11 Replies to “ADOBE LIGHTROOM TUTORIAL: Breathe NEW LIFE Into YOUR Photos [Photo Redux 004]”

  1. The best part of the photo is the haloing around the dust spots/artifacts in the sky, lmao. Ugh, dude, what were we thinking back then? Great series brotha

  2. Another killer episode, brother 👊🏾! I'm struggling to find the correct adjective for the new edit. See you on the other side of the next episode.

  3. ugg! I can't bring myself to look at my photos from years ago😎🤙 I really like the DR of my a7rII as I rarely need to do HDR blend. I will still bracket for exposure insurance and using masking in PS sometime. I have a couple of the a7rIII bodies arriving Thursday and understand the DR is even greater.

  4. Another great episode. Never mind old stuff, I am learning how to stylise my current photos. Loved the editing and the final image. All explained really clearly and easy to follow. Thanks very much.

  5. Brian, I thought to myself "He can't save that one". In the end you came up with something that is a fantastic image and one worth showing off. Great job.

  6. I'm really enjoying this set of videos. I have a lot of over processed over-HDR'd images from years ago and you've given me the "courage" to go back and try again with some of them. Great tutorials.

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