A Video Editor’s Review Of The Dell XPS 15 9570 Laptop

– Hey guys, my name is Matt Johnson, and today I want to review this, the Dell XPS 15 9570 laptop. And I’m gonna tell you
if this is a good choice if you want to buy a
laptop for editing video. I’ve been using the XPS
15 for about the past seven months or so to edit
video whenever I travel, and I’ve really wanted
to make a review about it because I think it’s a great
choice for video editing if you don’t work from home or an office or if you travel often and
you don’t want to build a video editing desktop. First thing you’ll notice about the XPS 15 is this laptop is pretty thin and light. And it’s definitely giving off
some MacBook Pro vibes here, which I am not upset about. I would say that the XPS 15
is one of the closest laptops that you can get in terms of build quality to a MacBook Pro while still buying a PC. And to provide some context
for where I’m coming from as far as laptops go, I
actually own two laptops before buying the Dell. The first is this big
honking Asus gaming laptop that I bought in 2013 that is definitely nowhere near thin and light. This thing is very chunky. And an Asus 14-inch ultrabook. Definitely more portable, but
also not nearly as powerful as the gaming laptop. This G75 is definitely from
the era of desktop replacements where they say, hey, you can
get all the power of a desktop and it’s still portable, kind of. So I had a lot of power in this laptop. But in terms of portability
and battery life, wasn’t so good. With a one to two-hour
battery life on a good day, I wasn’t busting this G75 out
on my coach seat on an airline because it’s bigger than the
actual tray table itself. I would have to wait until
I could get to a hotel room or coffee shop where I could
actually plug it in to edit. I also got married in 2013 and my wife brought along
this 14-inch ultrabook. This laptop has much better battery life but a very slow CPU, so it made editing videos virtually impossible even in 1080p, and definitely not in 4K. It’s really only good for dumping footage from a camera to back up, but
it only has one USB 3.0 port. So even that can be a pain. So I would find myself in this predicament whenever I traveled. Do I bring along the massive laptop that I can barely fit into my carry on bag but is capable of letting me edit video, or do I bring along the tiny light laptop that’s great for copying footage but not actually capable
of editing anything until I get home to my desktop? Enter the Dell XPS 15 9570. I get the power of my bigger,
bulkier gaming desktop while the size and portability
of the smaller ultrabook. Are you beginning to see
why I love this thing? Now let’s talk about the
build quality of this laptop. It’s definitely premium and professional. There’s no gamer on it,
there’s no RGB anywhere. It’s definitely more subdued, and I like that whenever I’m traveling. The keyboard feels great
to me with a good travel, and it isn’t at all clicky
like the new MacBook butterfly keyboards either. The carbon fiber palm rest is comfortable and doesn’t get too hot
or cold like aluminum, but it does have a con
in that it definitely will show smudges from your hand oils. So I wouldn’t eat Doritos
while typing on his laptop. The trackpad is also a
massive upgrade over all other laptops that I’ve used, second only to the MacBook Pro. PC laptop trackpads are
notorious for being a mixed bag, but this is a great one. I still prefer to use a
mouse whenever I’m editing, but I’ve edited videos with
this laptop without one, and it still worked great. One of my other favorite features is the power button that
doubles as a fingerprint reader. Well, I do wish this laptop
had a Windows Hello camera that will recognize you
as soon as you open it. Having a fast and accurate
fingerprint reader makes signing into this laptop a breeze. This laptop also has a
decent amount of inputs. You get three USB A
and one USB Type-C port that supports Thunderbolt. So if you edit off an external
Thunderbolt drive or RAID, or if you wanna plug in an
external GPU, you’re covered. There’s also an SD card
slot that I use all the time whenever I’m copying footage
after filming a wedding. I love not having to reach
for a dongle or adapter to plug things in, but I still have a USB Type-C port if I need it. One of my least favorite
features of this laptop is the speakers. While, they are adequate, they do make sound and
they get decently loud, unfortunately they are
downward firing speakers. So if you’re editing on a
desk, it can have a weird slight echo to your audio,
and it’s not nearly as clear as upward firing speakers are. And I’m gonna warn you
now, this laptop’s fans can definitely get loud and
interfere with your speakers. More on that in a little bit,
but just know that I always recommend wearing headphones
whenever you’re editing video with this laptop. Another feature that many
people dislike about this laptop is the webcam, specifically
the webcam’s placement. It’s on the bottom of the screen. So if you’re doing a Skype
call or a Google Hangout, everybody’s gonna end
up looking up your nose or up my beard in my case. My recommendation to you is
that if you just want to use this laptop for video
calls, the webcam’s fine. But if you want to do any
sort of the live streaming, like I do to YouTube every month with my wedding film review livestream, which you can tune into, then I would highly
recommend either investing in an external webcam
that’s higher quality that you can actually
place in a better position, or purchasing an adapter that
will actually let you use your real camera such
as a mirrorless or DSLR with your laptop as a webcam. I’ll be sure to link to
some devices that do that, as well as webcams down
in the video description. Back to positives. We need to talk about
one of the best features of this laptop, the screen. If you are planning on editing
videos with the XPS 15, which this whole review
is aimed at video editors, then I highly recommend
