A DAY IN MY LIFE AS A MODEL: casting & photoshoot

Hi Vanderfits and welcome to a brand new video Today I show you guys what I do in a day
when I have castings and I need to make pictures So let’s get started right away
in the shower with this organic shower gel that does not contain any parabens
or silicons which is of extreme importance to me And then once I get out
of the shower I get dressed in a super cute outfit I brush my hair with my wooden hairbrush and then I do my makeup I already showed you guys my makeup
routine in my ‘get ready with me’ So if you haven’t seen that please check it
out because there I list all the products And then I brush my teeth and I
actually oil pull with this organic coconut oil which is so good because it
makes my teeth look so much more white and then after that I apply my favorite
NARS lip stick and then I show you guys my outfit This is what I’m wearing My super cute skirt is actually from Stradivarius Then I have a little belt
bag that is from Pacha Ibiza And my sweater is from SHEIN And then I pack my bag, of course my phone is going in my little bag And then in my big bag is
going my iPad because it’s really important to have your portfolio with
you Some people use a book but I just use digital photos Because it’s way
easier and way less heavy so this is my So this is my portfolio and then we’re at the casting location The door was already open And I just followed the signs so I needed to
walk lots of staircases and then when I arrived it looked like this All the models are waiting and then it was my turn And they took my measurements as
you guys can see So first they measure your height and then they
measure your hips as you can see right here And then they go on with your waist and then after they’ve done your waist they do your boobs And then that was the casting already so I just finished with my casting It actually went super well She told me that my measurements were actually perfect The only thing is that
I’m a little bit on the shorter side And of course I know that, I’ve told you that Especially here in the Netherlands So many models are super tall and they were looking for somebody that’s like 177cm So that’s not gonna work for me, but it was a super fun experience and of course I loved taking you guys along with me and
showing you a little bit of the behind the scenes I just snuck it in I like put my camera on top of the sofa so that nobody would notice that I was actually filming, because usually you can’t really film in these kind of castings, but they didn’t
seem to mind her is super friendly So I just got home from that casting and I
actually received a super cool package in the mail And that is actually also a
giveaway for you guys which I’m super excited about And it is these L’Oreal masks… That is why I have this on my face right now Because it is a campaign for
Instagram because that is also part of my job Not only doing the photo shoots
through my agency but also sometimes brands want to work with me on social
media so on Instagram and they reach out to me And then I need to create a post
for them myself and the difference is that with a kind of like traditional
photo shoot you get a photographer and you get a stylist and a makeup artist
and it goes through an agency and then you just work for a brand indirectly,
because they don’t really contact you You get all the information through your
agency and with the more newer style of modeling When it comes to social media
you actually have different kinds of platforms that kind of work like agencies but then you are way more in control because you can actually message
with the company directly and you can determine your own prize and then you
just get offers and you can decline or accept them And that is how I got to work with L’Oreal which you guys know that is one of the brands that I love
working with, so they send me a package of these masks to make a post for That is of course a paid collaboration That’s why I mentioned it in this video because it’s also part of my job And I know you guys
are really curious about that and I actually got some of these masks to play
with myself and that is what I needed to create the two posts and then I also got
formats that are a giveaway for you guys And that giveaway will be on my
Instagram so check that out because this will be coming soon And then I just used the mirror in my bathroom to make the pictures So no photographer, nothing like
that completely different from the traditional modeling photoshoots and the
casting that I had this morning but equally as fun in my opinion And with that I want to end this vlog for today So I hope you guys enjoyed this Thumbs up and see you soon bye bye kisses

28 Replies to “A DAY IN MY LIFE AS A MODEL: casting & photoshoot”

  1. This is so accurate !
    Being someone that's 177 I found that even the height didn't help me sometimes – but I was also in Greece during my off season(I'm a F/W fashion week girl)!
    You're so poised darling!
    (Shouted you out in my video about the modelling industry as I think absolutely everyone should see your videos) xx

  2. Thank you sanne, you are one of the people I look up to, I am a 14 year old dancer, singer and actress from the UK and I am interested in going into modelling when I am an adult. Please keep making modelling vids and also I want to know what age do you think is the best age to start modelling? Xx

  3. Oh the height issue.. I had the same problem when I was modeling haha. It's so annoying, but thankfully there are always clients that don't mind it 🙂

  4. Im 15 years and im 1.75cm ,my dream is to be a model but i live in a small country i hope when i turn 18 my parents allow me to go to America💖

  5. i have a question sanne! if i workout only 10 minutes everyday, should i still take rest-days? if so, how many rest days? love u🤞🏼❤️

  6. i have a question sanne! if i workout only 10 minutes everyday, should i still take rest-days? if so, how many rest days? love u🤞🏼❤️

  7. Sanne your r really deserve that
    The most simple and lovely model ihave ever seen ❤😍💪all the best all the best all the best

  8. How tall are you???? Love your channel 💞💞💞💞💞💞 I am 5’11 but my height kind of makes me feel clumsy and not model like 😂😂

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