AC Adapter Hidden Camera

my name’s Allen I’m one of the product
experts here at and in this video we are going to go
over one of our most popular hidden cameras that is the AC adapter hidden camera you’ve probably seen a lot of wall charges like this they’re very common the only difference is that this one has a hidden camera inside of it, a pinhole camera right there in the middle now this camera is able to see a lot. A lot
our customers are worried that it’s only gonna record people’s feet and that’s simply not true ok so let me give you a couple
specifications on this camera this records at 1280 by 720 resolution
basically a high-definition video so it does look very good you are going to be
able to see faces and see exactly who’s doing what it also records at 50
frames per second so that’s generally television quality is not going to be
choppy like the convenience store videos you see on the news at night. It’s gonna be a very high quality footage as you just saw. The camera’s only activated by motion so it’s only gonna record when somebody’s moving in front of the camera it’s not gonna record if nothing’s going on the camera is low Lux which what we mean by that is it can see in low light situations so doesn’t matter if
anyone’s turn the lights off and went that as long as you have a little bit of light
in the room, you’re going to be able to see a lot with this camera keep in mind that this doesn’t have any
lights on it doesn’t make any noise nobody’s gonna know it’s a hidden camera we have a lot of customers that see and are like oh I can see the camera in there well that’s
only cuz you’re a foot away from the actual camera itself and you’re looking
for it and you know the cameras actually there i mean the average person is never
going to know that something like this is in a room it nobody suspects something like that so you needn’t worry about it when you’ve recorded footage on this device, you’ve plugged it in the camera’s detected motion, saved the video what you’re going to do next is
take out the memory card so we’ll see this is looks like the back of an AC adapter except that
you can actually slide the trap door off and then there’s a memory card right there just
push it in, it’ll pop out then it comes with the adapter so you can connect that directly into your computer and view the footage that was recorded keep in mind all video footage does have a date
and time stamp on it so you know exactly when these things happen An 8 GB card does come in the box with the AC Adapter hidden camera. It’s gonna let you record about two and a half hours of video keep in mind that its motion activated video only when people are moving around in front of the camera so nobody’s
there it’s not recording right well two and a half hours isn’t a heck of a lot of video so you might
want to consider getting a 16 gigabyte or 32 GB card because that’s gonna
let you record two times are four times as much footage with a 32 gigabyte card
and once those cards get full it’s gonna start overlapping its gonna start
erasing the first video that it recorded to make room for the new video so definitely get
a 16 or 32 gigabyte card for 32 GB would give you about nine
hours actual video recording time and also one last thing these do not record sound that’s illegal it only does video

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