A week in a photographer’s life: Monday – Athlete action

Athlete action I wanted to make gymnastics look cool. To capture that energy and motion
in super sharp detail is something I find really exciting. Profoto presents
A week in a photographer’s life With
Andreas Lundberg and the Profoto D2 Any photograph is a frozen moment. A nano-second of life. But it’s the composition and lighting that makes a great picture stand out from the rest. Today I’m here at the Light Studios in Stockholm to shoot for a gymnastics organization that will use the images for their communication. Shooting sports is always a challenge. – Hi
– Hey, nice to see you! – How are you?
– I’m fine! I’ve prepared a couple of lights for you. I started off with two 1×4’s to get that rim light. And I also put a couple of lights
behind the glass. – Ok, cool. How many flashes do you need then? – I put two on each side, all aiming center stage. – It’s perfect. Looks good. – Yeah, this is too much.
– I don’t know if you like this. I like the idea of working with real athletes that are passionate about their sport. – We’re fired up and ready to go! Today I really want to capture that passion,
adrenaline and action in my images. For this I need a fast camera
and a fast flash. I’m using the new monolights from Profoto, which are the fastest monolights on the market. Having a fast flash means I don’t miss
out on any opportunities. I don’t want to stand in
the middle of the action and worry that the flash won’t fire
in that particular moment, when you know you had the shot. In these situations,
speed makes the difference. I’m using no less than eight D2s in this set up. Two on the background. Each with a Zoom Reflector. And two on the athletes. Both with Strip Stoftboxes. We also have some strong ambient light coming in to the studio from the windows to the right. We set up four D2s equipped with CTO Gels that were fired through the windows from behind to give a warm feeling of the morning sun coming in. So the lighting conditions are bit tricky. I saw this by using the D2’s
High-Speed Sync function, which helps me control the ambient light and overpower it with my flashes. It gives me full control of the shoot. The images should feel dynamic. Their pearls of sweat, the powder in the air, their heroic poses. And it’s the beautiful lighting that really adds
atmosphere to the images It will be as if they were
suspended in time and space This was a big adrenaline kick. The gymnast keep going all day, giving me loads of great poses. I use the D2s in quick burst mode and I’m impressed how fast the flash duration is. The recycling time was just bam-bam-bam! – I like how you see how defined the muscles are. My client was was very happy about this shoot. – Perfect moment – It’s powerful and beautiful at the same time. I think we have achieved images that put gymnastics in a new light. Literally. Always up to speed
With the world’s fastest monolight Get up to speed with the Profoto D2

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  1. I had that 85/1.2 on my 5d mk III for about 6 months…worst lens ever. Sold it. Focusing with that lens for sports? Never!!!

  2. Anyone else noticed how it's always the pro photographers that say gear doesn't matter but then use expensive strobes and high end cameras? Would love to see someone do this with a rebel series camera and some cheap Chinese speed lights…

  3. So fast flash used in High speed sync?
    In high speed sync flash duration can not be fast!

    Beautiful pictures but…explanation….

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