A Great Stabilizer for DSLR and Mirrorless Cameras — Zhiyun Crane V2 [4K]

hey guys welcome to our fitness channel is your shin train version – ready okay here we go Wow – feel the burn feel the burn nice and steady [Music] and here it is Shion crane version – it comes in this James Bond style case inside the case you get the manual battery charger that has two micro USB inputs on each side two quarter inch mounting screws one for the land supporting thingy and one for the camera one land supporting thingy – 3600 milliampere our batteries that gives this stabilizer 12 to 18 hours battery life a USB to micro USB cable and the shin crane version to itself compared to version 1 version 2 has a new baseplate new batteries new battery charger and new controls on the handle Xin crane version 2 is normally six hundred and forty-nine dollars but lately it is five hundred and forty nine dollars and it supports weights from 350 grams to 1000 and 800 grams to put that in perspective this a 6500 with 10 to 18 lens plus rode video link Rx on top of it weighs 892 grams so I can add one more of this and this stabilizer will support it also everything rotates endlessly in 360 loops but gets scratched easily so watch out this cable weighs 1100 and four grams so it’s not very light she and crane M on the other hand weighs 739 grams and if you get a cable like this and connected to your gimbal thank you your camera and as you can see now I can use the zoom but since my lens doesn’t support it it’s not gonna work I can hit this button take a photo or I can hit it twice to start shooting a video before we talk more about crane version 2 let’s see what it can do I shut all this footage with Sony a 6500 with 10 to 18 f/4 lens no additional stabilization is applied during editing of this video hi now walk around with my camera thank you no it’s not like yeah I’m tasting it right now so we’ll see I have to Crane em and train em is great this is a little heavy I love this place lies or $28 it’s a it’s where that’s why it’s a 60 now we’re expecting any level knocking water well I see laughs oh I’m glad I walked in here No that’s the only qualification first nail actually ordered it to your home nice yeah with shop let me see what’s on that side I know you thank you very much and then I say thank you can you put it in my bag thank you very much you guys later all right that was cool now where’s that appletalk let’s welcome to the Apple store with a friend let’s see what they’ll do [Music] stop did you hear that let me play that part again a little bit louder this time that is security whistling at me and when I looked at him he raised his hand slowly and did a no-no gesture very kind and extremely classy no feeling didn’t even respond all right thank you okay not gonna cry not gonna cry I’m not gonna cry I’m a 43 year old man I’m that girl camp just kidding let’s go have some fun [Music] [Music] so one thing that I wish this has is a trigger how it should add the trigger because I want to use this more efficiently and I can’t have to click this button constantly and I have to remember which mod time and and it’s not easy all the time hello board then my arms start to get tired because the crane the camera and the mini tripod weighted 2170 three grams which is four pounds and 12 ounces but I was prepared for such scenario I had a secret weapon this is shields remote controller it does everything the buttons on the cranes handle do it is a great add-on when you need to control your gimbal from a distance now you may be thinking how is this the secret weapon well it isn’t this is this is crane extended handle it turns your crane into some kind of a bicycle with invisible wheels and when you add the remote to the side of the handle your weapon is ready yes this handle adds 682 grams to the equation but you get to use both hands to hold it now let’s see how this works so unleash the secret Ronin I mean the weapon right it’s much more comfortable sitting that was a lot of fellows oh of course it’s a lot easier to change them all from here changed back put it in follow mode [Music] a lot easier free market [Music] of course I take a lot of space right now I know this one’s gonna be more comfortable right now I’m not more comfortable this definitely makes you work out a little bit more on the chest besides the arms the other one I feel it’s just arms with this one I’m getting a little bit of chest workout in as well it’s kind of burning here I really thought this was gonna be super comfortable it is not I’m sweating in my classes right now okay I need to change this back okay that really warm you up really fast this is much more comfortable at least if I get tired I can hold it with two hands which is of course what she said okay let’s try something can I walk from here to the end I’m gonna speed it up let’s put it in the free mode align this [Music] yeah as you can see it has a quarter-inch tripod mount under there which is great because sometimes you want to put this down and look at your arms a little bit you’re like yeah I did it whoa thank you Sheehan crane version – and also this quarter inch screw comes off giving you 3/8 inch mount option by the way this mini tripod was ready now can I hold this entire thing up so a child I dropped my camera because of that it wasn’t a full drop it just went you need something a lot stronger than this when you first turn this on as you can see it follows me left and right but when I point it down or up it just keeps looking forward if you hit the mode button once then whatever I do this is the lock mode it keeps staring in the right direction just like an aggressive animal see don’t I get ya gotta get you if you hit it twice now it will follow my moves I can make it look wherever I want and if you hit it three times it turns into selfie mode we also have this joystick here and you can use the joystick to look around as well it can rotate in 360 you can rotate it as much as you like and of course this is sensitive if you push it a little bit it turns slowly if you push it all the way it turns fast and if you hold down the mode button it goes into sleep mode if you hold down again it resets now let’s take a look at the app Sheehan assistant uhit connects and then you find your device on the this list cranes 0 7 C 2 and it is connected as you can see I can see how much battery I have and I can control it and I have calibration I can calibrate the gimbal if there’s something with it and then you can upgrade with a downgrade arrow on top of it and that we have stabilizer settings this is kind of important to know you can change joystick orientation I mean you can select your manufacturer here let’s see what it says supports Sony rx series HH series QX and all mirrorless cameras and then the functions it delivers is the shutter zoom and video and you can use it with Panasonic gh4 and I’m guessing with Panasonic gh4 as well and then we have the strength weeks medium strong if your gimbal is shaking like Leonardo DiCaprio at the end of Titanic that means it is set to strong but the weight on your gimbal is not strong enough so you may want to set that to medium or weak and then we have camera here the camera is not for us and then we have more we have tutorials and come from ok now I want to show you something when you go to Sheen’s website and start scrolling down as we always do let’s look at smooth freeze tag line phone device micro single screen okay smooth cute light steady your horizon okay what’s gonna train as the arm means whatever and then cranium glue Tony’s monster the size of page all and now my favorite my favorite of all things go to Instagram and look at all those things print them out put them together and burn them because this is the best evolution is simple and not simple writer and I would heart scared to write now I know what you’re thinking are you you’re saying are these people trying no this actually Chrome’s automated transit ematic translation switch to English everything goes back to normal well thank you very much for watching this episode and I hope you enjoyed it please hit that subscribe button I must have a subscribe button somewhere here on the screen pick that subscribe button and play dingdong bitch with the bow next to it and join the world domination and please let me know what you think about Shion crane version 2 in the comment section below and until I see the next time take really good care of yourselves and Horsa : [Music]

