Adobe Lightroom CC – Retouch Lake Sunset

so today I want to go ahead and show you
some of the tips and tricks on how I went about retouching this sunset on
Lake Dylan Colorado is where this photograph was taken but real quick
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okay this photograph was taken this past summer up in Colorado and this lake is
called Lake Dylan right here and I had a feelin that the sunset was going to be
pretty amazing the way the clouds were kind of hanging over the mountains here
so I actually drove down this road called Swan out and rode which you can
kind of see in the backdrop here and parked here in a big parking lot I went
ahead and made my way over to the shoreline here where I set up the tripod
and the settings I finally ended up using on this particular photograph was
a speed of 150th of a second my aperture was set at 7.1 I find that 7.1 aperture
works really good for sunrise and sunset shots and my ISO was up at 400 ISO on
this particular photograph now I want to show you real quick that before and
after so this was taken in RAW format as you can see by shooting raw the
photograph kind of looks really Blaine and boring-looking but because of all
the information that was stored and not raw photograph I was able to bring out a
lot of the colors and retouch it to make it into one pretty amazing sunset here
okay let’s go ahead and get started on how I went ahead and retouch this so
then we hit the reset button okay so the first thing I want to do
is under the basic tab here so if you click your tab where it says basic I’m
gonna go to the highlights and on this sunset I want to take the highlights way
down so I think about this one I’m just gonna take it all the way down to
negative 100 and I want to take the shadows up to plus 100 and the great
thing about shooting raw it just stored all this good information in the
foreground so it brings out the beach wood and everything right here next
thing I want to do is bring the whites up so I’m gonna hold my option key down
on my Mac which is your Alt key on Windows so I’m gonna push it down and
click and go to the right until I start seeing some colors blow through the
blacks here and then I’m gonna go to the blacks here and I’m gonna bring this
down to the negative just a little bit okay just below the blacks here you’re
gonna see clarity vibrance and saturation so let’s go ahead and just
take this up to about a plus 15 seems to work pretty good I’m gonna scroll down
under the HSL color and black-and-white tab here so if you click on that I want
to be under saturation so I’m just gonna bring some of these colors up just a
hair the oranges or might bounce them up to about plus 12 so let’s take the
yellows up to about 16 and then the purple and magenta I want to bump those
up just a hair okay the next tab down under split
toning right here once again you can just hit the little tab there I always
like to use this for the sunrise and sunset shots where it says highlights so
what I’m going to do is take the saturation up to probably about 15 I’m
gonna bump it up even more let’s go about 21 or 20 now where it
says hue I’m gonna click on this tab and I’m just gonna scroll this crossed and
I’m gonna find a position where it just looks best right around 250 seems to
work pretty good for this one so this is actually a really good tab to use to
play around with for your sunrise and sunset shots scrolling down a little bit
under sharpening let’s go ahead and sharpen this picture up a little bit so
let’s take it up to about 50 and where it says masking I’m gonna hold my option
key down which is your Alt key on your Windows computer I’m gonna click and
everything and the white it’s gonna get sharp and so I’m going to drag this over
and just want to sharpen the main features here noise reduction there is a
little bit of noise in this photograph so I’ll just take this up to
approximately 30 it seems to do pretty good under lens correction I’m gonna
enable profile correction if it says none which was this one does I’m gonna
go ahead and click on it and go to the lens I was using so let me just find
that and click on it okay under the transform tab if you just click on that
this was sitting on a tripod which wasn’t perfectly level so I’m gonna go
ahead and just hit the auto and as you can see it automatically leveled the
scene here it made it look a lot better you just click the effects tab now under
highlight priority so make sure you’re under that and under the amount I’m just
gonna take this down to about a negative 7 and then @d haze I want to bring this
up to I’ll probably take it to about 5 so there’s a couple more things I want
to do to this to really make this pop so the next thing I’m gonna do is go to the
graduated filter click on that I’m gonna hold my option key down to reset so
right where it says effects every time I hit my option key which is your Alt key
on Windows you’ll see a reset and I’m gonna click once it’s gonna reset all my
settings here so next thing I want to do under temperature intent I’m gonna
actually bring these up I’m gonna take one to about 52 or 49 and I’ll take this
one up to about 49 or 50 now I want to do is come over here and I’m gonna click
and drag this graduated filter down just a little bit I’m gonna click it and just
kind of bring it into position here so what I’m trying to do is kind of make
this upper part pop a little bit this is a cool little trick here I’m gonna have
Britney exposures up just a little bit more you cannot play with it to see what
looks best let me drag this down just a hair more can I get it in position so it
looks like right there works pretty good once I feel comfortable with that I’m
gonna hit done so the last thing I want to do I’m going to come right here to
the radial filter click once again I’m gonna hold my option key down to reset
which is your Alt key I’m just gonna take the exposure up just a little bit
to the say 23 I’m gonna make a big circle right here kind of going over the
photograph and my idea is I want the focus to kind of purses I’d it kind of
lead out towards the mountains here so now I’m gonna come over here and kind of
play with the settings a little bit so I bump this exposure up I’m gonna bring
the clarity up just a little more to make a pop and bump the saturation just
a hair more okay once feel good with that I’ll hit done okay so that’s just
some tips and tricks on how I go about retouching my sunset photographs and
once again let’s check that before and after so as you can see the before look
kind of dull not so great and the after we’re able to really bring out some cool
colors so I hope this video helped you out and if it did definitely subscribe
and hit that like button down below stay tuned for some future videos coming
up I have some really cool Southwest adventure videos I’m working on from a
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the pipeline so until then we’ll catch you guys on the next video have a good

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