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Adobe Photoshop CC 2019 photo editing. hello
what’s up guys welcome to my youtube channel digital creations and today in
this photo editing tutorial we are going to edit photos by using camera RAW
Filter so this is the Before image and this is after editing with camera raw filter
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tutorial. well what’s up guys welcome to my youtube channel Digital Creations and
today in this video camera raw cc tutorial we are going to learn how to edit this raw photo by using
camera raw so now guys you see this picture I capture this image this is the
grand mosque of Sheikh Zayed mosque in Abu Dhabi and I capture this image so this
is a very beautiful mosque so I’m going to enhance this picture or
edit this picture by using camera raw filter so we can quickly edit an adjust
photos by using camera raw filter so first I’m going to correct this this area
you’ll see this one this one finally in
content-aware fill fill this and remove this light so for this I’m going to
select this lasso tool or selection you can select you can use a pen tool for
selection but I’m going to select this area select this area area and I go to a select edit
and go to content aware fill new feature of Adobe Photoshop CC 2019
and here you see there’s automatically adapt the and fill the pixels.
here so it’s okay I have to hit ok then I select this area and go to edit
the content aware fill and you can see down sites loading and I hit okay
this and now ways you see it’s perfectly my this unwanted light here.
and I don’t want to this man so again i select this and go to content aware fill and you see same I go to edit and then
content aware fill it’s automatically the fill the pixels. now guys it’s for actually or remove
unwanted objects so I select all layers and press ctrl+E from my keyboard to
merge all layers just a short key and after this I’m going to use
Camera Raw filter plugin and so first we I’m just going to further intensify this
photo or enhance this photo by using to adjust the contrast and saturation and
clarity and more features so before this .we’ll go to filter and I’m going to
convert this object to convert for Smart Filters so we can apply a camera plug in
filter than all so we can access our raw image after this so there’s no distract
out this for picture as well so I’m just going to convert this Smart Filters and after this we just go to camera RAW
filter now guys this new screen is open here so you can zoom in and zoom
out by using this zoom tool see there are lots of options you are upsides own
Zoom tool, hand tool white you can try out the white balance here and you can
remove the red-eye spot and you can straighten and
crop the image fromhear and more options but I’m going to I’m going to correct this this
temperature and the or TInt sowe will Adjust this photo so we can adjust the
white balance test so here downside and going to fit okay so I’m going to adjust the white
balance little bit change a little bit and a down side you see here I’m just
going to decrease the exposure because I don’t need them any core exposing
picture so little bit and increase the contrast level slider there you see
right side there are further lots of options we can change the basic color
correction like contrast exposure and highlights and shadows so I’m going to
decrease the highlight and enhance the shadows slider 100% and a little bit
complete the white balance and the blacks and here are the option of
parties or trees the clarity you see in this picture and B has slider to further
enhance and downside the vibrance option and
little bit increase the saturation of this picture you see this look much
beautiful and downside here before and after wheels so we can check this look
at this guy’s before and after using this camera off
water and here are the detail option this triangle under going so like this
and give the chain the noise reduction we can do it a little bit noisy here so
we can change the noise so here don’t thank you little bit
detail here on cross more detail where our smoothness and see
here how small to this these sharpening image other options here the tool and carbs so
I’m just going to increase a little bit highlights and HSL adjustment as well so
increase the redness to more enhance and more vibrant to this picture because if
it it looks so dull and your view and situation so we cannot
let these sliders as well and here the option I’m just going to
select it and here is the villain places rather go but I am I’m going to apply
this big netting option the heavy option here and here another option is new
highlights total between meals exposure my ways just before and after I look at
this this picture is looked amazing after
using camera photos so you can easy enhance your pictures we can adjust our
white balance and we can fall apart in age single view and now hitch okay
because I don’t know I don’t want further adjustments so hit okay and this
picture is to render and here it is this nearly down side you see this is the
camera filter and you can easily switch to your drop image if you switched off
this camera filter so after this I’m just going to add another filter so
going to render and apply some lens flare so select it I apply this lens
flare type and this one and this picture is looked so stunning and they’re going
to show you the whole train mode and look at this picture and after using the
camera filter this look amazing and further we can apply other
alternative this football so to blur chipler auction now if I’m going to drag outside this
slider when you’re arrested blurry off-site
fool a blur and this is the blur option school look at this letter and a little bit and
you can learn this area and and we can put this email by using our tool that we
got a note so just write this word please here it is and I’m going to drop this
image so here you see and all the options open so I’m the I’m going to
uncheck this so I don’t want to delete the picture so far the rest we can do
this so uncheck this let’s pop this image about click here they’re honoring this mark over now guys we can easily access our
picture by using this a smart filter and this picture is okay I’m going to save
this picture to the scene in Malaga really simply a JPEG format then shake that mosque it’s it no no I hope you like my video and if
you like my video at the light button and it will apply my youtube channel the
little creations edge version

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    Really an awesome and useful video.

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