A Photoshoot for Yoga International; behind the scenes

My focus this week is on an article I am making for Yoga International, which is a Dutch magazine. It is about Sara and me
actually. It’s about us as soulmates. The problem is; I am not only writing the
article. I’m also doing the photography for it. And it has to be photos of Sara
and me at the same time. So I have to take the photos and I have to be on the photo. So I have to be behind the camera and I have to be in front of the camera. So actually there should
be to me’s. One to press the shutter behind and want to step in front of the camera. It’s a little bit complicated. I’ll show you why. For photography the most important thing is light. Now we are here on Tenerife, which is actually the African continent. We are more or less – like – next to Morocco. So the light during daytime is very, very hard and having the sun, gives dark shadows in the eyes. So if we want to shoot we have to go out early morning, because than the light is still very nice and very soft. It is shooting day. It’s still dark. I
think Icod is still asleep We’re on our way to the sunny side of
the island For this shot I need the beach to be empty, the sky to be blue and Sara to be awake. I got one; an empty beach. She’s not
awake. We’re not having a blue sky yet. Even when I’m not taking photos, I kind of look at the world at a photographer, because when I do photoshoots the person I have
in front of my camera I kind of can control. I mean I can make them stand, I can make them sit. I can make them go a little bit to the left, I can make them go to the right. I can ask them to smile at me, I can ask them to look angry. I can change
their body shape. I can change the angle I am shooting from. But what I mostly can’t control is the background. When you shoot in studio, it is easy you place a background behind you, but when you shoot outdoors – and most of the portraits I do are outdoors – I can’t change the background. So I don’t mind that much how the person is looking. That will be find. What I need is great backgrounds. So wherever I am I am I’m looking for backgrounds. Now we lived in Candelaria, here on Tenerife, for about six months and when we were there, when we were walking through Candelaria I kind of always looked around to see if I could see like an nice field, a nice wall or whatever. So when I got this assignment – when I was asked to do this photoshoot –
for Yoga International for me the first place to go to: Candelaria. Beach is always great, because you have
the nice sand, the pattern of the sand. You have the ocean in the back. So depending a little bit on how the light is the beach can be a very, very cool place to go to. At the same time it’s kind of like one color, maybe two colors. So that makes it a little bit boring as well. A nice thing in Candelaria is that next to the beach there is this amazing field. It is actually the overflow area of the river and it has all this green, stone, yellow colors. It is a field you are not supposed to go, but – you know – it is a photoshoot, and so we climed over the fence and went in this field to do the shot. And so far I
think is my favorite It is a quarter past nine. Light is
actually already getting too harsh. We have one more spot to go. Hopefully we
have some shade there. We’ll see. But I wasn’t too happy about the beach, I’m very happy
about this part. This is her first smile of the morning,
because now she has breakfast The problem with this photoshoot is – like I said – I have to be in front of the camera and behind the camera. This is our video
camera, but to give you an idea; I am sitting behind the camera. Sara is in front of it
and I have to have this composition of Sara and me. Which not going to work if
I’m here. So I’m always kind of like asking Sara to stand there so I have
something to focus on. Set the camera, put it on self-timer,
which gives me 20 seconds to run over. If it is a normal portrait and I have to stand next to Sara, it’s okay. I still don’t know how it’s going to be with me and Sara,
it’s okay. The problem is, for this magazine we do a lot of partner poses and Acro Yoga
poses. So I am behind the camera have 20 seconds to run over, be the base, get Sara to fly on top of me get her into the pose before the camera starts taking photos. It does five shots so we have 20 seconds plus 5 shots to have the perfect picture, but it’s like setting the camera, clicking, running over, lying down, get Sara up – safely as I can – into the pose smile for 5 clicks and then hope, hope that what I have in my mind actually comes out. It is challenging but it’s fun as well. So the story is done. What I’d like to do
when I write a story is to read it out loud, because when I read it out loud I
can actually hear if the story is flowing This one is a little bit harder, because
I wrote it in Dutch and I’m actually reading it to her in English. I can read
it to her in Dutch, but it is not going to help. So I’m reading to her in English. When I write a story I always want to have her opinion. I want to see if she likes
it or not. And she’s critical enough to say ‘no’. Okay job for Yoga international done. Time to get to writing yoga classes for Sara’s yoga challenge in October

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