investing in the 4K panel option for this laptop. This screen is so gorgeous,
and it’s a thing of beauty to watch wedding films and
other videos that I’ve shot in native 4K on it. It’s also quite bright. Not quite MacBook Pro
levels of brightness, but dang I often times find myself turning the brightness down to about halfway because I don’t wanna burn my eyeballs out while sitting in my editing cave. More important to just being pretty though is the color accuracy of this screen. With my older laptops,
when I would bust out my color calibration tool
to calibrate my monitors, it was always a massive
swing before and after the monitor was calibrated. We’re talking a swing from
icy blue to bright orange. With the new XPS 15, my monitor’s colors barely looked different
after I calibrated it. This tells you that the monitor is already quite color accurate from the factory. And if you do any sort of
color grading or image editing, you know how important this is. I could not say enough good
things about this monitor. Remember how I was telling
you that my Asus gaming laptop’s battery would only last one to two hours on a charge? Well, the XPS 15 makes
massive improvements in the area of battery life
over my previous laptops. I feel like basically all
electronic manufacturers are talking these days
about all-day battery life. You need to go all day without plugging in your phone to charge it. Leave your charger at home
whenever you go to work with your laptop. Unfortunately, all-day battery
life is basically impossible for any laptop that I know of whenever you’re talking about
using it for 4K video editing. If I’m just browsing
the web on the XPS 15, with the screen brightness turned down, answering some emails,
watching some YouTube videos, I find myself getting six to
eight hours of battery life. But if you’re editing 4K videos while your wife drives you
on a road trip across Texas, the battery life is gonna be
closer to four to five hours. To be clear, the battery
life while editing is definitely better than
all of my previous laptops. But if you remember one thing, don’t leave your charger at home whenever you are planning
on video editing. With all that out of the way, let’s get down to the meat
and potatoes of this review. Specifically, I’m sure you’re asking, how fast is this laptop whenever it comes to editing and rendering 4K video, Matt? First, let’s talk about CPUs. My older bulky Asus gaming laptop has an Intel Core i7-3630QM inside that has four cores and eight
threads at 2.4 gigahertz. Well, this is definitely an older CPU. Up until 2017, basically
the most powerful CPUs being put into laptops still only had four cores and eight threads. And in my experience, four
cores and eight threads is plenty for editing 1080p video. But once you throw 4K video into the mix, that’s when everything
starts to slow down. Every year, CPU speeds have
gradually gotten faster, but it’s definitely been a
slower, more evolutionary pace without many drastic
improvements in speed. Now I wanted to upgrade
from my Frankenstein two laptop system back in mid 2017. But around that time, I
started hearing rumors that Intel is gonna be releasing new CPUs that go from four cores and eight threads to six cores and 12 threads, and that seemed like it
was worth waiting for. Finally, in early 2018, Intel
released their new CPUs. And pretty soon after that,
Dell released the XPS 15 9570, which I bought. And I cannot understate the importance of these new CPUs to video editors. Adobe Premiere and DaVinci
Resolve love having more cores, especially if you’re editing in 4K. As far as specs go, I bought my XPS 15 with the Intel core i9-8950HK, a six core, 12 thread CPU
that runs at 2.9 gigahertz. It also comes with an
NVIDIA 1050Ti graphics card and 32 gigabytes of RAM,
which in my experience is plenty of power for 4K video editing. With those CPU specs and Adobe Premiere, I’ve found that I can
export a five-minute long wedding film in 4K with warp stabilizer and many effects applied
to a lot of the clips on the timeline in six
minutes and 49 seconds. For comparison, my
older Asus gaming laptop can export that same 4K wedding film in, I wrote it down here, 1 hour,
33 minutes and 55 seconds. What? That’s insane! So the XPS 15 is
definitely an improvement. To be clear though, my
old Asus laptop is running a third generation i7 CPU. If you are upgrading
from a more recent CPU like an Intel sixth or seventh generation, I would expect to see a big improvement but not as large as my example, considering how old my Asus laptop is. I wish I had a more
current laptop to try this render test on, but I don’t. All that said about the blazing
fast speed of this laptop, if I could go back to Dell
and change my order, I would. Because as I said, I
purchased the i9-8950HK CPU with this laptop. But if I could go back,
I would probably buy the i7-8750H CPU instead. With the 8750H, you’re still getting a CPU with six cores and 12 threads, but you’re gonna be saving yourself $350. And from the testing and reviews that many other reviewers
have made about this laptop, I don’t believe the i7
CPU is gonna generate nearly as much heat as the i9 processor. In my testing and video rendering, I have not seen the i9
overheat or thermal throttle. But in a laptop this
thin, it is pushing up against the thermal limits of this laptop to put an i9 inside it,
and I honestly think that the i7 is a better buy. Keeping up with the heat trend
we’re talking about here, we need to talk about this laptop’s fans because they have a tendency
to ramp up and get pretty loud even if you’re only editing
video, not rendering it. Like I said earlier, I highly
recommend wearing headphones whenever you’re editing with this laptop. The last thing I wanna
talk about the XPS 15 is one of the features that
not many other reviewers that I’ve seen have been talking about, it is one of the main reasons
that I purchased the XPS 15 over the competition like the Razer Blade or even a MacBook Pro. That feature is the warranty. And hear me out about this
