A case for digital makeup in portrait photography

hey fellow photographer how’s it going
I’m I could tell you today I would like to look into one option that we
photographers might have in our box of tricks and that is digital makeup makeup
that is applied to just really after the fact once we have shot a poetry and the
makeup was good or wasn’t even there how can we fix it and I mean I don’t mean it
long hours in front of Photoshop I mean easy software which just does a trick in
two minutes or something so let’s assume let’s assume we have our friend at home
and she just came from gym and she doesn’t have makeup and then she comes
like oh I really need the poetry for my facebook profile whatever can you do one
you are really good at that I mean I mean we all have that friend right of
course now we photographers we could explain to her aim for a photo you need
a ton of makeup and it should be specific to that photo and and it takes
time and so on and we have to do it another day and yada yada yada always
say sure let’s do this why not so today we will pretend that because I
have got Alex over here and Alex is not that friend yeah she is different she
knows how to model she is professional and in front of the camera she’s a
photographer she knows you need makeup yeah but but
let’s pretend she’s at friend and comes without makeup because thankfully she
did that for us today so Alex can can can you come over and help us a bit in
this scene let me explain we’ve got a table in front of a dark background and
alex is sitting somehow at the edge of the table and we will take a photo of LX
now for that we do a clamshell lighting classic clamshell lighting because let’s
say our friend says I should look like magazine style and magazines they love
clamshell lighting so let’s put an LED panel right above Alex somehow in the
middle and we set that panel to maximum power because
we want to have light right let me make sure it’s set to ya 100% power and it’s
set to 5600 Kelvin so that’s daylight because we’ve got a lot of daylight
coming through our windows over there so I don’t want to mix colors all that much
in fact I’m currently mixing tungsten light from the lamps above myself but
I’ll switch them off not that they would really disturb the photo but just in
case and because I know you online you will say hey that is stupid you’re
mixing in tungsten light from your overhead lamps but anyway okay so we’ve
got the light on LX which is wonderful now for the clamshell lighting we need a
fill from underneath otherwise she has got strong chinchero which I kind of
like but it’s not magazine II right so let’s bring in a little reflector underneath the LED panel so there we go turn that to what Alex unless until I
see yes there’s light coming but what moves that in closer how about that here
I go in front of Alex they’re out tiny bit not too much otherwise it’s getting
too heavy yeah this is basically where I want to end up then let’s bring in a
camera our light ready I’ve got the camera which you can see
it’s currently on f/8 which is for me not usual I usually shoot on every level
so uh yeah let’s let’s bring that up to every 11 fine with spot metering on her
forehead I see I’m on +1 so there’s a highlight
on her chin I’m on plus minus zero so that’s perfect exposure when I showed
1250 fantastic so we are good to go we can
make our photo Alex are you ready cool then look straight into my camera likes
a friend who really wants a portrait for Facebook fantastic and then I count to 1
2 3 cool now let’s make it more like LinkedIn so you have to bring the
shoulder forward like I want to sell you something ok this is fantastic
1 2 3 ok now head straight perfect and now I also do one thing while we are
added a zoom out and photograph Alex really sitting on the table because you
never know probably we need that photo as well fantastic and then while we are
at it I will also do one photo where I’m shooting from some angle of light yeah
why not I mean let’s let’s do that so I go around with the camera Alex can you
follow me with your shoulder a little bit so you should you turn that towards
the camera and the nose again towards me towards the lens and I will zoom in so I
don’t have so much background in there fantastic zoom in a bit more you are
there we go head straight this is good some arm 1 2 3 perfect
thank you so much you are released from playing our friend who wants to have a
party and I will go over to my laptop so beautiful poetry on a really dark
background she’s really coming out what I would usually do now is I would open
that up in Photoshop and I go I probably that duplicate the layer and then I go
to filter and select an tropics poetry Pro which is a digital makeup filter and
that might need some time on my super old tiny MacBook but it does a pretty
good job of finding the face in this image and then working on her face let’s
see how that works okay it asked me a female yes got the
eyebrows shape and it’s it’s not perfectly selected I could improve that
but let’s say I need it in five minutes so this is all I can do then it does a
bunch of Corrections over here which I may or may not like for example do I
really need lighting now maybe yes let’s have it on does her face need sculpting
it doesn’t it’s beautiful it’s beautiful without makeup it’s beautiful hot Scott
thing but just to show you I leave it on hair’ yeah doesn’t play a role in this
image the software already disabled that and your layers are switched off that
doesn’t matter so I go to next return and then it gives me the result in
Photoshop okay for a quick five minute poetry I
would be already very happy I’m sure that my wife Emily who’s also here
wouldn’t be all that happy Emily can can can you come because she
is the makeup artist and if you see digital makeup apply it over here it’s
not all that much right no yeah you could do that better with the software
okay probably we show that as well but for me it would be done over here I
would save it and and use the default settings from that software so for me
the result is already usable for most situations now if it also looks good to
you and if you take digital makeup into your box of tricks then I wish you a ton
of fun with that and as always good luck you

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