Good afternoon everyone! I’m here at the park with my best friends Benny and Nikita. We’re walking… you probably wonder why I have body glitter
on my face, it’s because we’re doing a photoshoot today based in the park! We’re doing this for Benny’s college work, which is going to be super fun! It’s really cold today. I’m wearing the Color Run top… Some of you might know or don’t know, but last Summer, I went to the Color Obstacle Run which was amazing, the colour powders
were all over me. I’m doing it again in Winter, Benny has colour powders to throw over
us and a bit of water. This is for his Art homework. We’ve just finished lunch at the Pie and Mash shop it was delicious, we’re quite full up and we’re now ready for the photoshoot! You probably wondering where my
body glitter is from, There are from NYX… (trying to figure out
how to sign X in one hand) I really love them. I love wearing something EXTRA I don’t like the basic look, the extra look makes everything look good. This is my best friend Benny… B: Hello! and Nikita! N: Hey! J: Ooo exciting! We’re walking to the trees to get a photoshoot which I’m really excited about! N: The glitter body makeup is looking good. J: I’ve added a heart, hopefully
it looks well enough. B: And I look good too! J: He doesn’t have the extra thingy on his face. J: Oh my god! N: I’m soaked! N: Why is she running? J: It’s cold! (FUN MUSIC) J: Oh my god! N: OMG! Benny is joining the photoshoot now, woo! Oh my god, my face looks awesome. I now look like the Grinch! I look so like the Grinch, in the film B: Hello! How are you all?!
I’m now involved. B: Ready? (FUN MUSIC) B: The photo is looking good! N: I look ugly just like this. N: Girl… Boy…? (GIRL MUSIC) J: Is it recording? (GIRL MUSIC) We’ve just finished the photoshoot… my hands are so numb, I can’t even sign because it’s freezing! We had a lot of fun, we took LOTS of photos. It’s hard to believe that I can’t
even sign properly as it’s way cold. My face looks good, I love the colours! We have got over 300 photos, I’m buzzing to check them out! So I can post them on my Instagram
which is exciting. J: How do you feel about the photoshoot? B: It was really good.. J: My hands are numb B: I know, it’s really cold today! B: Yeah, it was really good, I really enjoyed it! Thanks to both of you for being part
of my project. J: You’re more than welcome. B: I’m sure my project will look brilliant! N: We had a really good time,
we had a lot of good laughs really, it wasn’t that cold today but Jasmine… B: We’ve got over 300 photos which are worth. J: I don’t know why but I have a feeling
that I will catch a cold later. N: If you like this vlog, make sure you’ve subscribed! J: Aww thank you! J: Looking cute, let’s do it again
as we look cute. Okay, so, we’re going home to get
a lovely shower I really hope you enjoy this vlog and thank you for watching! If you’re new to my channel, don’t forget to subscribe! Give this video a big thumb ups if you enjoy it, woo! Bye byeee Mwah! N: Again, you must subscribe to Jazzy! B: And me! J: Byeee!

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