A week in a photographer’s life: Wednesday – Fast fashion

There is something mysterious about
this elegant couple. They are running from something. But what are they running from? Profoto presents
A week in a photographer’s life With
Andreas Lundberg and the Profoto D2 – Perfect. And the shoes?
– I like these ones actually. Today we’ll be shooting in the old town in Stockholm, an amazing photo location. – I think it’s nice… We’re shooting editorial fashion
for one of the big department stores. – I think it’s very good, for running. My client described their idea
as a run away runway and the feeling I’m after
is a lot of action. I will ask the models to run
in the narrow alleys and I will capture them with the
clothing frozen, right in the moment. There are a lot of challenges with this shoot. We are at the location with a lot of tourists. We need to set up quickly and get the different shots without delay. There are also other factors such as the
sunlight bouncing off the buildings and changing positions all the time. So speed is of the essence. I brought the new D2 monolights,
which are the fastest on the market. They are really handy for this shoot. Super fast to set up. I’m plugging in and borrowing power
from an old antique dealer, just by the location. All ready for action in just a couple of minutes. I’m using a simple setup
with just one D2 head. A 1000w version
to give me the power I need to overpower the ambient light. And the speed I need to capture the fast movements super sharp. I’m a big fan of umbrellas. This D2 is equipped with a Deep Umbrella XL, the silver version that makes
the light pop even more. I measure the amount of light to get a
correct exposure using TTL. I do the last tweaks manully.
I kind of work in a hybrid mode. The concept is that this couple will look very sophisticated, elgantly dressed. But they’re running from something. Maybe they’re escaping from a bill from a café nearby. It’s up to the viewers imagination. – All right! – Whoa! I’m very happy with the shoot. The most challenging part was the sun
playing tricks on us. Painting the walls and the statues in
different tones from one shot to another. I appreciated working with the D2 that
put me in control of the ambient light. My favorite picture is the one where
they’re running from the sunlight into the shadows. It’s beautiful. It makes me happy every time I see it. Always up to speed
With the world’s fastest monolight Get up to speed with the Profoto D2

28 Replies to “A week in a photographer’s life: Wednesday – Fast fashion”

  1. Great results! I am always wondering about these moving shots. Are you using the camera's Servo tracking or do you have the models run into the focus area? Is there a lot of trial and error to get the faces sharp?

  2. Are you shooting AI Servo mode and getting the flash to pop with each click? If so does the flash setting change when you us AI SERVO?

  3. I do a lot of shoots with a B1 and D1. Can you send me a D2 so I can promote it for you? I will love you forever.

  4. why not use B1 air and not have to concern yourself with getting AC to the location ? also are you working in HSS here ? care to share the settings/ratio to ambient ?

  5. The photo in the fram at the metro station is moving, mean they do a montag , the photo is not there ( 3.18 to 3.24 minutes)

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