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  1. Hi, there. Very nice video! I have a question though; when you're using your gymbal to film outdoors using ND filter in a wedding, for example. And then you need to quickly get ready to start filming indoors. What do you do? Remove the filter and switch the gymbal on, even though it is not properly balanced, dyou use the ND filter to shoot indoors, or do you use a second gymbal? Thanks for your time!

  2. I was distracted at 3:47 😍 Anyways, great video 😀 I recently got the zhiyun crane-M and was wondering if I should return it for the bigger one since it won't balance my mirrorless anymore if I add a mic :c

  3. 8:51 … "at least if i get tired i can hold it with two hands, which is of course what she said"
    that one killed me … because it was so casual and unexpected!! LMAO😂😂

  4. “El stabilizer’ı görmeyen kendininkini balta sanırmış” yazılabilirmiş bence o kadar felsefik cümleler yerine 😁

  5. Hey everyone. I am looking for a stabilizer, but I have 2 cameras I would like to use it for.
    Would this support using both a SONY RX100 V and a Sony A7 with a 24/70mm.

    The RX100 is technically too light as far as I know, and the A7 with that lens might just be too heavy.

    Any recommendations? @iphonedo

  6. http://www.ebay.com/itm/292292501789?ul_noapp=true

    Selling mine! Used only once to balance, great crane but my equipment is too heavy unfortunately.

  7. Iphonedo – the guy who could've been an extra character in GTA V, lives in GTA V world and makes the best reviews ever! Sub and hands up 🙂

  8. Thanks, great review. You are sooo funny. Does it work with the Panasonic bridge camera FZ2000 as well?!?! And which functions can be controlled with it?

  9. Het mate thanks for the video! Just wondering if its safe to leave the camera on the crane for extended periods while its not on?