because it is surprisingly good. Let’s compare Dell’s warranty to one of the better warranties out
there, Apple’s AppleCare. If you buy AppleCare for
$379 and your MacBook breaks, you can bring it to an
Apple store if you happen to live near one, or you can
send it off to them for repair. And depending on how bad it is, you’ll have your computer
repaired within a week or two if they have to send it
off to replace some parts. If you opt to buy Dell’s
Premium Support plus warranty, which covers anything breaking, either by there being an issue
in manufacturing the laptop or in you having an accident and dropping or spilling something on
your laptop, et cetera; instead of you sending it off for repair, Dell will send a technician
to you within one to two business days to repair
your laptop on site. Yes, you do not need to leave your house or even put on pants to
have your laptop repaired. But it might get awkward. This is one of the best
warranties that I’ve ever seen in the computer industry. And as a working professional, I feel like Dell is respecting
my time with this warranty. To be clear though, I
haven’t used this warranty and I hope that I don’t
actually have to use it, but I purchased the four-year warranty so I still have a lot of time in the event that something breaks. So let’s talk about price for this laptop. With the warranty, I spent
3,830 on this laptop, and I pretty much maxed
out all of the specs. As I said earlier though, I
feel like the CPU is overkill. So if I was you, I would save the $350 and get the 8750H CPU instead. There are more ways to save
money on this laptop though. If you feel comfortable
undoing some screws on the bottom of the laptop, the RAM and the SSD are user upgradable. So you could actually buy the XPS 15 with the lowest amount of
RAM and the smallest SSD size and then upgrade them yourself
using parts that you buy that are cheaper. In the case of the SSD, mine came with a two terabyte Toshiba drive. And if I wanted to swap that
out for a Samsung NVMe SSD, it would be even faster. Also, keep in mind that
this laptop has been out for about half a year now,
and Dell is very aggressive whenever it comes to offering
discounts and coupons, especially on holidays. So you should definitely be able to get a much better price than I did whenever I bought this laptop
right whenever it came out. So in conclusion, I really
like the Dell XPS 15 9570. And if you are a video
editor that currently is not working from home or an office where it’s feasible for you to build your own video editing computer, I would highly recommend this laptop. It’s not big, but Dell has managed to cram a 4K screen into this thing, a very comfortable keyboard and touchpad and some very impressive CPU options. In my opinion, this laptop is the best mix of power and portability. Speaking of power though, I know I already harped on this but I’m going to repeat it again, if you are currently editing on a laptop that has a four core eight thread CPU, basically any laptop before mid 2018 and you find that whenever
you’re editing 4K videos your laptop’s chugging along
just trying to keep up, I would highly recommend
investing in a laptop like this. Quick update here guys, this
is Matt from the future. Yes, a few weeks after
recording this video, I actually recorded this
video in mid-February, but then my wife
unexpectedly went into labor with our new baby, she’s doing great by the way, and so I was a little delayed
in getting this thing edited. Of course the day after I
finished recording the video, news breaks about Intel’s new CPUs including their new laptop CPUs that are going to be
eight core and 16 threads. So if you are thinking
about buying the XPS 15, you may want to hold
off until quarter two, whenever these CPUs are released. I’m pretty sure after that
we’ll see a new XPS 15 with these new eight core
16 thread CPUs inside it, which is going to be even faster than this current XPS 15. Second thing, I somehow missed
the news back in January that Dell announced that they
were going to be releasing an updated version of the XPS 15 with an OLED 4K screen in March 2019. And I’m sure you’re thinking, Matt, the time you release
this video is March, so sometime this month,
they haven’t done it yet but sometime this month
we’re going to be seeing a 4K OLED screen for the XPS 15. It will probably be more
expensive than the current XPS 15. But as much as I said about how beautiful this laptop screen is,
an OLED version of it would be even more beautifuler. So keep both these things in
mind if you are considering buying a video editing laptop. If you need to buy a laptop right now, I think the current XPS
15 is a fantastic choice. But if you could wait
until later on this year, we are going to be seeing some updates that are pretty significant. Also, keep in mind that
with these updates, the current XPS 15 price could go down, which would make it significantly
easier on your wallet. All right, back to the original recording. With that, thank you so much for watching. If you’re a video editor and
you’ve been considering buying the Dell XPS 15 9570,
or maybe you’ve never heard of it before, I hope
that this video helps you out in making a purchase decision. Also, I am sure that
there are a lot of you that are getting ready
to type comments like hey, Matt, you got any cheaper
laptop options out there? And I’ve been considering making a cheaper video editing laptop
kind of round up I would say that features cheaper
laptops that are still great for video editing. Please leave me a comment
below if you would like to see that video. Also, if you are interested in building a video editing PC, I
recently finished a video that details how to build
a budget video editing PC that can still added 4K for $700. So if laptop’s not your
speed but desktops are, you should check out that video. I’ll make sure to link to
it down in the description. Thanks so much for watching,
and have a great day. (uplifting music)

