Achievers at The Chang School – Photography Studies

My name’s Anita and I’m a recent
graduate of the certificate of photography at The Chang School. I was in the banking industry
for fifteen years. I liked what I did, but I never
really felt connected to it. So I took some time off and I
travelled the world – just me and my camera. It was an amazing experience. After that I knew I needed to
make some bold changes in my career. I’m a firm believer that
formal education provides a solid foundation for a career
in any field, so to pursue my career and my passion
in photography, I knew I needed to look at continuing
education as a way to transition into a different profession. I looked at a lot of different
options, but The Chang School at Ryerson was number one
on my list based on the strong reputation it has,
as well as feedback from family and friends. It also offered the summer
intensive program which allowed me to compress my certificate
into three months. The hands-on learning experience
assisting my instructors was so great. It gave me greater knowledge. After the certificate program,
I started my own photography business and I never would
have had the courage to do it if it wasn’t for The Chang School.

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