move everywhere and the eye is always keeping
the focus in the good place so it really makes a difference. The wedding is one time in
a life I cannot lose the pictures so I use two different
SD cards so I have a back-up. I would be really scared
to have one memory slot. Another reason I choose Sony is
because they have the best prime lens. I love the 85mm G-Master for example. 1.4 is so good: sharp
and the bokeh is amazing. They go from 12 – 800mm
for example, so you have everything. And all the new lenses from
Sony are made for this resolution. Maybe other brands have
300 lenses but they are very old. These are something new,
something really made for the future. The first revolution
was film and digital. Now this is the second
revolution: DSLR and mirrorless. And I am so happy to be part of it.

12 Replies to “A bride in focus – Wedding photographer Cristiano Ostinelli”

  1. Hi Sony – Nice Video. Could we may get more information on all the lenses he used and maybe also on the third party acessories (especially the righ and the nice strap?) – thanks in advance cubuphotography.com

  2. Wonderful! My question: what Kamera Strap is this?

  3. GRANDE SONYαtore!!
    I have a second-hand Sony Alpha 7Rii and I won't regret any euro spent on this masterwork. It makes me so happy, every day. I mean… Canon is nice. But a this Sony Alpha 7Rii and 7Riii even more, they are just outstanding.

    With a SONYα you can make pictures the external hard-drive to your heart 💗

    So happy to be part of it

  4. What a photographer! This is a true artist with a true passionate Italian fashion. The bride, the scenery, the music…simply stunning. Congratulatione Christiano.

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