  10. Hello !! I'm new follower ❤️ I love your videos 📹📸📱 thank you so much for sharing I learned a lot from you 😘

  11. Good evening sir.

    May I ask what your thoughts are, on the build quality and how robust you think the gimbal is with day-to-day stuff?
    Have you noticed any problems or issues with the motors becoming slack or loose since your review a couple of months ago?

    I only ask as I have owned a couple of gimbals from a company based in Hong Kong, which were designed for a phone and GoPro. Both devices were considerably lighter than kit like mirrorless cameras however I discovered that after a few months of use, the motors become loose and started to fall apart. This caused the gimbals to not work properly and created stuttered footage.



  12. I just picked up one yesterday along with Sony a6300 and came here to watch the review on it. Thank you very much and I'm still waiting on a video that shows us how you plan and complete your video projects.

  13. My mind is fucked right now ;D
    When you walked on pier your stable image was a bit bumpy or simply i saw steps so i thought damn add extra 400$ and buy ronin but when you speed it up image was freaky smooth as fuck…. so i dont even have what to think right now ;D but anyway so far zhiyun best gimbals in market so far for price and what you get but for vlogger smooth q is still better because this one is heavy for longer shooting

  14. Hi I want to ask you if the "selfie mode" follows you, and if it does, how far can you walk away from the camera? I have a Lumix Panasonic GH5… Thank you!

  15. Hey budy, I love yours video man! its amazing,
    I would like to see one review about Crane 2 please, I looking for one gimbal to my sony FDR AX-33, someone said to me the crane 2 its compatible, but I didnt find videos about it, Thanks and keep going….

  16. Can anyone point me in the direction of a video 'IN ENGLISH' for the Crane 2 with the 1DX MK2 I found three, but not in English.

  17. Hi iPhonedo, I wondered where you were with a review of the Zhiyun Crane 2? I only ask as thinking of getting one but I will purchase on the basis of your review as your reviews are superb, thanks man keep up the great work 🙂

  18. hello ! I had this gimbal. And i try to balancing this with my Sony a5100 + 35mm f1.8 Sony Lens with it. And it cant balance properly. Is it too light weight ? thanks

  19. I've seen hundreds of reviews for lots of stabilizers and other products. 

    Yours is my favorite. Your amusing and funny and the video review was great. You're awesome!

  20. Crazy idea here: Build a counterweight that attaches to the back of the holding stick, then you rest the stabilizer on your shoulder (by the holding stick). Boom, walk around for a day without issue.

  21. Thank you. I have seen this video a few times and picked up a Zhiyan crane V2 for my Sony. I wanted to ask you about your video settings. I'm shooting with a Sony A7ii. I know its not an A6500 but I could use the help.

  22. So glad I saw your note on Zhiyun-Tech Crane-2 3-Axis Stabilizer with Follow Focus – I was thinking osmo plus but now I want this. I hope you do a review on this newer one.

  23. One thing that annoys me as that the footage was at 24 fps but the shutter speed didn't look like 1/50 so it looked like a slideshow. I'd shoot at 60 fps using this personally

  24. The Crane V2 is so much better than the Moza Air.It has better software, easier to update the firmware, and is immensely more reliable.

  25. I have a Canon SL2 what limitation will this cause if I were to buy this Stabilizer? GREAT VIDEO thanks for all your help!

  26. Great review..! Thanks. PS: Zhiyun Crane V2 is a great, but what do You think about Feiyu Tech A2000…? I must choose one of these two. I'll be grateful for answer. Reagards

  27. LOL man you crack me up, your are so funny love the part where you turn it into a bicycle with invisible wheels LOL great review too the jokes are the bonus.

  28. Your totally English Version Released ?Iphonedo X ! Wow, that sounds a little bit dirty :p I am happy to see your mysterious face daddy ;)) Btw, why the hell do you have everthing I‘d die for? Oh God! I sometimes hate top youtubers..Anyway, like you maan. Ba ba!!

  29. I have my rodelink on top of my A7R2. Everytime it goes forward it hits the top of the rodelink 🙁

  30. Youtube is not the same without you… everytime I have a new youtube account. you come to mind. Your content is unforgettable and unique

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