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  23. What's with all the good reviews on this laptop? All I have to do is go to Amazon and I can find lots of 1 or 2 stars reviews regarding the problem with this laptop. So is everyone being dishonest about their reviews just so they can get free stuffs from Dell?

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    I’ll be using the Dell mainly for Lightroom. Cheers!

  39. Hey Matt! I have a question. Are you having any problems with running Premiere Pro and not getting any performance from your Nvidia GPU? Any intensive application I use only uses the integrated Intel GPU rather than the dedicated one. It is very frustrating because I paid so much for this laptop and the dedicated GPU only for it not to ever use it. Please let me know!

  40. So basically Dell made the laptop as slim as possible(nobody asked for that) and now you have to live with loud fan noise because of that.

  41. hi, does anyone here have a serious banding issue and bad mid-tones in Dell XPS 15? It was a recommended laptop for photo and video editing, 4k display, awesome colours hurray, but stuff like that happens. I have BIOS and drivers up to date, downloaded Dell PremierColor, intel graphics settings and nothing works. Does anyone know how to fix this or have better laptop in mind? Thanks a lot

  42. This or Macbook Pro for multitasking with simultaneous photo (photoshop), video and music editting without hindering performance?

  43. hi sir i ask u one question how to sync dubbed audio in a video? for example i have one video in which turkish language audio is there but i want to sync hindi dubbed audio in a video? can u tell me how to do that or make a video on this ? please reply i am waiting ur reply?

  44. Hey man, doing some research on a new video editing laptop and I came across this video. Hopefully you see this comment since it's been a couple of months now.

    But would you recommend the new Surface Laptop 3 with the 10th gen Quad Core i7 over this? It's slightly cheaper

  45. Hi Matt, I'm new to video editing and learned a lot from your review. You mentioned twice that this laptop was great if you don't work from home. Why? Also, I would love to see a review on less expensive models. Thanks!

  46. Can someone please help me, I bought this laptop and I've been having a lot of trouble keeping the colors when I transfer files. Primarily, I edit photos/videos on the XPS 9570 4kUHD but when I transfer via drop box to my Iphone the colors are so dull and they look so bad. I have to OVER Saturate on the laptop and it looks really bad, to make it look decent when the file transfers over. Does anyone know of anything that can potentially help me? This is really Frustrating and im thinking about returning this and going to Macbook because of this… HELP

  47. Thanks for this video Matt! I have been trying to decide if I should switch from Mac to PC, and this helps! PC is looking fine!

  48. I have premium support Dell still charged me for battery change in an Alienware. just after 150 charging cycles and 1 year 2 months battery lost over 70% capacity ,I kept going on that this is just ridiculously bad quality battery and lucky didn't explode on me ,still had to pay

  49. apparently Dell has decided to rearrange the numbers and this laptop is now called the XPS 15 7590! i didn't see where anyone has said this, so forgive me if it has been covered.

  50. I have an XPS 15 that is a few years old, it can edit 4K with proxies only, i would love to have one of the new 8 core XPS beasts, thanks for the very informative review of this laptop Matt.

  51. Hi Matt, I travel and edit with my XPS 15 for a while now but it is really slow and laggy when I edit 4K vids. It sometimes even shuts down (because of overheating?!)
    Do you have any performance settings tips?

  52. You're able to edit 4k footage in Premiere Pro even with some effects on it, without it lagging…? Do you use proxies? Or native 4k from camera? I have the same laptop (with 32GB Ram), and when I create a Premiere Pro Project, and import my Fujifilm X-T3 4k F-Log footage and place it on the timeline. Playback is very laggy, stopping every couple of seconds… Any idea?

  53. Hi Matt. Thanks for the videos. When need an honest review I always opt to see if it is something that is reviewed by you first. I would love to know your opinion on the ASUS Zenbook Pro Duo please?

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